1. karlfranz

    Please help me remove a zombie slice from an APFS JBOD RAID

    In my 5,1 mac pro, I have a Sonnet M.2 4x4 PCIe card with two 2TB nVME SSDs configured as a JBOD concatenated set that I use for storing VST audio libraries. I started running out of space so I just added a new 2TB drive. After rebooting, OSX (Mojave) ask me to initialize the drive and I used...
  2. C

    does Mojave change the internal HD to APFS? Does it matter?

    I have a late 2012 iMac. The context of my question is - had high Sierra until last week, erased HD last week and installed Catalina. Decided to downgrade to Mojave. Erased HD again, but I think that it was formatted as type APFS (not aware that Catalina creates a 2nd partition and that there...
  3. W

    How to password-protect HSF+ disks now that HSF+ encryption not possible?

    If I understand correctly, Big Sur doesn't allow me to create an HSF+ encrypted disk anymore—and even when control-clicking an HSF+ disk and choosing "Encrypt", it converts it to APFS. How, then, can I create a password-protected HSF+ disk on an external USB drive? I don't want to use it for...
  4. H

    A few questions about Carbon Copy Cloner!

    Hello there! Hoping to get an answer about a couple questions I have with CCC. I plan to migrate to it to use as my backup solution. I have long just made a literal drag-and-drop copy of my most important external drives to a hard drive every quarter or so as "backup," but I've decided that I...
  5. Z

    what FileSystem for the TimeMachine drive?

    A new drive that im gonna make it a TMachine drive, should i format is as APFS, or OSExt?
  6. H

    Why does my Mac report my external SSD storage differently from my PC?

    Made the jump to an M1 Mini from an aging windows PC for my daily driver, and this caught my eye when I plugged in my external SSD that I use to store my music collection. On my PC, it says I have 170 GB free of 465 GB total storage - 48,434 total files. 290 GB total usage on disk. On my new...
  7. Z

    APFS... why and for what reason?

    What is the situation with APFS? Is it something that Apple has implemented on OS's newer than HighSierra?
  8. P

    Updating Sierra to BigS queries.

    Hi, I have iMac 2017 27inch with a 2TB Fusion drive which I use for my professional video editing work. It's been on Sierra 10.12.6 for a really long time but I can see the software support dropping these days and I am forced to update to the new OS. I am planning to update to BigS soon and had...
  9. megaHex

    How to restore dual partitions APFS Catalina / Win10

    Hi there, I am trying to restore two partitions on multiple new mac minis. have an image of catalina with a bunch of apps installed and also a win 10 WIM file used to restore onto the Bootcamp partition. Now after attempting to do the restore to the partition on the mac side using CCC it...
  10. C

    No "View" Option in Disk Utility?

    Gang this regards a lovely 2014 MBA with the default Apple 128GB SSD. I have been searching for simply how to get the option, when erasing a disk, to format it to APFS. When I start with Command + R, and choose Disk Utility, I have a different Menu than what I see in the numerous threads on my...
  11. L

    Custom Disk Utility configuration for Fusion Drive and APFS

    All, If any of you have tried installing Catalina on an older iMac with Fusion Drive you will understand that the system becomes so slow (APFS is designed for SSD and doesn't play well with Fusion Drive) it is unusable. I'm asking your collective knowledge and experience to tell me if the...
  12. TrumanLA

    Bootable Clone (with CCC) 10.15.6 / Catalina still possible..?

    CCC produced a message suggesting they no longer provide bootable clones as of 10.15.6 ... which I know just came out. Is it REALLY over..? I found a video which alleged that: Sync Folder Pro+ ... which it appears uses Rsync as the 'engine' but has an advanced wrapper which manages the...
  13. haralds

    Are there 10.15.6 beta driver changes to support new 11.0 volume structure

    I am not on the Catalina beta band wagon but have a disk set up to test Big Sur. The changes in APFS volume structure cannot be handled on 10.15.5 Is there any fix in the beta?
  14. cconti

    Increase APFS partition to include "Free Space"

    I just upgraded a 2009 Mac Mini 3,1 to High Sierra. The first thing I did was to take the original Hard Drive and using a cloning appliance I cloned the old MacOs HD (120GB) onto a 250GB SSD I had laying around. Unfortunately, that created a 120GB partition with the OS and a 130GB "Free Space"...
  15. haralds

    APFS Bug prevents Carbon Copy Cloner clonable backups

    Bombich has a workaround in a beta, but this is BAD. https://www.macrumors.com/2020/05/28/apfs-bug-catalina-10-15-1-bootable-backups/
  16. Z

    New SSD Formatted As APFS - Trim Always? Slow Boot and Performance?

    I picked up a 500GB SSD for my Early 2011 MacBook Pro and upgraded to High Sierra, which reformatted the SSD to APFS. I plan to not completely fill my disk and keep the usage under 80%. I’ve read many posts on how enabling trim has caused slow boot times and performance in APFS. Is that still...
  17. F

    Resolved Clone APFS to image

    Hi all. I've got a problem which is surprisingly little discussed on the forums. I'm upgrading my MacBook Air 11" 2013 SSD to a bigger NVMe SSD and I need to have an exact copy from old to new SSD using only disk utility. Here's my plan: Clone current SSD to an image and save it on some...
  18. K

    MP 7,1 Encrypted APFS containers destroyed by reboot.

    This one has been puzzling me ever since I got my shiny new MacPro at the end of 2019... I have a few internal SATA drives I installed in the Promise internal J2I unit. Both are APFS containers. If I try to add a Volume to be APFS Encrypted, and provide a password (stored in 1Password, so...
  19. haaalp

    Resolved So Confuse! Older OS HD's not mounting due to new APFS?

    Anyone have this kind of problem? TLDR below... I have a newer MBP that is running the latest software, and a 2009 MP with outdated software (10.9.5). I just recently did a big trip to Antarctica, Falkland Islands, Patagonia, etc. and have 200GB files to transfer over. The trip was bloody...
  20. Buadhai

    Resolved Catalina - Prevent APFS Volume Mount at Boot w/ FSTB

    I have CCC create bootable clones. CCC unmounts those volumes when the clone is complete. However, if the machine reboots those volumes are mounted. I used to be able to prevent that with entries in FSTB like this: UUID=4675A27D-E063-3131-9DA3-217C18107C09 none apfs rw,noauto...