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  1. MacinMan

    TVOS and App updates is there an easy way to see a list of updates outside of TVOS?

    Hey all, hope the thread title isn't too confusing, or misleading. My question is, Like the mac, there are sites such as macupdate that show updated apps, to make it easier to see which apps have updates so you don't have to go and check each one. I know this carries over to iOS to a point on...
  2. A

    "Core" app for MacOs and MacFinder

    I had a mac mid2017 some years ago that i bought from an old service building with two corious apps one called "core" and another one called "MacFinder" Both where designed by apple but i dont have luck finding them becase that mac HDD is dead so i want to know where i get thise apps again...
  3. C

    Nanogram: where did it end?

    Some time ago I downloaded an app named Nanogram whose scope was to use Telegram even under cellular mode. Now Telegram has disappeared from Apple Watch -apart from notifications-, I still have Nanogram on my watch that I can use to send Telegram messages (in particular in my town there is a bot...
  4. myusernamedoesnotmatter

    Which default application on iOS has the best UI design and why?

    IMO, it might be Apple maps in my opinion. the UI is very clean and responsive compared to the blocky and "webshit" design of Google Maps.
  5. IslamAlOrabI

    Why Permute3 icon greyed out?

    I,ve downloaded Permute3, Its icon is always like this: Except after many times of restarting, The Icon returns to Normal like this:
  6. Piipperi

    Universal Good alternatives to Bulwark?

    I’ve been using Bulwark for a year now, and it’s a great 2FA app. Simple, syncs with iCloud, works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Or at least used to, the app is no longer in the App Store and with that the iCloud Sync no longer works… can anyone recommend a good alternative that is basically Bulwark...
  7. Strawberry Watch

    Is there a way to only show ios contacts that have emails only?

    Hi I want to find an old contact that is a name and email only. I have no recollection of the details other than that. Is there any way or app to filter contacts by email only contacts? It can be either via MacOS or iOS, I just need to find it. I have a floaty timeline of when I acquired the...
  8. A

    Apps (Mail, WhatsApp, Messages) notification

    Hi, It might be a silly question, I know, but I wonder if there is an option for apps like Mail, WhatsApp, Messages to provide notifications even if there are not previously opened. For me, these apps are working fine regarding notifications only if I open each of them previously. In other...
  9. Z

    Meditation apps

    Have you tried any Meditation apps? Are they working correctly for mindfulness ?
  10. V

    Spanish Siri on AppleTV - Apps for linear Television programm

    Hey, sorry to open a thread for this unusual request, but is here anyone from Spain who has some insights or a Südasien for the AppleTV 4K in Spain and uses a TV-Programm app on it. I am specifically looking for an App (something like Vodafone GIGA TV APP or so) that would allow on the AppleTV...
  11. M

    is customizing icons possible on mac os 10.15?

    hi, im looking to customize the icons on my macbook running 10.15, however, i tend to get the "you dont have sufficient permission" messages when going through the "get info" window. i did disable SIP but that didn't work. Im not sure if you're able to customize icons in os 10.15 like older...
  12. L

    App Developers’ insights needed on app permissions

    Hello There! Wondering if any app developers on this forum can shed some light here. I have been trying to find this information for a while and couldn’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know what all system permissions do apps have by default? Even if I deny every permission the app asks, surely...
  13. pacorob

    iOS16 Lock Screen Widgets & Live Activities 3rd party Apps

    I noticed that there wasn't yet an iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets & Live Activities 3rd party Apps topic which is why I created this. For the official Lock Screen Widgets from Apple see this post. This is a Wiki topic so please go ahead and add the apps for which you know they are developing Lock...
  14. R

    "Baked in" Apple Apps or Third-Party Alternatives for Productivity?

    Hey everyone, I've been somewhat agonizing for a few weeks now about maximizing my personal productivity and the big question on my mind is should I use the Apple Stock Apps (Calendar, Notes, Reminders, etc.) or should I use theoretically more robust Third-Party Alternatives (replace Calendar...
  15. P

    What Professional Software is only on MacOS?

    I don't mean basic or simple/utility software like iTunes, Little Snitch, Keynote or CleanmyMac. I mean software used by professionals like Sketch, Final Cut, ...
  16. F

    Why aren’t there more iOS apps on Mac M1’s?

    How come M1 Mac’s don’t have more iPhone apps? I thought it was one of the selling points for the M1, universal apps. Would be great if more apps worked.
  17. cutiepie17881

    Hide Folders That Apps Make?

    I was wondering if there was a way to hide albums that apps i download create automatically? if not is there a way to combine them by putting the into one folder so my photo app isnt crowded by albums that apps create? if i put them into a new folder will it change the path that the photos are...
  18. cutiepie17881

    HELP! Keep getting weird popups everytime i try to download an app

    i have an iphone se second gen. i have been having many, many issues with it and i already have had to get it replaced once. recently i have these popups popping up every time i download something from the appstore. it only happens when i download a new app (not one i have downloaded in the...
  19. waterskier2007

    iOS 15 Broken/Buggy Apps

    This is a WikiPost, so feel free to post apps that are broken or buggy on the iOS/iPadOS 15 beta. Broken Apple Watch app with older versions of watchOS (4.2.1 series 0, 6.3 Series 1&2) Causes boot loops in the watch until batteries are drained Apple HomeKit value conditions fail causing...
  20. purdnost

    Connecting Apps

    I finally realized, weeks after cancelling my Disney+ subscription, that I could go into my Apple TV app settings and disconnect apps so that they don’t show up as playable when browsing movies. I noticed that my HBO Max wasn’t connected, so I manually connected it. Should the Apple TV app have...