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  1. theMarble

    The Mac OS X Theming WikiPost

    The Mac OS X Theming WikiPost Original revision: 7 July 2023 Overview During the 2000s and early 2010s, customizing the look and feel of Mac OS X was common-place within the Mac community. Sites like MacThemes were constantly creating new themes, icon packs and docks to enhance (or overhaul)...
  2. W

    Can Someone Make The Red Star OS 3 Theme On OSX 10.13

    I Have Been Wondering If Someone Could Make The Theme From Red Star OS 3 On OSX 10.13 Above: The Original Theme. Below: A Modded 10.13 Theme I Am Using. If Anyone Is Able To Make The Redstar os theme, let me know.
  3. oooopossum

    Is macOS's UI still called Aqua?

    Title says it all but, is macOS's UI still referred to as Aqua? I know Aqua was introduced way back when macOS was called Mac OSX so I was wondering if its called something else now that were at macOS 11?
  4. F

    Dual Screens Cause Strange Window Text Highlighting

    I am working on an early 2009 MacPro that has been flashed to the 5,1 firmware version. It is currently running the latest version of high sierra. In a dual monitor configuration, the text within application windows seems to randomly become highlighted in black or a dark grey. Sometimes moving...
  5. allan.nyholm

    Aqua-Lick also for Mojave

    UPDATE: Because of a request over at deviantART I put together a small update for macOS Mojave. Available here: NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Looks similar to that of High Sierra except for the Finder Toolbar buttons. --- It's an Aqua-like (lick) theme for macOS High Sierra. With elements of some 'not...
  6. U

    Is it just me, or is Apple's ability to create attractive UI styling gotten pretty poor?

    When iOS 7 first landed, I nearly blew a head gasket. I do UX design for a living, and many aspects of the new flat design language (at least Apple's take on it) just rubbed me the wrong way. I think they got some things right and (in my option) other things pretty wrong. This point is basically...
  7. Mr. Dee

    When OS X led a secret life on Intel

    Back in 2005 at WWDC, Steve Jobs revealed in dramatic taste, how OS X was developed to be processor agnostic from its inception. Early hints of this can be found in developer previews of OS X, which let developers target either PowerPC or Intel development. Even ancestor of OS X, NextStep and...