1. Minimum91

    Unable to use AFP and ARD from work Mac.

    I have a enterprise issued MBP that is managed via an MDM profile. Up until just yesterday I was able to connect to a Mac Pro server running at home for personal, non work related use. Because the Wi-Fi network at work blocked AFP/ARD/VNC and other ports, I used a VPN to circumvent that and then...
  2. jscooper22

    ARD works on two new Mac Minis but not a third.

    Hi, Bought 3 new Mac Minis for our conference rooms. I set two up without much issue. The third, for some reason, refuses to allow Control via ARD. I have dumped ARD prefs, reset SMC and PRAM. I can Observe. I can copy clipboard. But I cannot copy files or control the machine. All boxes are...
  3. scarrab666

    Apple Remote Desktop - Sync between multiple Macs?

    Hello All, I still use ARD (before anyone asks/advises, yes I use TeamViewer also, and it is excellent. The reason is I just like some of the reporting features in ARD!). The one issue I've always had is that I can't 'sync' my Lists in ARD between my various Macs. I have in the past nabbed the...
  4. Tucker28

    Mac Pro pauses when I close ARD

    I have a peculiar issue. When I close the ARD window, my Mac Pro (server) will sometimes just completely pause whatever it is doing. It seems to also happen when I use the built in screen sharing. I don't know if it goes to sleep, or what it's doing. But when I log back into it a day or two...
  5. S

    ARD setup for two macs over the internet

    want to remotely control two Macs in the office (MacMini's with 10.10.5) over the internet from other two MMs, each has own ARD After Port Forwarding 5900&3283 ports (using ATT/Arris router NVG599) I could make it to work but only for one at the time, not for both... Asked Apple for help and was...
  6. diepalme

    Apple Remote Desktop EOL?

    With the latest macOS 10.12.4 Beta (16E144f) Update the Remote Desktop Admin App refuses to open? Anyone heard of it being EOLd or is there finally going to be some love from Apple for this App again? It is quite old, but some of us still use it..
  7. E

    Apple Remote Desktop latency gone off a cliff?

    I've been using ARD for years, and am currently on version 3.8. I'm running it on Mac Sierra and connecting to Yosemite clients. It seems like in the past year or so, latency has jumped off a cliff...even when the client only has a browser open (usually Chrome, if it makes a difference)...
  8. ^squirrel^

    ARD Copy app from Desktop to

    Hi, I'm trying to copy an application from my computer's Desktop to a handful of computers using Apple Remote Desktop via the Unix command. cp -a /Users/"user account"/Desktop/"appname".app /Applications/ Can anyone advise how i can copy the file? Thanks
  9. G

    Apple Remote Desktop Not working when firewall turned on

    Apple Remote Desktop Not working when firewall turned on even though it has created an allow rule.When I knock the firewall off i can connect but not if it's on. Any ideas? 10.11.4 Apple Remote Desktop 3.8 Cheers Grif