apple retail

  1. developer13245

    MP 7,1 New Mac Pro - Too expensive for Apple retail stores

    I happened to stop by a local Apple retail store over the weekend to see if they have the new Mac Pro on display yet. The employee said they don't and they've been told that their location will NOT have one for display. Only select locations will have the Mac Pro on display. This store was...
  2. L

    New Apple retail store in Taipei

    This is the Apple's second retail store in Taipei, the new retail store is a standalone building, and it's entirely enclosed by glass on two sides, so the atmosphere is very good...
  3. Qwertystar

    Apple Retail, second interview

    Hi :) I've managed to get through to the second stage with Apple Retail and I'm pretty nervous. What do I wear? I'm not use to this smart/casual dress for work. In the first interview I wore chinos and a navy polo. (By the way I'm female) What should I expect in the second interview? It's at...