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#applemusic #itunes

  1. Jadedogsome

    Automatic downloads Apple Music option keeps turning off

    Recently bought a 2021 MBP, and the preference option in Apple Music titled "automatic downloads" should automatically download any songs you add into your library. However, when I click it on in preferences, click OK, and then go back into preferences, it's marked as off and therefore, will not...
  2. michaela001

    Apple Music iTunes is still.........

    creating double playlists when syncing. I mean seriously!?! is this EVER going to change?
  3. El_Capitan

    Apple Music - "authorization is needed to access..."

    I've got all my playlists synced through iCloud and Apple Music. Yesterday I have downloaded two songs via my mobile phone and they play fine on it and I see them being added to my Mac as well. But... when I try to play these songs on my Mac it gives me this error message saying "There was a...