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alarm clock

  1. janeauburn

    Longstanding bug with iOS alarm function

    Anyone who uses the alarm feature of the clock in iOS knows that sometimes when you press "stop" after an alarm sounds, the alarm stops and shuts off. Other times, it stops but sounds again later. This is a bug that has persisted in iOS for as long as I can remember. Is there a trick to getting...
  2. O

    Do we still have a 24 hour clock in sleep settings in iOS 15?

    In iOS14 the analog clock for setting up the sleep time changed to a non-standard 24 hour analog clock, I wonder if in iOS 15 it changed back to a 12 hour standard analog clock. It is much easier to adjust the sleep time range in an 12 hour analog. Can we really sleep 23 hours? Found this...
  3. R

    HomeKit Trigger iphone alarm using Homekit automation, possible?

    Is it possible to trigger the iPhone alarm clock to go off using HomeKit automation? I want to trigger an alarm to go off when a door sensor is triggered. What I am trying to solve is that I want to be aware of when my 2 year old son wakes up in the morning and opens the door from his room. I...
  4. T


    Hello, everyone. I have just published the app for iOS. It is an alarm app that wake you up with different animal sounds. You can also select your favorite song from your iTunes account to use as alarm sound. The following list show the features of the app - 12 types of animals with their own...
  5. Laisha

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 Creates Silent Alarms for No Reason

    A couple of months ago, my previous iPhone 7’s alarm clock thing started creating new, blank alarms. I call them phantom alarms. They didn’t make any noise. They just appeared on my phone. But when I go in to delete the unwanted and apparently automatic alarm, there is none. I have no 3rd...
  6. C

    Alarm clock app that raise volume automatically

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the alarm clock in my ipad, the problem is I often set the ipad to silent (I mean set the 'sound effect' volume to zero), sometimes I forgot to set it to high volume again before I go to bed, So in the morning the clock dose ring but without any voice, Is there...
  7. Rok73

    Switching On Alarm Clock

    I usually have three or four different alarm clock times set and switch between them depending on the weekday. I totally fail to switch on one of these alarms with the first or even second try, instead I land in the menu for setting up the alarm. I have quite flimsy and female hands and...
  8. R

    Is there any app that can let me set alarm for a particular date?

    I often have work events that are a couple weeks off in the morning. I'd like to set an alarm for that particular day, 2 weeks away. Is there any iPhone app that would let me do this? I need one that will work even if the phone is on silent like the native alarm does. Thanks!
  9. randomfrankie

    iTunes Alarm Clock with iPhone Remote

    Hey Forum, I tried searching and found several threads about OS X Alarm clocks but none of them answered my question. So I'm trying to find some answers with a new post. I use a Mac Mini Server as a iTunes media Server at home. I have several Airplay devices that can receive the audio from my...
  10. willmtaylor

    iPhone Screen Turns Off During Alarm?!

    Every day I use my iPhone as my alarm clock. Previously, when my alarm would go off, it would be easy to turn it off, snooze, or even find my iPhone on the nightstand because the screen was always lit up. However, now I notice that the screen only lights up for a few seconds, but then turns...