authorized reseller

  1. R

    No AppleCare+ for me?

    I bought a NEW iMac 27" 2017 on a deal from B&H last week. I also bought AppleCare+ through B&H. Shipping notification said I would receive my AppleCare+ directly from Apple. I didn't get a serial number from B&H for my AppleCare+ I decided to check my coverage at I put...
  2. Fun.gus

    Who decides your fate?

    Hi All, So my recent dealings with Apple regarding my MBP 2017 13" keyboard and LCD issue have been relatively painless thus far but it has got me somewhat confused. Who makes the decision on whether your repair falls under warranty or if its deemed accidental damage? Particularly when...
  3. J

    Never Purchase from An Apple Authorized Reseller?

    I don't understand why Apple authorizes resellers that have zero return policy or customer satisfaction guarantees, especially on hardware and more significant purchases. I just found out the reseller I ordered a new MBP from has zero return policies on so-called custom configured hardware...