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  1. purdnost

    Apple Music Profile Avatar Separate?

    Settings > Messages > Share Name and Photo When I update this avatar, iOS asks me if I want this to be my avatar everywhere, or system-wide... but this doesn't seem to apply to the Apple Music profile avatar. Am I getting that right, or is my iOS being glitchy?
  2. london_fog_646

    Mojave new login screen avatar and screenshot prefix

    I'm new here so forgive me if I'm not following proper thread etiquette. I downloaded Mojave for my MacBook a few days ago and was wondering if anyone else noticed the significantly larger avatar icon for the login screen. I'm also wondering why when I when I take a screenshot using the...
  3. E

    Delete old photos in an avatar cache?

    When I was in iTunes, I accidentally clicked on the playlist icon (just a default musical note) for a given playlist. It pulled up a list of options for choosing a photo. The default category that popped up was 'recents' and includes a bunch of old photos that I want desperately to delete, and...
  4. jusacruiser

    Can You Recommend a Good Avatar Builder?

    Can anyone recommend a good avatar builder?
  5. Huntn

    Movies- Theatrical vs Director's Cut

    As recently mentioned in the Movie Thread (linked below), reagarding theater vs director cuts, does anyone remember a director cut that was vastly superior to the theater cut? As a rule, I'd describe them as a way to bloat out a movie in order to generate additional revenue, however sometimes...
  6. 3DLook

    iPhone 3DLOOK: 3D model of your body, outfit and masks

    Experience a unique opportunity to feel yourself under someone else’s skin in augmented reality. 3DLOOK allows you to create a 3D model of your body based on your real measurements and try on outfits of popular fictional characters or famous people. We don’t want to limit you, so you can play...
  7. suborg

    Universal [FREE] Fractal Avatar Generator - PSY-AI technology

    The image can say more than i could write! Download. Discover. Create. MixArt App free in AppStore! MixArt: the Unlimited Creativity
  8. suborg

    Universal [FREE] New Image Designer/Re-Styler MixArt app

    Dear friends! Please try my new free app MixArt It makes colorful images by custom templates from desired elements. Can transform photos Very interesting for designers and all the iOS users. An artistic tool for everyone. Style. Express. Give more meaning to images. Enjoy!