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Mac Pro pauses when I close ARD


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Mar 4, 2012
I have a peculiar issue. When I close the ARD window, my Mac Pro (server) will sometimes just completely pause whatever it is doing. It seems to also happen when I use the built in screen sharing. I don't know if it goes to sleep, or what it's doing. But when I log back into it a day or two later, it is at the same exact point that it was when I left off. (For example, last night I left it to do a queue of home video conversions)

It is an intermittent issue. It seems to usually happen when I shut down my MacBook Pro.

However, it is still operational. My TV can still connect and stream the library without issues. I can ping it. My NetInstall images are still available for booting. I can connect to it and browse the files. It just for lack of a better word "pauses" whatever it was I set it to do.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

Both Macs are on High Sierra. Though this same thing happened on Sierra and El Capitan.

I have a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 17".
The server is a 2008 Mac Pro (dual CPU).

Disclaimer: Yes I know that the 2008 Mac Pro only officially supports up to El Capitan, which it had installed when I got it. But it does it on El Capitan as well as Sierra and High Sierra, so it's highly doubtful that it's related to Sierra+. I have done clean installs on all of them, and it still happens. But the problem is sporadic.
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