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  1. W

    Issues Connecting to Projector

    HARDWARE AVAILABLE: Epson EX7200 Overhead Room Projector (can connect via HDMI, USB-A, USB-B, VGA, S-Video, RCA Video/Audio), VGA cable late-2013 MacBook Pro, 13-inch model, running MacOS Mojave recently purchased M1 Mac Mini running MacOS Monerey, loaded, purchased from Apple-direct as a...
  2. snowatom

    AppleTV library art (portrait movie poster) BUG

    Movies that once had beautiful landscape-oriented poster art in the library are having their artwork replaced with portrait-style. The weird thing is, that when viewing the movies from a family member phone, all the cover art looks right. This is most annoying when so much money is spend on...
  3. thewhitehart

    Sharing Apple One subscription on AppleTV among users that use different countries’ App Stores

    As the default AppleTV user, my Apple ID uses the US App Store for iCloud and purchases. I added an additional user to the AppleTV, but she uses the Japanese App Store for iCloud and purchases. Therefore, I cannot add her to my Family Sharing group to share my Apple One subscription. I want...
  4. C

    Universal Apple SharePlay Audio and Apple TV

    So I was trying out the new SharePlay feature with a friend and I came across an issue with the audio. Me: Iphone, AirPods Max, Apple TV. Friend: Ipad, AirPods Pro, Apple TV. I facetimed and share played Disney+ to my friend. We then both moved the share play to our Apple TV. The audio...
  5. Rychiar

    New Apple TV Remote Mute Button…

    Who asked for this stupid mute button… and right in the same place where you’ve been trained to press play/pause all these years… so annoying… if I wanted the sound to stop I’d hit pause… I can think of far more useful buttons if they were gonna add stuff….
  6. S

    Wireless connection between macbook and apple tv

    My manager used to stream iPhone and iPad content to Apple tv without any issue. two days ago, he called me and ask if he close the macbook lid while he is streaming EUROSport into Apple tv. I told him you can do it but you have to plug the power adapter. I am shocked when he says the computer...
  7. M

    iPhone 13 Pro Airplay Dolby Vision

    Dear all, one question. I have an iPhone 13 pro and the new Apple TV 4K. If I stream from my iPhone 13 a recorded clip with 4k Dolby Vision to my Apple TV 4K it doesn't play in Dolby Vision. Meaning it is probably SDR no HDR. I cannot find any information if this should work somehow? What are...
  8. D

    Pair two pairs of AirPods with Apple TV? (For different users)

    My wife and I each have AirPods and are logged into Apple TV as different users. However, it is not possible to add my wife's AirPods. Does this not work because the Apple TV is actually paired with my Apple ID, no matter how many users I add? That would be a major limitation in the first place...
  9. Z

    stuttering image with apple tv on external monitor via hdmi

    So yesterday I connected my 4K TV to my MBP via the HDMI Port to watch apple TV. But it's kinda unwatchable because the image begins to stutter every 30 seconds or so for 1-2 seconds, which is super annoying. Anyone got any clue why this could be? Image quality was flawless otherwise. This was...
  10. Smaht

    Apps YouTubeTV and Apple TV pixelization issuers

    Going round and round with YTTV support and they don’t get it. I get occasional but more frequent vertical pixelization on mostly the broadcast networks, whether it is live or recorded. All of their suggestions didn’t help- lower the resolution, delete and reinstall the app. I have an A1842 32gb...
  11. purdnost

    Can Apple TV Remote Be Programmed to Skip Forward/backward 10 Seconds in YouTube App?

    The Apple TV control center app in iOS/iPadOS has buttons to skip forward or go backward 10 seconds, which I use all the time when watching YouTube. When clicking the direction wheel on the new Apple TV remote, it doesn't do that. Curious if there is a way to achieve this.
  12. D

    Apple TV + Homekit + multi-user

    Does anyone know how I can setup an Apple TV, as an admin of a home, but not the owner? Currently, to get Homekit support on my Apple TV, I have to get the home owner to set it up, even though I am a home admin. This means that the default account on the ATV is that person, when it’s in a...
  13. h3ysw5nkan

    Please cut back on Apple TV content news, or at least consolidate them into a mega thread

    It's becoming increasingly like browsing IMDB.
  14. xapp

    Apple TV 4K - force 4K output quality on 1080p TV.

    Typically, if you have a 1080p TV, Apple TV 4K is going to work in 1080p mode and output a "low-res" picture. Turns out, it's possible to force Apple TV 4K to work in 4K mode and using 4K assets - go to Settings > Video and Audio > Format > Other formats and select 1600x1200 resolution...
  15. D

    Kill AppleTV

    My son is staying up very late at night to watch appleTV. I once thought it was disabled after 12pm because I shutdown the internet via our router. Turns out this doesn't prevent viewing of local content. Is there way of preventing local traffic to the appleTV via home sharing? In previous...
  16. S

    Aerials not updating

    - New Apple TV 4k 32gb (sole reason to play aerials) - Set to "download new aerials = daily" - Set to "city aerials" only (no aminals etc.) - Set to 4K HDR (TV set) ...only see Dubai 4k since 3 days no other ones, swiping, restarting does not help!?
  17. Bevan

    Remote IR Plate Misaligned on Apple TV 4K (2021)

    It’s hard to see from the picture below but if you run your finger up the top left of the remote you can feel the black plate is hanging off just a little. If you run your finger down the top right in the remote you can feel that the plate isn’t flush with the body of the remote. And that their...
  18. JeffPerrin

    Apps Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music - Surround Soundscapes for the Apple TV!

    Hey folks! I’m happy to share with my fellow MacRumors forum denizens the release of my latest app for Apple TV, Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music. Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music takes advantage of Dolby Digital surround sound audio to help Apple TV users transform their living room or home theater...
  19. S

    Apple TV UPS Data Viewable!

    Was excited to check my UPS app today and find tracking data had propagated from "AI" (Apple). Still does not show as "Shipped" on Apple's Store, but looks like I'll be getting mine on the first delivery date! When will yours be arriving?
  20. Sportpoz

    HomeKit Issue with high cellular data usage after updating to 14.5.x

    Since update HomePods (both small and large) and Apple TV to 14.5.x, problem has appeared for all household members who are added to the HOME. The problem manifests itself in sending huge amounts of data over the cellular network when someone is away from home and very fast battery consumption...