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  1. J

    iPhone Apple Health > Health Records > Immunizations > COVID vaccine passport?

    in iOS Apple Health my Health Records > are integrated / linked as an "Account" within Apple Health from my health care provider. In iOS's Apple Health When I "Browse" under Immunizations > my other vaccine's data is listed there... (date & which one, Flu Vaccine, + others... etc.) it even...
  2. R

    Using both Garmin and AW6

    Hi All, I'm a very keen runner and use a Garmin Forerunner to track all my runs. I want to buy a AW6 to use as a day to day watch, but switch to the Garmin for runs (I need the longer battery life and programmed workouts etc). Does anyone have any experience of using both? Does it all sync up...
  3. cics

    iPhone How to fix duplicate data on Apple Health

    Hi everyone, I've run into an issue with Apple Health that has been caused by a third party app (iHealth... connected with my smart scale). I use this app to collect data from my iHealth smart scale to Apple Health. A couple of weeks ago I had to reset my scale, uninstalled and reinstalled...
  4. ChAndrew

    Apps Apple Health on Watch ?

    Does anyone know an app that would display similar graphics to Apple Health directly on the watch, especially for tracking my weight and calorie intake ? Thanks
  5. J

    Using Apple Health and Sourcing Data

    I've been trying to find a useful way to aggregate all of the data from the various fitness related apps that I use on my iPhone: Garmin Connect (cycling, running, and general workouts), Strava (posts runs and rides that I log on my Garmin device from Garmin Connect), Withings (scale), iPhone...
  6. JaiyoInc

    iPhone History Sync for Fitbit to Apple Health (On Sale)

    On sale for a limited time! Sync your entire Fitbit history to Apple Health quickly, easily, and accurately with History Sync for Fitbit to Health. Supported Daily Data: * Steps * Distance Walk+Run * Active Energy...
  7. JaiyoInc

    iPhone Fitness Sync for Fitbit to Apple Health

    Fitness Sync for Fitbit to Health by Jaiyo
  8. noanker

    Siri.....imagine the possibilities

    I posted earlier a reply to a thread regarding Siri becoming available on OS X and got to thinking of some of the enhancements Apple could make. It could become a potential life saver to someone who has certain medical conditions by integrating Bluetooth-enabled instruments (e.g. BP monitors...