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  1. B

    Apple Store keeps breaking my Macbook Pro

    Hi all. So I have a Macbook Pro late 2013 of which I have been the sole owner. It stills works very well, no issue other than the screen's coating slowly flaking on my screen (nothing I can't live with). This summer, I decided to go to an Apple Store and pay to change my battery, since I had...
  2. PieTunes

    iPad Pro iPad Pro purchasing fiasco with a happy ending

    Picture it. August 10, my birthday. Before I head out for the day to grab lunch with friends, I check online to see if any iPad Pros are in stock. I'm not holding my breath because I've been checking for weeks and there's been nothing in any of the Apple Stores in and around San Diego County...
  3. George Power Finch

    Apple Store return policy question

    Hi all, Apologies if this isn’t the right place to post... I was told by an in store Apple employee I can buy a MacBook Pro and return it if I didn’t like it for a refund within 14 days. I wanted to test the new i9 16” touchbar version to see if it’s a bit overkill for my business or not...
  4. R

    Will Apple store upgrade a new iMac base model if I buy it somewhere else?

    Costco is having the base iMac 27in on sale for Black Friday and I’m wondering if I bought one could I go right to an Apple store and have them upgrade the CPU? I will upgrade the ssd and ram on my own but I don’t want to lose the warranty by switching out the CPU myself.
  5. jagooch

    Which 2019 iMac should I get(CPU question)?

    I've done quiet a bit of research to help me decides if the iMac 2019 is the right one for me. I am down to deciding which CPU I should get. Most people have said recommended going either with the base 3.0 or the 3.7 GHz CPU models since the 3.1 GHz CPU performance gain doesn't justify the...
  6. Pman17

    Resolved Fixed: Error in Vet/Mil Store Gives Free MacBook Pro Upgrades

    So I've been looking into getting a new MacBook Pro, but waiting till the 2020 Keyboard Fix. A few days ago I started looking at prices just to get a general idea of what I will be spending. In the Military so I get access to the Apple Store special Military/Vet pricing. After the storage price...
  7. M

    "Customer mentioned Consumer Law"

    I recently took my MacBook to be fixed to the Apple Store here in Australia (because of sticky keyboard issues). When the Genius got my data, I noticed a checkmark in the form he was filling in his iPad; it said something like "customer mentioned Consumer Law". Any idea of what exactly is the...
  8. iSearch

    iPad 2 Won't Turn On

    My mother got an iPad 2 in early 2013 and used it until she got an iPad Air 2 in 2016. Around that time, she accidentally dropped the iPad 2 with a cheap case in front of our door step and it cracked the screen, but it still worked fine. After several months to a year, it just stopped turning...
  9. B

    Are the Belkin Anti Glare Screen Protectors Good?

    I was thinking about getting the Anti Glare over the Invisiglass one, because it doesn't crack like the glass ones do What do you guys think? For any of the X series iPhones
  10. patjem

    Apple Store Barcelona closed

    It looks like the Apple Store Barcelona Passeig de Gracia is closed for construction works. Anyone know what's happening? Seems a bit odd to close it so close before the Mobile World Congress 2019 that is happening in less than a week? I also posted it ay my Twitter account but no answer there...
  11. B

    Belkin Anti Glare Vs. Belkin Invisiglass

    Which one do you all like better? Pros and Cons of each? Having a hard time deciding which one to get, since I can get it put on for me at the Apple Store.
  12. B

    iPhone SE Is it worth going from an SE to a Regular sized 8 and IPhone XS in 2019?

    Is it worth going from an SE to a Regular sized 8 in 2019? Thoughts?
  13. M

    iPad Pro iPad Pro USB-C port defects

    I got the new iPad Pro 2018 from my boss over Christmas, only to discover 2 weeks later that the iPad was defective. As many of you know the iPad does not come with a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor. So it wasn't until 2 weeks later that i purchased an apple branded dongle from Best Buy. The iPad...
  14. ASentientBot

    Sharing my collection of Apple Store wallpapers and screensavers

    Since 2016, I've been periodically going into Apple stores to copy the attract loops and special desktop backgrounds. I thought some of my fellow Apple fans on here would appreciate this -- please archive and share these so they don't disappear...
  15. B

    iPhone XR Belkin InvisiGlass Good?

    Has anyone got this one and how is it holding up? Any better than the ones for the XS?
  16. ridlerontheroof

    Price Advice Apple Store iPhone and iPod Touch (1st Gen) - large in-store banners

    Hello everyone. I was going through my storage unit today and found two large Apple Store banners. Anyone have an idea what they might be worth or where would be best to try and sell them? They are heavy duty, in good condition and 100% legit (used to work there & grabbed them myself). Apple...
  17. B

    Belkin InvisiGlass really that bad?

    Are these reviews true, is it that bad?
  18. B

    iPhone SE Would The Apple Store put on a Case for me?

    If I go in there for a battery replacement and I brought in a Otterbox case I bought from someone else would they put it on for me?
  19. B

    Anybody put the belkin screen protectors on the XR

    how are they holding up? Which one did you get?
  20. B

    iPhone SE Battery replacement for SE?

    Is it worth getting a battery replacement for my iPhone SE? it’s battery health is at 88% and have had the phone for 2.5 years