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  1. Frvjus gagnez un iPhone 15 gratuitement dans 2 jours
  2. geek2022

    Apple watch 8 as the first watch? or go for watch 9?

    Hi, what do you all think of Watch 8 as my first watch? or do you suggest I get the Watch 9? Watch 9 is like 200 usd more than Watch 8 (watch 8 and 7 is same price) and not sure if it is worth the extra 200? how many years of support/updates can I expect from Watch 8? looking for atleast 5...
  3. TripleYoThreat

    Apple's Quality Control and Software Has Really Fallen Off The Past 10 Years - An In Depth Write-Up

    Apple being the largest company in the world is quite astonishing to me when I encounter Apple software & hardware issues so frequently. This is not the quality I expect from whatever company would be, quite literally, the biggest company in the world - and I'm genuinely baffled a company can...
  4. Risco

    What would Apple look like if Steve Jobs was still alive?

    What does everyone think Apple would look like? Personally I think we would have had more aesthetically pleasing and functional products. Vision Pro would never have happened. Jonny Ives would not have left. Or would Steve have be pushed out of the company like in the 80’s? Thoughts?
  5. B

    Other Interesting Article re iPhone 15 in Sydney Morning Herald

    I thought I'd share this story from today's Sydney Morning Herald. It's an interesting read which also gives the reader insights into the way Apple does things compared to other companies: For $1500, does the iPhone 15 do enough? Cheers.
  6. D

    SamTime iPhone 15 Pro PARODY

    I don't know if any of you watch Sam, but he's funny as heck. He parodies the recent Apple Event really well.
  7. N

    Other 4/6 digit code is enough to remove “Find my iPhone”

    Hello guys&girls, The 4/6 digit code is enough to remove the “Find my iPhone” security protection. Verified during a robbery, where on the ground and surrounded by 4 thugs, I gave my 4-digit code. With my iPhone + the 4/6 digit code, they were able to reset/change my iCloud password, and take...
  8. C

    Apple: A company that listens

    (Wasn't sure where to post this since it covers just Apple. haha. But I was using my iphone for the most current issue and the App Store, so here it is. lol) The title might sound too altruistic on Apple's part, but they seem to listen to feedback more than any other company I've interacted...
  9. AlexJ092

    Which AirPods should I try?

    Hi everyone! I am still using my 2nd generation AirPods after many years, but now unfortunately the battery health on them is not the best. My right AirPod usually runs out of battery while the left one still shows as having 30%+ left. I am half tempted to try the AirPods Max but would like to...
  10. gbf

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Upgrade problem

    I try and upgrade my phone thru the Apple app on my phone and I keep getting this error. I only have ONE line and neither Apple nor Verizon knows what’s wrong. Has anyone seen this and if so could you help me out please.
  11. Baumachon

    Installing Mac OS tiger using a newer Mac, to

    Hey guys, I am trying to install Tiger to an SSD, for my Graphite G4. It is currently having display issues, can’t get anything to show on screen. It boots and chimes though. I was wondering if I could use one of my other working macs to install tiger to the SSD and then replace it in the G4. I...
  12. phenom13

    iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro Max battery drain extremely fast on 16.5.1

    Hi! I bought my iPhone 14 Pro Max 20 of March. After updating to iOS 16.5.1 I've noticed that my battery drains extremely fast and I get max 5 hours of screen time. I don't play games, just use messengers, sometimes listening to music with Airpods Pro 2. I usually charge my iPhone overnight...
  13. Alvin777

    Apple OEM Online Stores (Exact Apple Quality But W/out the  Logo)?

    Hello besides iFixit what other specific stores are there that sell OEM Apple parts (old and new) that are parts that Apple actually uses themselves but without the Apple logo? List all the specific stores (specific stores in AliExpress for example and other online shopping sites, popular or not...
  14. B

    Apple Vision Pro - Things you might not know

    The Apple Vision Pro will be quite heavy, weighing in at 500g. Apple will offer a head strap not shown in most videos that goes over your head to support the weight for extra $$$ So I don’t see people using this for long periods of times, might cause discomfort. source:
  15. A

    Loose Type C port on MacBook Air m1

    Recently I purchased MBA M1 and I notice this issue. Second type C port loose as compare to first one . It is normal for 1 week old MacBook?
  16. M

    I need help making a buying decision!!

    I have a 2013 27 inch iMac and it has gotten so slow as I upgrade to new Mac OS operating systems. I need to buy a new desktop computer very soon but I’m getting tired waiting around for the new iMacs to be released. Now they say they may be released in November! It’s only been over 800 days...
  17. Apple$

    3rd party battery packs.

    I wonder if there will be slightly larger 3rd party batteries for the Vision Pro?Like maybe 3-4 hours just so you can see a full length movie without it dying.
  18. Gamercraft567a

    I can’t believe in a few years we will be on iOS 20 and iPadOS 20!

    I can’t believe in a few years we will be on iOS 20 and iPadOS 20! As you know iOS 17 and iPad os 17 was announced a few days ago and I was thinking “wow we’re close to iOS 20 and iPados 20” when watching WWDC23
  19. ey4eypol

    Other iPhone with 3D spatial video and photo

    After reading the post from, I think Apple would be smart to bring this feature to *all* iPhones and not just the PRO/MAX series. There's something to be said about capturing and being "in the...
  20. S

    Touch ID on Mac mini M2

    I want to buy a Mac Mini M2 but I'm not sure if I should buy the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. Will I have the option to enable Touch ID when setting up my Mac mini? The main reason I want to buy it is so I can have a faster way to log in to my user account. And make purchases without have to...