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app store

  1. Boxy21

    iPhone [New iOS App] Introducing FilmNoir for - Discover films and TV shows. Track your full watched history

    Hi Everyone! We make an app called FilmNoir. We've all been watching more TV shows and films at home since last year for obvious reasons and FilmNoir helps you track everything you've watched, or want to watch. It’s one of very few apps that supports both films and TV shows. We hope you like...
  2. cwosigns

    Feature Request: Require Developers to Post Detailed App Update Descriptions

    I've been bitten a few times recently when the App Update comes in and it says, "Improvements and bug fixes" and the update actually is a regression or removal of functionality that was in the previous build. Case in point: Hulu removed their picture-in-picture support on the iOS version of the...
  3. Huntn

    Eating Healthy and Exercise

    I had a thread regarding dieting (I thought), but can't find it. I was a chunky kid, discovered exercise as a teen, became an avid runner, went 40 years without a weight issue due to regular exercise, but now in my 60s, I'm about 30 lbs overweight. I'm 5'10" @220 lbs. I can no longer run, but...
  4. M

    Missing app updates in App Store account section

    Hello, The App Updates section found under your account in the App Store has disappeared on my iPhone XS. This first occurred earlier today. I have tried logging out of my Apple/iCloud account to see if this would fix the issue, but it has not. My iPad that is connected to the same account and...
  5. T

    Problems & errors with the App Store purchases and Updates in Mojave....

    I have been having problems with purchasing apps and doing updates of existing apps where it would tell me "We could not complete your purchase...." and then below it, it would say "cancelled." Then later on, it would work. Is anyone else having this same problem?
  6. mac_in_tosh

    Conflicting Update Notifications

    I'm running Mac OS Catalina on my 2019 MacBook Pro. I have an administrator account, where I usually do all the updates, and another account. Recently, for instance, there was an update to iMovie that I did in the administrator account and the App Store is showing it as recently updated. But if...
  7. Manek43509

    Logic Won't Update Even Though I Know It's Compatible

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in Pro Audio or here, but I went for here because I figure ultimately that's a Mac App Store issue, not an issue with Logic itself. So here's the thing… I have a Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave, and Logic Pro X 10.4.8 running on it. I also have a MacBook Pro...
  8. MeLlamanHokage

    iCloud Keychain Won’t Sync

    Hello all, Been having some trouble with my cMP and am looking for some guidance. I have one of these: I also have: iPhone SE (1st Gen) on iOS 14.2 iPad (6th Gen) on iPadOS 14.2 My issues are: 1) iCloud Keychain won’t sync my passwords between my macOS and my iOS devices. Calendar, Notes...
  9. C

    Redeem in Appstore > where is the "agree-button" on apple's website for "terms & conditions"?

    After struggling to find the new place to redeem items in the App Store (now under "Top Charts") , I came across the link to agree "terms and conditions". - What am I overseeing... or did Apple forget to include the "agree button" in their website ...
  10. star-affinity

    iPad Get hold of purchased iPad apps (iPad 2) no longer on the App Store?

    Hi! On the iPad 2 I have the passcode was forgotten and the iPad eventually had to be restored to factory settings, erasing all the data on it. I didn't set up a backup for this iPad 2 since I was thinking it's a device the kids could use every now and then. I've no realized there were some old...
  11. haralds

    App Store Apps are corrupted, copied apps to not authorize

    I had not used my install for a few days (I mainly run Catalina.) Suddenly some of my apps updates show up as corrupted. When I download again I see the same story. When I copy them from my Catalina Applications, it asks for App Store authentication over and over. Any ideas?
  12. M

    Apps which are ‘universal purchase’ (supporting macOS and iOS) ?

    I understand it’s possible for developers to sell an app as a universal purchase which means you buy it one and can use it on Mac and iOS: does anyone know of apps that support this and how do you find them - is there a list?
  13. purdnost

    Automatic App Updates Reliable Yet?

    Like a lot of people, my parents never think to open the App Store to update their apps, and with the recent redesign to the way app updates are accessed, I'm sure they wouldn't even know where to look for them. There is an App Store setting that allows for automatic app updates, but this has...
  14. T

    iPad iPad - Redownload unavailable with this apple id

    Even I have spoken to Apple Support and the policy is that one cannot purchase the application if the application was refunded or cancelled. Seems like Apple is running a shop like a monopoly, with the context that the application procreate was buggy in year 2016. Now in year 2020 I am willing...
  15. K

    iPhone SE Apple's Special Version of iTunes That Still Has an App Store Currently Incompatible With iPhone SE (2nd gen)

    PSA: If anybody is getting the new iPhone SE (2020) and trying to keep the old version of iTunes on a Mac, you're going to be out of luck. When I connect the phone, there's a popup that says: "The iPhone [____] cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 12.10.6 or later. Would...
  16. C

    App Store Hangs and Installs Phantom App - Solved

    This write up is about two things; 1. An App Store update hangs, and 2. The installed App Store application becomes a phantom nowhere to be found on the System Disk. You can skip to the how I fixed it for the short form solution. --------- I had a problem when updating an App from the App...
  17. bogdanw

    App Store not showing all apps from developers

    On Mojave 10.14.6 (18G2007), App Store doesn't show all apps from developers, it only shows 6 apps. Here is an example: Veenix, LLC as seen in Safari Apps shown after clicking on Veenix, LLC in App Store Searching for...
  18. Morac

    No automated purchase receipt emails since Oct 17

    I realized today that I haven’t been receiving any purchase receipt emails for not only iTunes and App Store purchase, but iCloud storage space purchases (never got this month’s email). I have a different Apple ID for iTunes and iCloud that have 2 completely different email providers (one being...
  19. R

    How to update iWork

    Hi, I have iWork09 dvd, and Macbook Pro 2009 13 inch. Installed iWork on El Capitan. How can I update to the latest keynote, pages,numbers which compatible with El Capitan?
  20. yanki01

    iPhone app store unable to load after iOS 13

    since iOS 13, the app store sometimes doesn't load on my iPx and always having to click retry. never had this issue in iOS 12. anyone else?