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apple pencil

  1. dudeofblokes

    Apple Pencil drawn lines always move back

    I’m not sure the best way to title this and a google search hasn’t helped but I have a problem with my Apple Pencil be it first or second generation and affects both a iPad and iPad Pro. when drawing in apps like procreate, note or pages, when I’m scribbling or drawing a line the ink always...
  2. upintheclouds

    iPadOS 14, Apple Pencil, Scribble, Messages

    Dumb question, but here goes. Can you respond to an iMessage using the Apple Pencil?
  3. W

    All iPads It seems like Apple has some quality control issues when it comes to their Pencil tips. I made a video showcasing that.

    On another note, how many times can I screw and unscrew a Pencil tip before it wears down the gold connectors inside? Found myself screwing and unscrewing one time in a bout of anxiety, and I had to make multiple takes of this video before I got it right.
  4. C

    Apple Pencil loses responsiveness?

    Howdy - I’ve got an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I’ve been using it for 2 years with the Paper App, and the pencil has been super responsive. Suddenly this is not the case. The pencil is not responsive at all. So I can’t draw curved lines. The pencil is charged, the iPad is charged, all...
  5. S

    Resolved Issues with iPad & Adonit Note Pen

    I bought the Adonit Note stylus based on Dan's review on MacRumors. It arrived yesterday, and it is not working as expected on my iPad. The ink is skipping (creating gaps) and lagging behind the pen. My iPad model is A1893. My OS version is 12.1.4. I am using a glass screen protector from...
  6. W

    All iPads Advices for iPad/Apple Pencil

    Hi, I bought 3 years ago an iPad Air 2. I have always used without a stylus, and I'm thinking of getting an Apple Pencil to take notes during my classes. However, I hesitate between buying a Apple Pencil 1, or change my iPad for a Pro device with the Apple Pencil 2. Notice that I will use the...
  7. S

    iPad Pro Apple Pencil buggy in Word

    I have an iPad Pro 11, and the pencil constantly causes the app to crash. Like every few minutes. Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. D

    iPad Notes with calendar features app supporting Apple Pencil

    I cannot find an app that supports Apple Pencil which combines notes and calendar features. Ideally something like a calendar notebook. Any suggestions?
  9. theodorr

    Apple Pencil 1st Gen - Tip Offset from center

    I dropped my Apple Pencil by mistake and although I don’t notice any changes in its functionality whatsoever, I noticed the tip is slightly offset (not bent!) from the center of the pencil... by a very small amount, almost unnoticeable. It’s only when I run my finger across it it feels a bit...
  10. Ilzx

    Am I The Only One With This Apple Pencil 2 Problem??

    Hey guys. So I received my Apple Pencil 2 along with my IPP11" on the first batch of shipping 2 weeks ago, and have been using it frequently (4-5hrs a day) for school. Only recently I've noticed that there are very faint, almost indiscernible black/grey lines around the area that charges/docks...

    The future of the mid-market iPad.

    I have an idea for a mid-market, $500-600 MSRP 9.7 inch iPad with the shrunken bezels, Face ID, and Pencil 2 compatibility. Currently we have the Pro line, the Pencil 1 supporting iPad, and the high-storage Mini 4 on life support. I propose replacing the Mini with this proposed model under the...
  12. gdmedia

    Sudoko with 2018 iPad Pro & Pencil

    Discovered that I can download sudoku games and play on my 2018 iPad Pro 11” with pencil pretty much exactly like solving on paper, but even better. I’ve been downloading from, then using the share arrow menu to “create PDF”. When that is done, I have all the markup pencils...
  13. Greatniss

    iPad Pro Apple Pencil 2nd Gen VZW

    Did anyone else order an Apple Pencil 2nd Gen from Verizon?
  14. Dulcimer

    Anyone getting Pencil engraved? Clever ideas?

    It hurts resale value blah blah but really want something unique and not my name.
  15. P

    iPhone X iPhone X Plus with Stylus Supports?

    Leave your thoughts and comment!
  16. rowspaxe

    has anyone worn out an apple pencil

    Hi. I have had the apple pencil for about a year and it is showing no discernible wear. Has anyone had an issue with pencil tip wear?
  17. Kittykat77

    Apple pencil effect on touch screen

    Hi, am thinking of getting an apple pencil but can anyone tell me the long term effects of using a stylus on a touch screen? If the amount of use eventually wears out the touch screen, would using stylus significantly reduce the touch screen life even more? I would be using it as a hobby not...
  18. zachanimates

    Macbook - a way to stay awake while in clamshell mode (no external monitor)?

    I have been using astropad with my macbook pro and ipad as a drawing tablet and wanted to know if there was a way to have my laptop stay awake in clamshell mode while I worked on my ipad, so I wouldn't have to have both screens open. Astropad is only able to mirror the same display and doesn't...
  19. DeApp1e

    Is it worth buying an Apple Pencil now?

    Hello - I'm looking for some advice - Is it worth buying an Apple Pencil now even though it hasn't been updated since launch? Or should I wait till September for a possible v2?
  20. MisterTibbs

    iPad Pro Question - Vector Illustration

    Long time lurker here and I have a burning question for iPad illustrators. Is anyone using a pencil to create vector artwork which creates strokes as opposed to filled lines? I'm considering getting a 10.5" Pro/2018 iPad and I wanted to know. I've tried Adobe draw and I'm not keen on the filled...