1. haralds

    Are there 10.15.6 beta driver changes to support new 11.0 volume structure

    I am not on the Catalina beta band wagon but have a disk set up to test Big Sur. The changes in APFS volume structure cannot be handled on 10.15.5 Is there any fix in the beta?
  2. cconti

    Increase APFS partition to include "Free Space"

    I just upgraded a 2009 Mac Mini 3,1 to High Sierra. The first thing I did was to take the original Hard Drive and using a cloning appliance I cloned the old MacOs HD (120GB) onto a 250GB SSD I had laying around. Unfortunately, that created a 120GB partition with the OS and a 130GB "Free Space"...
  3. haralds

    APFS Bug prevents Carbon Copy Cloner clonable backups

    Bombich has a workaround in a beta, but this is BAD. https://www.macrumors.com/2020/05/28/apfs-bug-catalina-10-15-1-bootable-backups/
  4. Z

    New SSD Formatted As APFS - Trim Always? Slow Boot and Performance?

    I picked up a 500GB SSD for my Early 2011 MacBook Pro and upgraded to High Sierra, which reformatted the SSD to APFS. I plan to not completely fill my disk and keep the usage under 80%. I’ve read many posts on how enabling trim has caused slow boot times and performance in APFS. Is that still...
  5. F

    Resolved Clone APFS to image

    Hi all. I've got a problem which is surprisingly little discussed on the forums. I'm upgrading my MacBook Air 11" 2013 SSD to a bigger NVMe SSD and I need to have an exact copy from old to new SSD using only disk utility. Here's my plan: Clone current SSD to an image and save it on some...
  6. K

    MP 7,1 Encrypted APFS containers destroyed by reboot.

    This one has been puzzling me ever since I got my shiny new MacPro at the end of 2019... I have a few internal SATA drives I installed in the Promise internal J2I unit. Both are APFS containers. If I try to add a Volume to be APFS Encrypted, and provide a password (stored in 1Password, so...
  7. haaalp

    Resolved So Confuse! Older OS HD's not mounting due to new APFS?

    Anyone have this kind of problem? TLDR below... I have a newer MBP that is running the latest software, and a 2009 MP with outdated software (10.9.5). I just recently did a big trip to Antarctica, Falkland Islands, Patagonia, etc. and have 200GB files to transfer over. The trip was bloody...
  8. Buadhai

    Resolved Catalina - Prevent APFS Volume Mount at Boot w/ FSTB

    I have CCC create bootable clones. CCC unmounts those volumes when the clone is complete. However, if the machine reboots those volumes are mounted. I used to be able to prevent that with entries in FSTB like this: UUID=4675A27D-E063-3131-9DA3-217C18107C09 none apfs rw,noauto...
  9. Uridium

    Slow iMac on HDD running Catalina going to be the next lawsuit?

    I see a lot of customers complain their iMac is running slow. We get a lot in for this and they test fine - the issue is they are running Catalina on an APFS format HDD. Plug in an ext SSD or replace the HDD for an SSD and they FLY! I think Apple may be heading for another "Slowing down my...
  10. Mohanak

    mac partition startup disk not on win 10 bootcamp assistant

    Hi, when apple upgraded HFS+ to APFS, macOS startup disk was not showing on windows 10 bootcamp Control Panel. this last until recently when a bootcamp Control Panel on windows 10 pops up an update. I have applied this update on iMac and MBP. macOS startup disk is now showing on "windows 10...
  11. S

    Sierra, High Sierra, Catalina, Time Machine and fixing a disaster

    People, Im stumped after 4 days and need help. While running Sierra, my system was upgraded to the Catalina disaster without my knowledge. The Time Machine backup last done that would save everything was done in Sierra. Of course, I cannot find anywhere a Sierra installer, but I do have one for...
  12. reukiodo

    APFS ROM Patcher

    Since @dosdude1 released the APFS ROM Patcher utility, has anyone used it to successfully enable APFS in their unsupported Mac's ROM? Has anyone been adventurous enough to try and fail? I've searched and searched and it is hard to find success and fail stories and I hope there could be a central...
  13. T

    Problems with Time Machine and Chrome update disaster

    I recently had a problem with my iMac not turning on because of the Chrome update. I first tried to reinstall Mojave without restoring it from a Time Machine back up. That didn't work....then I tried to restore the Mac from a Time Machine and it didn't work....it would say 'An error occurred...
  14. T

    Deeply messed up APFS external ssd, what to do?

    Since, for some reason, my Disk Utility hangs every time I try to do this via "first aid", I tried vie terminal: Any ideas why the disk looks like this? diskutil verifyVolume disk2s2 Started file system verification on disk2s2 Verifying storage system Performing fsck_apfs -n -x /dev/disk2s2...
  15. T

    Restoring system from TM to external APFS?

    Is it possible with Mojave? Just found out that it isn't possible in High Sierra...
  16. spaceguns

    APFS system volume recovery after Macbook Air logic board failure

    I only have partial information, and do not 100% know the exact OSx version or how full the drive was, but I think it was pretty topped out. No recent backups, important data, and I have already put the fear of god into them regarding backups so this doesn't happen again. They have a several...
  17. H

    Need help unlocking APFS Volume from terminal

    My main SSD OS became unrecognizable and will not mount via Disk Utilities. I am trying to fix/mount via Terminal. This is my diskutil list: /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0...
  18. Populus

    Most versatile HDD File System

    Hello. I've been struggling for many years to choose a file format that suits best an external Hard Drive that is aimed to be read not only by macOS and iOS, but also by my TV, which has USB connectors. All my external hard drives are now formatted with the APFS file system, except this 2TB...
  19. haralds

    10.14.6 APFS Issues

    On my Mac Pro 5,1 I started seeing APFS stalling issues and PCIE controller trouble especially with a Catalina disk set mounted. There is frequent beach balling during heavy disk activities. Correlation is not causation. But has anybody else seen issues? My MacBook Pro 2018 seems fine.
  20. allan.nyholm

    I have to ask.. is your Desktop & Screensaver section slow also?

    Hi, So what I've been wanting to ask for a number of weeks and months is this; when in System Preferences and the Desktop & Screensaver portion of same - Is this also so painfully slow that browsing and adding wallpapers is a minute long process at times? For instance I have a series of...