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Nov 6, 2021
Recently bought a 2021 MBP, and the preference option in Apple Music titled "automatic downloads" should automatically download any songs you add into your library. However, when I click it on in preferences, click OK, and then go back into preferences, it's marked as off and therefore, will not automatically download anything. Tried re-authorizing the computer, signing in and out of itunes and computer and a pair of hard restarts. Still no luck. Any suggestions?

Note; I'm using lossless files, but I can't imagine why that would have any effect.

James vong Bomd

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Aug 3, 2021
Same here on a new MacBook Pro and AAC 256 kBit/s.

Tried an erase of Apple Music .plist and had to set all options again, but only "automatic downloads" was reset to off.


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May 21, 2009
Same here on a new MBP 14", as well as a 2020 MBA that I upgraded to Monterey on the same day I received the new MBP. My iMac still running Big Sur does not have this issue.

I should also add that turning off Lossless audio does not fix the behavior.
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