1. philliez98

    Magic Keyboard Defect/Tear

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping I could get some guidance/opinion on an issue I’ve discovered with my Magic Keyboard for my 11“ iPad Pro. On the left hinge area (near the USB-C port) there seems to be some kind of bubbling or fraying. It almost looks like it could tear at some point in near future...
  2. D

    Did Apple remove the service that was able to check the warranty status of its products?

    Just as the title says: I can´t find anymore the webpage or service that Apple has always offered in which you could just check the warranty status of any of their products by introducing its serial number in a form together with a captcha verification code. Does anyone knows if it was...
  3. AlexJ092

    All iPads Which iPad to buy?

    Hi Everyone, I am currently using an iPad Air 2 (Since the day it was released) and I think I am due an upgrade. The battery life has taken a sudden dive and also a very overheating issues etc so now is the time to say goodbye. I mostly use my iPad to play games from the App Store, a few emails...
  4. AlexJ092

    Best place to sell Apple Watch Edition?

    Hi Everyone, I have a Apple Watch Edition Series 2 (White) and I am looking at trading it in towards a new Series 5 Edition. Where would be best to sell? I have looked at Apple but when I put the serial number in it shows up as a Aluminium watch? Thanks in advance for your advise.
  5. S

    AirPods 2 Gen 2. Good for iPad + Mac Pro + Android Phone?

    Hi all, As I'm currently juggling 3 different sets of headphones / earphones depending on the machine I'm on, I'm looking to be able to cut it all down to one wireless pair for everything. My main 3 machines that I'd be using them with are: Mac Pro 2013 (My work / development / music rig) iPad...
  6. E

    Help re: 2020 Macbook Air

    Hi, I’m wanting to buy the 2020 macbook air, as pretty much everything about it suits my needs/wants perfectly... However, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative reports regarding the fan/throttling issues (some saying it idles at 100 celsius??) For context, I’m a college student who will be...
  7. denzdaniel

    16" MacBook Pro Too Hot | Overheating! I fixed it!

    Hi everyone! I just bought a refurbish 16" MacBook Pro 2.3Ghz /16GB/ AMDRadeon 8GB /1TB and it looks amazing! I setup all my apps including (FCPX and Luminar 4). I tested ran GeekBench and and Cinebench and got a score! It was lower than what its suppose to be. My MBP 16" wasn't throttling but...
  8. xorpi

    Mac Suggestion for devs:Siri "momentum like" Safari Dashboard start default page💻

    Suggestion for devs:Siri "momentum like" Safari Dashboard start default page💻 Good day! I have a suggestion💡 for Apple developers to think about creating a Siri Dashboard Start page for Safari. Siri uses a lot of user information. It would be great if I had my to-dos from Reminder, notes from...
  9. T

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11 - Drawing with Pencil problem

    Here is the video with problem Sometimes the line is disrupted when drawing for no reason. It happens randomly with frequency like 2-3 times per hour. Its not just one place on the display its random. It took few seconds and than its okay again, as you see in video the last line was not...
  10. jent

    Release timeframe for MBP and iMac?

    I was happy to see last week's refresh of the MacBook Air and Mac mini, and was wondering when you think the other Macs are due for an update. According to the MacRumors Buyers' Guide, the iMac should be having updates soon and is around it's normal timeframe for a new model. The MacBook Pro...
  11. E

    Why does Apple still insist on 60 hz in Pro Display XDR, iMacs and MBPs?

    60 hz refresh rate is very very old standard and most of the brands in market prefers 75 120 or 144hz values in their display products. There are lots of laptops with 75hz or above. But Apple still uses 60 hz on their products. The pro display xdr is the most advanced product of Apple but it has...
  12. SidTheSloth

    iPhone 11 Pro faulty batch??

    Hi there, I have had four different faulty iPhone 11 Pros over the past month and a half. All ordered from Apple Online Store. First one had battery problems, second one the battery was even worse. The third one arrived with a crack in the back and two other marks on it. And the fourth one had...
  13. C

    how to fix itunes error code 0xe8000015

    I recently bought Apple iphone xr, and it looks good and works fine. So I thought to installed itunes from the apple store, but when i try to installed it it shows me error 0xe8000015, which i dont know how to fix, if anyone know how to fix then suggest me.
  14. B

    Are there any Side Effects to putting a iPhone XR in a iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case?

    I’m wondering if anyone has tried that for the camera button and more battery capacity?
  15. Johnnys2

    I want to ask you guys to help me with this

    I've bought an iphone 11 pro max last month and I noticed that it doesn’t feel as crispy as my stolen Iphone Xs Max, so I did an antutu benchmark and my score was abnormal... Im panicking right now hahahaha I would like to gently ask, can you guys with the same device make the test for...
  16. A

    iPad Pro iPad Pro shut off and is unresponsive

    My faceID 11-inch iPad Pro shut down while it was charging on my desk and when I went to turn it on it was unresponsive. I left it charging overnight and in the morning it still wouldn't turn on. I sent it in to Apple and they are trying to get me to pay for a bend in the frame before even...
  17. A

    Macbook pro 13 Adaptors USB C!!

    I bought the new 13 "MacBook Pro and at the store they offered me their adapters which I sincerely find awkward and expensive. I was wondering if any of you can suggest me MacBook Pro adapters with the following USB, USB C, HDMI and SD SLOT use purely for work, need a reliable product...
  18. C

    Best way to charge Airpods Pro

    I have ordered Airpod pro. I notice it comes with USB type - c to Lightning port. I don't have any type c devices to charge Airpod pro neither have a wireless charger. Should I buy apple 18W type c adapter or wireless charger? which will be fast to charge?
  19. W

    Generations Ahead Apple Poster

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to find more information on a poster (shown above) I have that was given to me by my Grandmother. I know it's older but there's no date or copyright on the poster. I've done some searching online but I've only found one image of the poster under someone's 'Apple...
  20. E

    Does Apple Display Pro XDR have backlight bleeding and ghosting issues?

    Has any one noticed backlight bleeding on this amazing display? If anyone shares a picture about this we would be very happy... The picture has to be taken in an absolute dark room and black backgroun with %100 brightness. may help you. And...