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apple watch sport

  1. E

    Fix Apple Watch Sport with Super Glue

    I have one long straight crack on the very top of my apple watch screen. It was fine for the first few months as it doesn't obstruct any of the actual screen as it is cracked above it but now the screen is actually coming out of the aluminium frame and soon it will snap out of the apple watch...
  2. Appwatchgirl

    Apple Watch Sport Series 2 - Bezel Chipped

    I've only had my Apple Watch Series 2 for 3 months. I've been super cautious with it, the other day I barely tapped it against the corner of a wall at work and there is now a small chip on the bezel (see photo). I know this wouldn't bother a majority of people, but I saved up months to be able...
  3. A

    Apple watch sport or Apple watch series 1

    I am looking to get an apple watch but was waiting for the 2nd one to come out. After the keynote I don't think the series 2 will be worth it for me personally so I'm trying to decide between the older sport model or series 1. A few questions I have are 1. What are the main differences...
  4. yanki01

    So, would you buy it again?

    Now that it's been out for over a year and for those who use it, would you buy it again? Are you using it as often as you thought? Those who have one and don't find them selves using it often, what are your thoughts? At the beginning, i didn't want one. I always have my iPhone with my so i...
  5. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch (42mm) with Scuba Blue Nylon Band

    Does anyone have the 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch with Scuba Blue Nylon band ? Thoughts and pictures would be great!
  6. joscejrod

    Bands comparison: Nylon woven vs sport.

    Hello guys. Both bands are the most popular, and only these can match space grey models, so...what are your experiences with both? Thanks a lot!
  7. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch & Nylon Band

    I have seen a lot of people have bought the royal blue nylon band to go on the 42mm space grey Apple Watch! Just wondering does anyone have the scuba blue on the Space Grey? Can't decide which one to get! Any photos or thoughts of the scuba blue and space grey combination would be much appreciated !
  8. K

    Space grey Apple Watch & nylon straps

    was in the Apple Store and they didn't have any stock to show me the new nylon bands on the actual space grey watch! I was interested in royal blue nylon but they paired it with Rose gold sport watch so unsure! Anyone get nylon with the space grey watch? Just looking idea to see what's nice...