Amazon renewed Macbook (2017 12") battery seems to drain really quick


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Dec 3, 2006
New Orleans, LA, USA
Main question: Should I return this Amazon renewed item and just spend the extra money on a certified Apple refurbished if the battery seems suspect?

I recently bought a renewed 2017 Macbook 12" off of Amazon. I asked around on reddit to see if there was anything I should be concerned about and check when it arrived. It looked great when it got here, like new, and I immediately went to System Information after setup. The battery cycle count read 8, so I thought I was basically in the clear.

It arrived last Friday and I started noticing today that the battery drains VERY quickly. I watched it go from 87% to 77% in about a half hour (maybe even a little less). That doesn't seem like the all day battery life I was hoping for. I downloaded the Battery Health app and it's telling me I have about 4 hrs and 45 minutes of battery left.

I do have a few apps open: calendar, safari (several tabs), chrome (3 tabs), messages, and 1 or two others have been opened and then closed. Should I be concerned about the battery health? This is meant to be my all day, take to work and elsewhere computer, but it seems like I'm getting just over half the battery life I should.

Thanks for the help.


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May 9, 2015
Amazon marketplace "renewed" my ass. Call "used" what it is and send it back to the scumbag reseller crooks if you're having a problem


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Sep 2, 2006
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Also understand that everything affects battery life. Usage, drive access, screen brightness, etc.

But, yes, if you’re not satisfied, then return it.


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Jul 5, 2002
Battery life is influenced by so many factors: Screen brightness, WLAN reception, tab contents, CPU load, new system scanning all files and drives for the search database etc.

Getting some 5+ hours out of a 12” MB does not seem outlandish to me.