1. Bevan

    Remote IR Plate Misaligned on Apple TV 4K (2021)

    It’s hard to see from the picture below but if you run your finger up the top left of the remote you can feel the black plate is hanging off just a little. If you run your finger down the top right in the remote you can feel that the plate isn’t flush with the body of the remote. And that their...
  2. JeffPerrin

    Apps Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music - Surround Soundscapes for the Apple TV!

    Hey folks! I’m happy to share with my fellow MacRumors forum denizens the release of my latest app for Apple TV, Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music. Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music takes advantage of Dolby Digital surround sound audio to help Apple TV users transform their living room or home theater...
  3. S

    Apple TV UPS Data Viewable!

    Was excited to check my UPS app today and find tracking data had propagated from "AI" (Apple). Still does not show as "Shipped" on Apple's Store, but looks like I'll be getting mine on the first delivery date! When will yours be arriving?
  4. Sportpoz

    HomeKit Issue with high cellular data usage after updating to 14.5.x

    Since update HomePods (both small and large) and Apple TV to 14.5.x, problem has appeared for all household members who are added to the HOME. The problem manifests itself in sending huge amounts of data over the cellular network when someone is away from home and very fast battery consumption...
  5. M

    Unwanted Smart Playlists in "Computers" TV App

    Hi! I use my Apple TV to stream "Home Sharing" files via the "Computers" app on my Apple TV (hardware). The files originate on a computer, and I can view them on the TV.... and for the most part it works well. However, I seem to have five unwanted "Playlists" when I select my computer in the...
  6. VictoryHighway

    Add new Apple TV to existing Homekit home

    Greetings, My sister got an Apple TV for Christmas and I've been trying to set it up, but ran into a problem. The Homekit "home is associated with my Apple ID, but I want her Apple TV to be associated with her Apple ID. When I tried to add the Apple TV to Homekit, it created a separate "home"...
  7. M

    1 year free Apple TV+ promo? [Merged]

    Just wondering if it is still possible to get the 1 year free Apple TV+ when buying Iphone / Ipad / Macbook etc. Was planning to buy the new Iphone next month. The link to the page to check eligibility is not working anymore. "this content is not available...
  8. I

    iCloud Alternative to iCloud Photos (with Apple-TV-App)

    What is the best Cloud-Storage-Service to set up a second Photos-Library that works similar to iCloud? I heavily use iCloud Photo Library for my personal photos. Now I would like to build up a second cloud-storage for other photos and videos I do not want to have inside my personal...
  9. Z

    AppleTV connected with a nonSmart tv

    How can an AppleTV help if connected to a non smartTV? Can it upgrade the experience by adding features to an old TV?
  10. C

    Could Apple TV 6 support TV sound through HomePod?

    With the Apple TV 6 update, do you think it would be possible to pass audio through the Apple TV HDMI cable to output through HomePods?
  11. S

    HomePods can now be set as default audio output through Apple TV???

    HomePods can now be set as default audio output through Apple TV I thought , however I have updated to tvOS 14.2 & HomePodOS 14.2 and dont see this option as per a TVOS 14.2 beta user. anyone see it?
  12. JoeTechnical

    Weird pressure point on my new Apple TV remote

    Hey guys, I just got a second Apple TV 4K for my bedroom tv and I already have an Apple TV 4K in my living room for almost a year now. While the old Apple TV remote gots a perfectly fine pressure point on all buttons, the new remote’s pressure point feels very weird - especially the menu and the...
  13. philrock

    New TCL Mini-LED + QLED

    I'm looking into a new TV and am considering the 75" 2020 TCL Series 6 Roku TV. This is my current HT setup: Sony XBR-65X900F AppleTV 4k Sonos: Beam + Play 1s + Sub gen 3 Sony blu-ray player I never thought I would use a TCL as my primary TV but after 18 mos of using a 32" in the bedroom and...
  14. sterumbelow

    HomePod HomePod turns on TV/ATV randomly and switches states

    Hi, everyone. Every day, I ask my HomePod to play a radio station. Usually with zero issues. On occasion, it starts playing but turns on the AppleTV and therefore the TV as well. The HomePod isn’t set to airplay to the TV/ATV and the Home app shows both ATV and the HomePod as ‘playing’ when...
  15. honglong1976

    tvOS 14 on Apple TV HD?

    Hi, does anyone know or read anywhere that Apple TV HD is receiving the tvOS 14 updates? Thanks
  16. sundialsoft

    Apple movie rental - playback fails on TV4K but works from iPhone to TV

    I rented a movie via my phone and when I went to the Apple TV it was there to play but on pressing PLAY all I got was a blank screen with a very blurred colourful background so something was trying to be there though nothing played. From my phone I was able to start playback and send the movie...
  17. Z

    What is the AppleTV?

    Never understood what the AppleTV really does.
  18. edotstudios

    (Apple TV) Light Flux: RETRO

    Hello all, We just released a new game called Light Flux: RETRO for the Apple TV. It's a cool retro arcade game which you may find familiar. It is now available. You can check a gameplay video here: Any comments or questions are welcome. Enjoy!
  19. M115CLE

    Apple TV & Disney+

    Hey folks, I have 4 Users on my Apple TV. Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter. I have a Disney+ subscription and on that subscription I have the same 4 users. Mum, Dad, Son, Daughter. Is there a way I can link MumATV & MumD+ together so that when she clicks “Watch Now” on her TV app, then she can see...
  20. ipedro

    The future of Apple TV as a full service TV content provider

    I'm really excited for what Apple is doing. Out of the shows I've watched, For All Mankind is already one of my all time favourites and I can't wait until the next season. I'm really looking forward to JJ Abrams and Spielberg's projects. Apple is really nailing it with serialized fiction...