1. honglong1976

    AirPods Pro - Worst support experience with a good outcome.

    Hi everyone. I love my AirPods Pro and noticed a weird rattling on one ear bud, then both, and a screech if I put my finger near the earbud. I contacted Apple to replace them under the repair programme. Dead easy so far. They sent me a box, I posted them. They repair and returned them. Super...
  2. jsh8w

    iPhone Stats - Health, Fitness Widget for iPhone

    Hello all; Stats - Health, Fitness Widget Today, I released my Apple Health widget, Stats, to the App Store! 🎉 Attached below are a few screenshots and also the app description. Thanks for taking the time to look at the app. If you have any feature requests, feedback or questions; please...
  3. T

    Is there any difference in charging speed between the magnetic charging dock and the one included in the box?

    So the title is pretty self explanatory. Is there any differecnce in speed between the 2 chargers? If not, why is it released? Thanks!
  4. B

    Made a cool AirPods holder for my bike!

    For some reason I hate the feeling of having the AirPods case in my pocket, but I ride with them enough that they sometimes need a quick recharge. Today I whipped up this case and thought I would share! It even has a little silicone insert so that the case fits tightly and can't bounce out.
  5. Nawabdera

    Battery drains with excessive heat generation

    iPhone 12 Pro Max is generating excessive heat and very fast battery drainage which is very amazing and vexing
  6. desanteeno

    Getting anxious of what's the next part of my A2159 will break.

    Here's the story; I bought my a2159 last February 2019, then in November 2019, the noticed the command key has been chipped off. I was so disappointed, I paid a big amount of money for this machine, and yet the keycap has been chipped easily. I went to the Apple store to have it replaced, but...
  7. C

    Apple and Bitcoin rumours

    I'm not sure if this kind of posts are allowed in this forum (Admins , if they don't, please accept my apologies and delete the post!). Anyway there are growing rumours in twitterland that Apple has purchased bitcoins worth $2.5 billion. The news didn't gain so far much traction within...
  8. D

    App watch scratch

    I got my app watch SE gold 8 months ago, and last weak my hand hitted the radiator, uuuh i checked watch and saw scratch over that button now i cannt even wear it 😖😖😖😖 i cant look at it 😫😫😫😫 And i dont want and cant use a case for it now that it is scratched, And mention that there is no apple...
  9. D

    Apple Music How to get Lossless on music that has been downloaded?

    So i have a playlist that i have Apple Music songs there, but the older ones prior to Lossless anouncement still playing in ACC format how do i get those to play in Lossless? The lossless is available now for these songs it's just my playlist still has older ones
  10. maverick28

    Resolved Stock dictionaries missing in Dictionary app - could you share them?

    Hello, Apparently I'm now one of those who are affected by the missing dictionaries problem in at least 3 macOS: High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina. Browsing the Internet for long hours and trying every solution (re-installing, finding a mysterious assets folders that's missing on my system)...
  11. Sebo95

    Strange looking paste on battery connection

    Hi all, I’m new to the community and hope this question has not been postet yet. I’m on my first dive into my MacBook Pro 2012 retina (changing termal paste, nothing to exciting) and came across one strange looking paste on the battery connection. It’s hard and looks like someone put a white...
  12. Applecool78

    Do you use the Countdown timer on MacRumors?

  13. GreppMichaels

    MP 6,1 Mac Pro 6,1 1st Red LED Flex Nightmare that led to two broken Mac Pro's

    Hi Everyone, So today has been an absolute nightmare, was upgrading a 6,1 to a 12 core d700 (4th time) and I'm guessing I fried the CPU riser in the process? I swapped out just about every other part (With the exception of the GPU and PSU) from a functioning 6,1 d300 to test what was and wasn't...
  14. jaaytubs

    iMac 24 2021 - Apple Employee Purchase Program

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows if the new iMac 24 is available on Apple's EPP - specifically friends and family discount? Thank you so much. I don't want to disturb my friend that works at Apple too much lol
  15. A

    MacBook stuck in diagnostics

    Hello, i have MacBook Air M1, and for the last couple of days i’ve been trying to do diagnostics to check if everything is good with my mac but, whenever i reached to “checking your Macbook” “about one minute remaining” my macbook hets stuck and the only way to restart it is to turn it off...
  16. tejeswara

    Installing dual drives for 27inch iMac (HDD2.5 and SSD2.5) using mounting bracket

    I'm currently upgrading my 2 Imacs one that’s late 2009 and another that’s mid-2011 and trying to not spend too much. I have also recently upgraded my 2 of my 2012 MacBook pros. I replaced the HDD drives with SSD and so have 2 spare 1TB and 500gb HDD. So I know in most cases it is best if you're...
  17. A

    Macbook Air M1

    So, i’ve had my MacBook Air M1 since December, few weeks ago i was doing some work, and noticed that my screen started flickering in purple, i spoke to the apple support told me to do few things to check if that problem would occur again, went in safe mode, problem didn’t happen, so today while...
  18. ShaunFrancis

    iPad Pro Anyone else buy the iPad Pro from Amazon UK?

    I ordered my iPad from Amazon as it’s more suitable for me to collect from a pick up point. When I saw the iPads listing it said wil be released on 27th May. Currently it says estimated delivery on the 28th. Anyone else ordered from Amazon UK? I was thinking would these come sooner as I...
  19. bhope95

    iPhone An Apple Only Photo & Video Sharing Service

    Hey guys, I just released my first app iOS app Gala. Apple has been building up their services departments however they don't have anything for photo & video sharing which is a surprise since they hate FB/Insta + want to protect privacy and there are already trillions of photos and videos stored...
  20. M

    M1 activity monitor showing different SSD write reading than system terminal... Apple is hiding something

    Check out this video I saw on YouTube