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    Hi :)

    I've managed to get through to the second stage with Apple Retail and I'm pretty nervous.

    What do I wear? I'm not use to this smart/casual dress for work. In the first interview I wore chinos and a navy polo. (By the way I'm female)

    What should I expect in the second interview? It's at the Apple Store.

    Also if they ask why I want to work for Apple, what should I say? The safe answer such as they have a good reputation in the industry and deliver premium products and customer service to their customers? Blah blah blah.
    Or should I just say that it's my dream to work for Apple and to be part of something great.
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    Disclaimer: I am not an Apple employee. But I have been a tech hiring manager.

    Dress as you would be expected to if you worked on the floor, perhaps a little better. Think workplace, not Saturday night. See how Tim Cook and other execs appear in public - that's one indication. The other role model here is Angela Ahrendts, the head of Apple retail. Apple is a relatively conservative company. In any event, my suggestion is to be dressed at the same level or better than people working at the store. One way to show that you care about getting this job is how you dress.

    For an entry-level job (?), be prepared to answer why you want this job, and why you're qualified for it. Show that you've done some homework (for example, don't refer to everyone in the Apple Store as a Genius - only a few are). Apple thinks they're pretty special. Your answer (before the blah blah above) is not a bad thing to say, especially if you add that you want to be part of that to learn and deliver what most acknowledge is excellent customer service. Apple is a good place for a career. If you have any qualifications, be prepared to state them succinctly. Bring a paper resume (really, and more than one copy - check for typos!).

    Finally, take note of how Apple Store employees behave. They are calm (which is excellent - many people are their because they need technical support, and they are already cranky). They listen first. They are courteous, helpful and friendly, even at the end of the day. That should be your demeanor in the interview. Keep your answers short and to the point. I've been to 6 different Apple Stores in 4 states. Employees are not nervous, loquacious or overly outgoing - but they are friendly

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for your detailed reply. This role is for the Creative position. I'm just really nervous as I've wanted this job so bad! I do have qualifications too, so will mention that but not in a bragging type of way. You're right about bringing a copy of my resume, (that slipped my mind).

    Interview is this Thursday, I really hope I get to the third stage!
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    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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    Jul 17, 2018

    Did u get the job? I have a interview for Genius tomorrow. Any tips?
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    Be yourself.
    Dress in casual clothes.
    The first is the toughest, simply because you don’t know what to expect.

    Think about the job you will be doing. You will be faced with many different types of customers. Most are somewhat stressed because the device is either used for business or they simply can’t miss a tweet or snap chat.

    Some stores initially have a group interview.

    If this is the case, remember to have manners. Group interviews are not a one up the previous person exercise.
    Answer the questions, share your experiences and listen to the other folks. Listen. I mean listen.

    Ask your interviewer about their journey with Apple. It’s not a kisass question. I think you may be intrigued. Also ask them what product/service is their favorite to sell or provide to the customer.

    Look on line at the store’s Today at Apple.

    There are some things not to ask. Don’t be the one to ask about discounts. You’ll learn about those later, lol.

    Ask what a typical day open to close looks like.
    Required availability.

    Be patient, you may or may not hear back immediately.

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