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  1. A

    Airtag for Checked Bags

    I understand, that Apple has reduced the alert time for AirTags separated from their owners to 8-24 hours. I was planning to use my AirTags for tracking my checked baggage on multi-leg long distance flights. I could well be separated from my bags for more than 8 hours. Therefore, I assume the...
  2. M

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone alarm NEVER goes off!! What the hell is going on?!

    Every single night, I always rely on my iPhone as my alarm as it’s closest thing I have as an alarm (most unreliable alarm). every night I make sure the ringer is on, I make sure the Bluetooth is of and the volume is up to max but to no damn avail. Does anyone else have this problem? It’s...
  3. Y

    Best band for strongest Taptic feedback feel?

    Hi everyone, I wear my watch during sleep, and I really enjoy using the silent/Taptic-based alarm function to wake up. Unfortunately I can’t always feel the vibration on my wrist on some days and end up oversleeping. In your experience, which bands are most helpful in noticing the Taptic...
  4. Cco61827

    Anyone having problems with the iPhones alarm clock?

    So for the longest time now, it seems like the iPhone alarm clock isn’t working the way it should. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I wake up and look at my phone only to look at the time and realize I’m super late waking up. The display on the screen looks normal, as if an...
  5. Wiencon

    iPhone If you're like me and you travel a lot by train or bus, you might like my new app - Glarm! Easy location-based alarms

    If you're like me and you travel a lot by train, or bus you might not always recognize railway stations or tell quickly how far is your stop, so you start nervously checking the time and position on the map. With Glarm you can set alarm to ring, let's say 30 kilometres from your destination and...
  6. F

    HomePod On the HomePod, can you play music as a wake-up alarm?

    This wasn't possible under the initial release nearly two years ago, it was still missing in the iOS 12 update, and now that we have iOS 13 is this STILL not possible? What I want is a way to say, "Hey Siri, play my Morning Playlist at 7:15AM." Interestingly enough, my $30 Google Mini can do...
  7. O

    All Devices HomePod set alarm with podcast iOS 13.1 iPadOS 13.1

    Hi, How can I set a alarm with my HomePod that can play my podcast? Thanks
  8. T


    Hello, everyone. I have just published the app for iOS. It is an alarm app that wake you up with different animal sounds. You can also select your favorite song from your iTunes account to use as alarm sound. The following list show the features of the app - 12 types of animals with their own...
  9. M

    All Devices WARNING! Alarms may not work correctly!

    Hey guys, just wanna warn you that my alarm this morning didn't ring on time and started to output sound 1 hour later then set when I unlocked my phone. Bugs appears to not happen always. Had my phone put to silence and do not disturb mode!
  10. Lion_Mini_Yosemite_rMBP

    iPhone XS iPhone XS Sound/Alarm Problems

    So yesterday morning I had unfortunately slept through my alarm and missed an appointment (wasn’t a required meeting, thank goodness) but I thought this was odd, as I have never missed/slept through an alarm that I had used on my iPhone. Afterwards when I was using my phone with the mute switch...
  11. N

    What's wrong with Siri

  12. J

    iPhone Location based reminder alarm with vibration and message

    I'm looking for an iOS app that would do the following: I realize I need to buy something, let's say a screwdriver. But it's not urgent. What I want is to be reminded of this when I'm walking near the screwdriver shop. However, it's always very crowded and noisy at that location. There are many...
  13. F

    HomePod Is there any way to set an alarm to start a music playlist in iOS 12?

    This wasn't possible in iOS 11, alarms could only play a single, Apple-provided alarm sound. Seem like this capability should have been present on the original HomePod release and if it is still missing then something is seriously wrong with the HomePod development team (IMO). Well, they did add...
  14. F

    Can You Set Music as an Alarm in iOS 12?

    Sorry wrong thread...should have gone under the HomePod. However, this would also be a good feature for music playback on the AppleTV.
  15. pcjbird

    Universal A Nice Morphing Clock for Me

    A Nice Morphing Clock for Me - Show Me Geek Cute Flip Clock & Task Alarm "A happy encounter is less than a long untiring stay. Being happy with first sight is less than with a long stay." Simplest Always Best... A Nice Morphing Clock for Me designed to be awesome as bed or work desk...
  16. I

    iPhone SE Disable need to lift iPhone to turn off alarm

    When an alarm goes off, no amount of hitting the Stop button in various ways seems to turn it off unless I lift the phone. Is there any way to disable the requirement to lift the phone?
  17. R

    Need some advice on security system

    Hi, My wife and I are moving to our new home in Winnipeg within weeks. The staging and cleaning of our home will finish within a few weeks and we will be moving in, a week after that. But before moving in I was hoping to install a security alarm monitoring service. As I am a Businessman, I am...
  18. E

    Impossible App seen nowhere on Earth!

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help. This concerns an alarm that Im trying to get on my watch. I have spend over 1 year searching for an app that can perform the function that Im looking for. I have trawled every apple watch app and spend an enormous amount of research and time trying to...
  19. M

    Resolved iPhone X alarm volume

    is anyone else experiencing the alarm volume sitting around 50% even though the ringer and music volume is set to full? If anyone knows of a fix, let me know Edit: figured it out, my ringer was set too low this morning and when I ran other tests with my phone unlocked it would go off at 50%...
  20. M

    Motion sensor and notifications

    so I have four el gato motion sensors and want to create a sort of alarm from when im not home. i guess the sensors don't allow me to trigger an scene por example "triggered alarm" Also I seem to be having problems getting notifications in my IPhone when the sensors are triggered