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  1. F

    Why aren’t there more iOS apps on Mac M1’s?

    How come M1 Mac’s don’t have more iPhone apps? I thought it was one of the selling points for the M1, universal apps. Would be great if more apps worked.
  2. cutiepie17881

    Hide Folders That Apps Make?

    I was wondering if there was a way to hide albums that apps i download create automatically? if not is there a way to combine them by putting the into one folder so my photo app isnt crowded by albums that apps create? if i put them into a new folder will it change the path that the photos are...
  3. cutiepie17881

    HELP! Keep getting weird popups everytime i try to download an app

    i have an iphone se second gen. i have been having many, many issues with it and i already have had to get it replaced once. recently i have these popups popping up every time i download something from the appstore. it only happens when i download a new app (not one i have downloaded in the...
  4. waterskier2007

    iOS 15 Broken/Buggy Apps

    This is a WikiPost, so feel free to post apps that are broken or buggy on the iOS/iPadOS 15 beta. Broken Apple Watch app with older versions of watchOS (4.2.1 series 0, 6.3 Series 1&2) Causes boot loops in the watch until batteries are drained Apple HomeKit value conditions fail causing...
  5. purdnost

    Connecting Apps

    I finally realized, weeks after cancelling my Disney+ subscription, that I could go into my Apple TV app settings and disconnect apps so that they don’t show up as playable when browsing movies. I noticed that my HBO Max wasn’t connected, so I manually connected it. Should the Apple TV app have...
  6. outcoldman

    OpenIn - Version 2 - Big update is here! - Advanced Link Handler

    If you have never heard about OpenIn, the best way to describe it, it is a macOS application that helps you to get control over all installed applications on your mac. You can open all the links (URL, Mail) or files through OpenIn, which will give you a way to choose the proper application for...
  7. J

    Is there any way I can cancel a subscription I bought by mistake?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this I purchased a subscription by mistake, essentially I forgot I had started a free trial for this VPN app and hence I forgot cancelling it.. I noticed it today when PayPal sent me an email confirming the purchase for this enormous price.. I have...
  8. M

    Shall I keep my Macbook Air M1? Missing apps from Windows.

    It's really light, fast, beautiful and silent. But I'm missing apps from Windows that I use on a daily basis: - PDF printer with profiles. For example, I can assign different printing preferences and folders to print to for PDF Printer 1/2/3 etc. - Simple text editor with macro Also, is this...
  9. purdnost

    Siri - “Learn from this App”

    I have to admit, I don’t know how most of the apps I use utilize this feature when enabled. I know Messages will provide contact suggestions in the sharing menu, but that’s about the extent of my understanding. I’m interested to learn how I can benefit from this feature. Does anyone have any...
  10. C

    I just noticed a bunch of apps in my Applications folder that take up about 65MB of space., and, are two of them. What are they, how did they get there, and can I get rid of them? I have a mid-2011 iMac 27" running High Sierra 10.13.6.
  11. C

    Delete Apple native apps on WatchOS 7

    Hey everyone! I'm wondering if there is any way of deleting Apple native apps on WatchOS 7. I can only seem to delete a few, but apps like Maps or Stocks... I dont know how to delete them, I think that this was possible to delete on previous WatchOS versions. Hope that someone can help me...
  12. H

    iOS 14 default mail and browser still revert to Apple after app updates...

    I know the reboot issue was fixed, but this is arguably even worse. Are there any plans to fix this? Is it something that even can be fixed, and would it be Apple or the devs that had the power to do so? Basically defeats the purpose of having defaults if you have to remember to set them after...
  13. H

    iPhone X How many apps do you have?

    Settings > General to check. With iOS 14’s App Library, I went back through the App Store “purchased” view and redownloaded a ton of lesser used apps that I had previously deleted due to being OCD about my Home Screen organization. I went from 111 to 158 installed overall, and it got me...
  14. Eirini Gri

    iPad Lineart Apps for Ipad

    Hello people, I recently got an Ipad 2019 (7th gen.) for drawing and I need some help with the best drawings apps for lineart! I used to do my illustrations using autocad( I know crazy) and now I got an ipad as I thought I would be able to work on them much faster. I have downloaded loads of...
  15. horizonflyer

    Could other apps not function when using a new beta iOS?

    Just curious if I download iOS 14 - will, generally speaking, most of my other apps continue to work? Is it common for other apps to not function because they are not able to support a beta iOS? Thanks!
  16. D

    iPhone Apps names

    Can someone tell me the name of these 9 apps please?? Thank you so much
  17. waterskier2007

    iOS 14 Broken/Buggy Apps

    Feel free to post (this is a wiki post) broken/not working/buggy apps in the iOS 14 beta Launch and Work Faster Internet 1Password AdGuard Pro Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Scan Affirm Affinity Designer Affinity Photo After Credits Afterpay Airbnb Alm. Brand Bank Amazon Alexa Amazon...
  18. S

    iPhone Chrome crashes and erases all tabs

    I know this is an old issue but has anyone heard ANYTHING from google about fixing or helping with this? Chrome seems to be crashing more than ever. And for years I’ve had the problem of it closing all my open tabs. Sometimes it offers to restore the session, but when it doesn’t I lose every...
  19. S

    Screen mirroring is a misnomer.

    Screen mirroring is a lie. Are there any apps that allow real screen mirroring? By which I mean that no matter what is on your phone it will be mirrored along with sound to your tv. This is not what “screen mirroring” does either with Apple TV or Samsung smart TV’s. Yes it will mirror your home...
  20. Apple_Glen_UK

    iPhone Camera Apps - how many do you have?

    I've had iPhones for a few years now and mostly use the stock camera app. I recently got the new iPhone SE and the quality of photos is noticeably better than my old phone which was a 1st generation SE. I have Obscura 2 which I occasionally use and I am thinking of getting Halide, having read...