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apple notes

  1. U

    How to copy / export from Apple Notes with images

    So I have a bunch of notes with images in there that I'd like to copy paste out (or export somehow). Normal copy paste doesn't seem to work (it skips the images). Any advice?
  2. R

    Apple Notes - shared notes issues

    Hello :) I'm having a problem with Apple Notes. For ease of understanding, there will be one person A and one person B. I am person A and I have a folder of notes that I share with person B. Person A owns the folder. Normally, both people see the notes, you can edit them, etc. Here's my...
  3. go2heck

    Lost Apple Notes

    Question for the Hive Mind™: I use Apple Notes a lot, and recently got a new computer. I had to transfer my Notes, since my old machine was using my personal account and not my office account. In any case, I created a Gmail account in Notes and transferred my personal notes there. After a couple...
  4. T

    General No change in Notes in ios12 ?

    It’s early days I guess - but I was hoping there would be continued work on Notes. I think a lot of us are looking at it as an Evernote replacement. I have started using it ( since the last update) for an Evernote replacement but was hoping they would continue to fine tune it. There doesn’t seem...
  5. D

    Strategic question regarding Notes

    I have a bunch of hand-written notebooks with entries that are structured like a diary (with a date and a headline). I plan on transferring these over to Apple Notes so that they are better searchable and safer than in a physical notebook (which can get lost). Also, I plan on writing any future...
  6. daniham

    Export Apple notes

    I recently received a machine upgrade at work. I've always backed up with Time Machine. I thought my Notes were backed up with TM, but that was not the case (trust me, I've looked high and low, they're not there). I don't think my old machine has been erased yet, so I can still get my Notes off...