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amazon renewed

  1. D

    iPhone 14/Plus Refurbished/Renewed iPhone 14 Plus sites

    Looking to replace wife's iPhone XR 128 GB with an iPhone 14 Plus 512 GB (purple/starlight). Was planning to wait at least till the 15s are announced in Sept to see the $100 price drop at minimum. For context, I've purchased all prior iPhones (4/5/7/XR/12mini) brand new the minute pre-orders...
  2. BigBen2493

    iPhone SE (2020) Is Walmart safe to buy a new 256Gb Unlocked iPhone SE?

    Since Apple Discontinued the 256gb Unlocked model of the iPhone SE, The only places that I've seen is Amazon Renewed Premium and Walmart Here's the links to both, who should I buy it from, Money isn't an issue but safety is. Thank you...
  3. caspian915

    Amazon renewed Macbook (2017 12") battery seems to drain really quick

    Main question: Should I return this Amazon renewed item and just spend the extra money on a certified Apple refurbished if the battery seems suspect? I recently bought a renewed 2017 Macbook 12" off of Amazon. I asked around on reddit to see if there was anything I should be concerned about and...