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  1. Minghold

    Software Update must die: Let's go on safari and kill it!

    Situation: variety of intel-era iMacs currently running mucho paid-for 32bit production software at blazing speeds (i.e., Mojave from HFS+ partitions with MRT, Spotlight, notifications, and other annoying bits disabled). For obvious reasons, we cannot have these machines "upgrading"...
  2. DominikHoffmann

    Necessary to set TRIM manually on upgraded < 2013 MacBook Pro?

    I am wondering, whether I need to set TRIM manually on Macs I have upgraded from having hard drives to SSDs? I know that at least several years ago, this was not automatically turned on. With the later APFS-based version of macOS, however, will TRIM be enabled on SSDs automatically?
  3. S

    Skip APFS without using Terminal when installing High Sierra?

    Hi guys, as per title. Am asking because coincidentally my "U" key is spoilt and I can't input the terminal command to skip APFS. So am stuck at the installation page. Was wondering if there was some way to do it without Terminal? 😅
  4. D

    Convert external drives to APFS?

    I've put the internal drives from my old 2010 Mac Pro into a Sabrent Docking Station enclosure to connect them to my new Mac Studio. 2 of them are HDDs and 2 are SSDs. Would you convert the SSDs to APFS? And is there any risk involved in that conversion? Of course, I'd make a backup first. But...
  5. T

    APFS corrupted: "Unable to perform deferred repairs without full space verification"

    So, my external APFS drive corrupted. It contains my Photos library, all music and lots of other stuff. I do have a 3 weeks old TM backup of it. Checked the S.M.A.R.T and all is well in physical side. Disk Utility's First Aid can't find any problems when checking the disk. If there's a way to...
  6. pedzsan

    Can someone help me with APFS?

    I do a bit of videography. The raw files are 100G and then I make an Apple Pro Res intermediate file which are 500G and this is just for 6 minute videos. I create the files and, of course, they get put into a snapshot which implies that when I delete the files, I don't get the space back...
  7. B S Magnet

    Resolved AFP share points and APFS (or is it High Sierra?) 🤔

    So, my late 2011 MBP A1278 has 10.6.8 on one physical SSD and 10.13.6 on a second physical SSD (this second SSD has macOS on an APFS container). [I also have a late 2013 iMac running 10.13.6 on its OEM spinner, and that’s on an HFS+ partition (because it’s still a spinner).] When connecting...
  8. V

    Carbon Copy Cloner - Snapshots / Backups and Ransomware infections

    Hello all, I hope that this is the right forum section I am looking at a backup solution and most of my research concludes that one of the best options is Carbon Cope Cloner, a software by bombich. As they state on their website, the app offers "Snapshots - Bring back files that you thought...
  9. S

    MP 6,1 Monterey + Yosemite Dual Boot on Mac Pro (Late 2013)

    I'm currently running a late 2013 Mac Pro that I've been holding back on upgrading. My 1TB Apple SSD is split into two HFS+ partitions, one Yosemite and one High Sierra. I'd like to reformat the High Sierra partition as APFS and install Monterey on it, while keeping the Yosemite partition intact...
  10. G

    APFS or MacOS Extended: Share USB3 drive as Time Machine Backup Destination

    I'd like to use a new 5TB USB3 external hard drive on my 2023 Mac Mini M2, running OS Ventura 13.3.1, as a shared Time Machine backup destination. I got a few slightly older macs (Mac OS 12.x) on my wifi network that I'd like to back up to this volume by mapping it to these older macs as a SMB...
  11. MaiKAimer

    macOS and iPadOS APFS version difference caused warning on External SSD

    I recently bought a 1TB portable SSD, fully erased it and partitioned it with GUID Partition Map using macOS' Disk Utility, then added an APFS (Encrypted) volume for storing data. I was curious about whether my M2 iPad Pro can access data on that encrypted disk so I plugged it on my iPad and I...
  12. M

    External APFS disk not usable now...

    I have Bootcamp installed on my iMac 2019. And i have a APFS formatted 1TB external HDD. I was checking my old USB sticks from Windows Disk Manager. It asked to Start Service something like that. I thought it is asking for USB stick. It was asking for my external 1TB. Clicked it without knowing...
  13. AAPLGeek

    Monterey slow to mount APFS encrypted SSD

    Ever since I "upgraded" to Monterey from Big Sur, my APFS formatted external SSDs take forever to mount. The same drives mounted instantly on Big Sur. The issue exists on both my Intel and M1 based machines running macOS 12.6.3. The issue specifically affects APFS encrypted disks as my...
  14. T

    Experiences on DIY Fusion Drive with APFS?

    I will try this very soon. I'd like to hear, if anybody else has tried, what are the details and caveats? And how well it has worked for you? Any statistical speed info? Does Monterey and Ventura have same version of diskutil? How to check?
  15. D

    iMac Drive Clone issue.

    I am currently working on an iMac(iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017). The computer won't start up due to corruption in the storage confirmed by diagnostic testing. It will however boot into recovery and diagnostic mode. The customer wants me to try to pull any information I can from the hard drive...
  16. G

    want to update but ssd is not APFS

    Hey everybody after many years resisting, today I wanted to give in and update from OS X mojave to big spur. However even though I would instal on the same disk as Mojave is on, it says not formatted to APFS How is that possible that the one operating system is working for years and now a new...
  17. C

    APFS drive corrupts after one month.

    Cant find anything when searching the forums, maybe I am searching for the wrong thing. Two months ago I installed High Sierra over my Sierra on an old Mac Pro. Then one month ago, my computer started glitching, first it stopped connecting to the internet. And when all else failed, I rebooted...
  18. ylluminate

    APFS changes in Ventura (13) - especially any new compression updates?

    Anyone able to share changes/updates to APFS that have landed with Ventura (macOS 13)? I'm particularly interested to see if the compression landscape has changed (see:
  19. P

    APFS file read/open

    HI everyone, I have an APFS file (about 120GB) and i dont know how to open or read that file. It is very important for me because i have like 35-40GB of photos inside. That APFS file was from Mojave. Now I keep this file in a pendrive but no idea how to open or read. I just need to extract my...
  20. S

    Booting/Partition problem 2015 MacBook 2015

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 2015 that was running Mojave, and am having a boot problem. When I turn the computer on, I get the Mac logo, the progress bar makes it a third of the way across the screen, and then shuts off. I've tried a few things to fix this so far, but nothing's working so far. I...