1. edotstudios

    (Apple TV) Light Flux: RETRO

    Hello all, We just released a new game called Light Flux: RETRO for the Apple TV. It's a cool retro arcade game which you may find familiar. It is now available. You can check a gameplay video here: Any comments or questions are welcome. Enjoy!
  2. M115CLE

    Apple TV & Disney+

    Hey folks, I have 4 Users on my Apple TV. Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter. I have a Disney+ subscription and on that subscription I have the same 4 users. Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter. Is there a way I can link MumATV & MumD+ together so that when she clicks “Watch Now” on her TV app, then she can see...
  3. ipedro

    The future of Apple TV as a full service TV content provider

    I'm really excited for what Apple is doing. Out of the shows I've watched, For All Mankind is already one of my all time favourites and I can't wait until the next season. I'm really looking forward to JJ Abrams and Spielberg's projects. Apple is really nailing it with serialized fiction...
  4. C

    How to store my video on AppleTV instead of streaming via Airplay

    Dear all I own a 64gb 4K aTv. Is there a way to store my video on the aTV instead using airplay from my Catalina system? Yesterday evening I wanted to see a video and using aTV app on Catalina I wasn't able to sync. The only way I found was to use AirPlay. But using AirPlay mean I need my...
  5. D

    Apple TV 4K not putting new Sony TV to sleep "OFF" (A9G & 950G)

    My setup: Sony BRAVIA A9G and an Apple TV 4K. I always have to hit the home button on the Apple TV remote to wake the Sony TV up, and whenever I put the Apple TV to sleep, it would turn off the tv. NOW it never puts the Sony TV to sleep. The Apple TV goes to sleep, just leaving a "no input"...
  6. ntlman

    Anyone else notice major commercial stations are now removed...

    My 2 favorite commercial FM radio stations, LA's 106.7 KROQ and Chicago's 93XRT, both used to be accessible via iTunes internet radio and Apple TV's Radio app. I would stream them both to my Apple TV and listen through my stereo since my radio reception is not great. As of yesterday, I noticed...
  7. ThatGuyInLa

    All Devices ATV updates without beta?

    My ATV is not signed up for beta. None of my Apple products are. Yet my ATV has been updating and surprising me with changes I was unaware about. I went to the About and it says tvOS13. ??
  8. S

    Apple TV No TV shows Available

    guys just downloaded the beta, opened up the new apple tv app but the only thing available in the store and in my library is movies? I click on tv shows and it only brings up movies? What am I doing wrong? Or is this a known issue?
  9. iConcept

    HomeKit PS4 and HomeKit Issues

    Does anyone else experience issues with HomeKit devices when downloading things via the PS4? For example, if I'm downloading a game or game updates, all of my Hue lighting becomes unresponsive through the Home app, but are perfectly fine through the Hue app. If I pause or cancel the downloads...
  10. tomyun

    Volume change problem with iPhone after 12.3

    I used to control Apple TV volume by pressing physical buttons on the side of iPhone with remote widget open up on its control panel. After recent update to iOS/tvOS 12.3, however, it no longer seems to work stable, but instead only works one time when the remote is connected to the TV, then...
  11. J

    Upgrade from 2nd gen to the Apple TV 4K, worth it?

    Hi, I have an Apple TV 2nd gen. I use my PS4 to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, etc... I've seen that when using AirPlay, (being the source an iPhone XS Max or MacBook Pro 2018), there is a little bit of a lag. Is it worth upgrading to a newer generation of Apple TV? I would consider the...
  12. Sedulous

    AppleTV4k / tvOS 12.2 not incrementing episodes

    New minor annoyance I have observed since updating AppleTV4k to tvOS 12.2. Often (but not always) after a tv show from my computer (not from iTunes Store) completes, it does not increment to the next episode. So instead of just clicking the play button, I have to scroll through the episodes...
  13. ipedro

    Theory: HomePod Will Replace AppleTV

    I’m going to make a bold prediction: The Apple TV as we know it will disappear. When Apple announces its new TV service on Monday, it will be called TV. Apple began working towards this a few years ago when the TV app was launched. Not only did it take a prominent role in tvOS as the place...
  14. nelson1457

    HomePod 'Hmmm . . . I'm having trouble playing that'

    I use my HomePod as the speaker for my Apple TV. Works great. Then I turn my TV off and some time later I want to play music from my iTunes Cloud library. "Hey Siri play the Beatles." To which it replies, "'Hmmm . . . I'm having trouble playing that" The problem is the HP is still connected to...
  15. W

    Shared "Favorites" Photo Album

    Alrighty, looking for what seems like it should be a simple solution, but not sure one exists. In photos on my mac, I would like to share my Favorites Album with my Mother so she can automatically get the newest photos on her AppleTV screensaver. My Favorites automatically appear on my AppleTV...
  16. M

    Apps Need updated info for NES Provenance on ATV 4th Gen

    Hi everybody, ! I'm a newbie here in this forum. Im here because I want to be able to play my NES on my apple TV 4th Generation. I found plenty of how to's on internet/Youtube but the problem is that these information are outdated with 2015/2016/2017 instructions that are not applied to today...
  17. C

    HomePod HomePod Suddenly Not Playing Through AppleTV??

    I may be late to the party on this issue, but I can't locate much by way of a solution. I'd been playing everything from my Apple TV (generation 3) to the Home Pod without incident until about three days ago where suddenly no sound comes through at all. I've restarted, reset, reloaded, etc...
  18. ThatGuyInLa

    DD5.1 Vs Atmos DD5.1+ and Atmos TrueHD

    You might be surprised... I have really nice home audio gear. I won't go in to detail but it's GOOD stuff. I've also taken great care of my ears over the years. I never listen to amplified concert music without ear protection and I don't blow my ears out in my car. Which also has an insane...
  19. Tilpots

    Apps Weather/Radar on the ATV 4

    Disappointed the Weather Channel app doesn’t have radar available. I see that AccuWeather does, but I can’t zoom on it and the app puts a big arrrow over my location which blocks me from see the radar wher I am. What apps are you using for radar?
  20. Y

    Details on Apple TV and Spectrum Cable?

    I am a Spectrum Cable subscriber currently with two cable boxes and Spectrum internet. I know one box will still be required in the house, but I was looking into getting an Apple TV after news from WWDC that you can use the Apple TV as a cable box replacement. Normally I would wait for details...