1. S

    Screen mirroring is a misnomer.

    Screen mirroring is a lie. Are there any apps that allow real screen mirroring? By which I mean that no matter what is on your phone it will be mirrored along with sound to your tv. This is not what “screen mirroring” does either with Apple TV or Samsung smart TV’s. Yes it will mirror you’re...
  2. Apple_Glen_UK

    iPhone Camera Apps - how many do you have?

    I've had iPhones for a few years now and mostly use the stock camera app. I recently got the new iPhone SE and the quality of photos is noticeably better than my old phone which was a 1st generation SE. I have Obscura 2 which I occasionally use and I am thinking of getting Halide, having read...
  3. andypandy1337

    Exert - New watch app for your training stats

    Hey all. I just launched a new version of my app called Exert. The app brings your workout stats into a single place, so you don't need your iPhone to review your training routine. I'd love some feedback, so I'm giving out promo codes for the first 5 people who comment in this thread. Please...
  4. T

    All iPads Can I give apps WiFi access but stop browser access?

    i bought my 9yo grandson some app games and coding apps - the problem is that they need WiFi access to play them ? Is it possible to allow these apps access but restrict browser and Apple shop access? Thanks in anticipation.
  5. pearapps

    Universal Tiled - a casual/puzzle game

    After 6 years, Tiled 2.0 is now available as an update to the game! Simply, you must match 4 or more tiles of the same color to smash a group of tiles. You can drag a tile from anywhere on the board to anywhere else to create these groups. Avoid trouble tiles, make larger groups and combine...
  6. H

    Photos app behaviour with Android phones?

    Hey! Currently I have an iphone, but I am considering switching to android. I have a MBP and I use the photos app a lot. I was wondering how would android phones work with the photos app? Do android photos will be "categorized" properly? (I mean with proper date of the photo taken) How easy is...
  7. PhillyGuy72

    XS/XS Max phone - Neural Cam ("Night Mode" app.)

    I saw this post on a YouTube video about the new 11's - but they mentioned this NeuralCam app - aka Night Mode Camera. I am sticking with the XS Max for another year, has another tried this app? It's $2.99, but how are the results. Good, ok..pixelated, a fraud & waste of money? I've tried...
  8. U

    iPhone Uninstalled Apps Using Cellular Data

    iOS 13.1 Beta, iPhone X Settings > Cellular Data > Uninstalled Apps (MB) & I just, Reset Statistics (at the bottom) I did not delete any apps after selecting “reset”. Question: Why does my data usage for uninstalled apps keep climbing? It’s gone up 5MBs in about 20 minutes.
  9. P7S1

    Universal GradePoint iOS app created by a highschooler

    Hey my name is Atemnkeng Fontem. I'm currently a senior at a high school in Westerville, Ohio and I just finished finished creating my first iOS App called GradePoint, heres my story. Growing up I've always been interested in computers and computer science. In middle school used to do those...
  10. dukee101

    Memory footprint of new Catalina media apps?

    Anyone know the average memory footprint for the new Music, Podcasts, and TV apps? (I say 'average' because there's variability in the footprint over time. Upon first launch, it's always at a low amount, but that changes over time.)
  11. C

    Issues opening desktop app even when allowing "App Store or identified developers'

    I cannot open the WhatsApp desktop app on MacOS Catalina 10.15 beta 4 (19A512f). Not sure if this is related to the limited functionality of the beta, but the issue looks like this: Click on Applications > WhatsApp to open the app Error message shows up Open System Preferences > Security &...
  12. Lifeisbrilliant

    iPhone Bat Messenger: designed for your privacy

    Hi everyone, I am one of the developers of Bat Messsenger:) Bat Messsenger(BAT) is a secure messenger. It will never collect user data because it uses end-to-end encryption. Your messages will be only stored in your phone rather than BAT's server. Its features are designed to protect your...
  13. A

    iPhone Wifi Backup to Local Drive

    Needing recommendations on an app that will do the following: Automatic photo/video backups through wifi to local drive (NAS or PC/Mac HDD) Ability to schedule backup time and select exact folder location Automatic backups should work in the background, for example at night when phone is on...
  14. Apple_Glen_UK

    iPhone Educational Apps?

    I have a 4-year-old daughter and am wondering if there are any good educational apps to do with spelling/numbers etc you can recommend. When she gets hold of mine or my wife’s iPhones it would be good if we can get her doing something educational rather than watching Peppa Pig or Blaze! Thanks.
  15. Apple_Glen_UK

    iPhone Weather App Question

    Can anyone explain why on the widget screen the weather shows as (incorrectly) being lovely and sunny, yet when I enter the Weather App it shows it as raining (which is correct). I have an iPhone SE on 12.3.1. Thanks.
  16. V

    Apps optimized for Swift 5

    i was wondering if there is a list with apps that are already updated and optimized for Swift 5. For example, the latest Facebook app did get some improvements. The app is booting faster on my device with the latest update. Not sure if this comes because it uses the Swift 5 code now.
  17. Aniq

    iOS Apps Not Approved...

    Hi, I am new to this Apps Development For iOS, I am building a new apps for my company and following the company requirement. The apps mainly on the company products, catalogue and electrical information. The review team didn't allow the apps to be published and said that the apps is on the...
  18. natazar

    Apple Watch App to organize a day

    Hi all, I'm new to iOS and looking for an app that will help me organize a day. I need something that I can schedule simple tasks with like gym, bed time etc and my watch will send me notifications that it's time to do... something. Anything you guys can recommend to help me keep a day...
  19. mrgreeneyes

    itunes apps question

    Hello, I have a question, I am trying to clean up all my apps I have in iTunes on my mac, I have about 130gb total apps are about 1,900 mainly because iTunes would download all apps that I would download on my iPhone. so I have tons on apps that I useless. and when I look in the mobile...
  20. Apple_Glen_UK

    Frames/Borders in Lightroom?

    I have Lightroom 6 and primarily use it for cataloguing my photos and videos. I have only recently started making adjustments to them at a very basic level. I am wondering if there is a function within Lightroom 6 where I can add frames/borders to my photos? Also, whilst on the subject, are...