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Dec 6, 2016
Hi everyone, I've run into an issue with Apple Health that has been caused by a third party app (iHealth... connected with my smart scale). I use this app to collect data from my iHealth smart scale to Apple Health. A couple of weeks ago I had to reset my scale, uninstalled and reinstalled iHealth app. Once I did it, I've found all my historical data about weight, body fat, etc were duplicated.

Now I was wondering what's the best way to remove these duplicates, since there are a lot of them, and deleting manually from Apple Health app is not an option unless I want to spend hours on it. I knew Apple Health data can be exported in a (csv?) file, so my idea was:
1) Exporting all data in csv
2) Erase all data from Apple Health
3) Clean up the csv from duplicate data
4) Upload the csv again into Apple Health

I don't even know if it's possible to import data through external files... have you ever run into similar issues?
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