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  1. A

    Issues with the screen of MacBook Pro 14 (2021)

    Can somebody please tell whether there is issues with the screen of MacBook 14, I have encountered many issues with this device in last 8-9 months. 1. the entire keyboard keys has the marks on the screen of this laptop, may be the proper space is not there between the screen and the keyboard. 2...
  2. B

    Is This Real??

    Saw this on eBay and it was listed as 'Apple Cleaning Cloth Watch - RARE Navy Microfibre Cloth - Never Sold to Public' and was curious to see if it were real as I have certainly never heard of it and searches came up with nothing?? Thanks!
  3. mikezmac

    iFixit teardown looks at the guts of the Apple Watch Ultra

    The tear down is posted by ifixit iFixit teardown looks at the guts of the Apple Watch Ultra The commentator seems anti apple, or confused, but it’s a good video, regardless
  4. mikezmac

    Tough mudder review while wearing the Apple Watch ultra

    I wanted to share this review with you. It is a gentleman who did a tough mudder wearing the Apple Watch ultra. I enjoyed the review, I hope you do as well.
  5. R

    AirPods Max users complain about Active Noise Cancelling worsening after firmware update

    I was planning to buy Airpods Max and then i came through this article - where it is being reported that AirPods Max users complain about Active Noise Cancelling worsening after firmware update. Is it true ? Any such experience people are observing here ?
  6. D

    Connecting a Macbook pro 14" M1 to Apple Cinema Display

    Hi, I recently bought the Apple Cinema display. On the back this monitor has 3 usb-ports. (So it is not the Thunderbolt display). The Macbook Pro 14" M1 is my main laptop that will work with this monitor. It is for my music studio that i wil use this setup. Because i like everything simple i...
  7. A

    When Apple Stores will have Apple watch 8

    So just went to the local Apple Store and they said they are out of stock for Apple watch 8. Checking Apple website, it says all nearby stores are also out of stock. When a product launches, how long after the launch, you can go to the store and buy the product? Delivery right now is Oct 17.
  8. GMGN

    Who builts GPU for M1/M2 MBP?

    Yeah... Just being curious...Is it still Intel? Or Apple itself.
  9. A

    Other Can apple see my data if it isn't synced to iCloud?

    I know that apple has access to decrypt and read my files in iCloud, but what if i didn't sync them to iCloud? I didnt sync Notes, Calendar, Reminders to iCloud and am afraid that Apple is secretly uploading my files to itself
  10. iZahid

    iPhone 14 Pro How long does Apple take to include Pro models to the EPP F&F store? Is the iPhone 14 pro already included?

    Hello all, one of my friends work for Apple, Germany. I would like to know how long does Apple often take to include iPhone Pro Series in the EPP F&F program? Is it different for different countries? Does anyone have an idea how long would it take in Deutschland. Thanks in Advance.
  11. C

    Carrier Xfinity Mobile iPhone 14 & 14 Pro Pre-Order & Tracking Thread

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to post a thread so everyone could discuss updates with their iPhone 14 & 14 Pro pre-orders through Xfinity Mobile. There was a thread for the iPhone 12 lineup that helped me a lot when I pre-ordered so I thought we should do this again :)
  12. AlexJ092

    iPhone 13 Pro Max UK trade in?

    It’s that time of year again and it’s time to trade in our iPhones (if you’re upgrading). I am just curious where everybody trades their iPhones in? I usually use music magpie but after some trouble last year I am reluctant to do that again. Good luck with your new iPhone preorders!
  13. L

    No More Hermes Apple Watch?

    I'm traveling at the moment and was planning on picking up a particular Hermes band in Singapore. When I went to add to cart, it said unavailable. Looking through the menu, Apple watch is no longer there, and searching for the word Apple turns up nothing. Same thing for the Hermes Canada...
  14. Sal09

    Which Case Did You Get or Recommend For Your New iPhone 14/Plus/Pro/Pro Max?

    Last year's thread for reference:
  15. DD88

    Everyone loves Apple yet the reviews are woeful

    Check out this from Apple UK, almost 3 quarters of reviewers think it’s terrible yet I hear nothing but praise for Apple everywhere I go. So what’s going on? Could this be the slippery slope to the companies demise? With workers also petitioning to refuse to go back to work , Apple are in big...
  16. DD88

    Seriously ? Does anyone take Craig Fedrighi seriously ? ROFL!

    I only just found out who this guy is, is this the guy that takes over Apple when Tim Cook decides to leave ? Craig Federighi aka Hair Force One seems to be a bit of a joke to me, a walking meme that resembles an AI replication of what a human should be like but not entirely human. He’s always...
  17. D

    MacBook Pro users in India, what do you prefer carrying your MacBook in? I have the new M1 16inch variant.

    Just got my New M1 MacBook Pro 16 inch and I am having a hard time finding a good carry backpack for it. Can you guys suggest anything? What you have been using. I have tried sleeves in the past but they don't work for me too well. I am looking to buy something that is either water resistance or...
  18. DaffiDuck

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Get the iPhone 14 your 13 will be outdated

    You have the iPhone 13 you are wondering if you should get the iPhone 14 ..... :) Lets go back to 2017-2018 iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X iPhone X was the new era of Apples phones the new designs for anything after was going to be the NOTCH .. 18 iPhone X (LAUNCH - September 22nd, 2017) - NEW...
  19. R

    Airpods Max 2

    Hi, I am thinking to buy Airpods Max. But since we are near to September now, should i hold on to the purchase? Is there a update coming to Airpods Max like Airpods Max 2?
  20. Cide

    Service Battery came up when I hit 175 Cycles - But still has 3 Hours battery - Why? False Alert?

    Hello again, I am just wondering if anyone could give me insight into a battery issue that's come up with my MacBook Pro Retina Mid-2012, According to the Apple Serial Number Lookup for 15" MacBook Pro's and other models affected with recalled batteries, this unit was already serviced. It just...