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  1. S

    What to use as an Archive unit (of hdds) to the Raid unit :)

    Hi there! I work in photo / video field... I used to send files to my external WDs and then backing that up on other WDs = yes I have a lot of WDs lying around... 2 years ago I switched onto OWC thunderbay 8, which works in RAID with Softraid softeware by OWC. Works beautifully. BUT, the fear...
  2. P

    Copy 2tb Backup (Sparbundle) from Time Capsule to ext SSD

    Mother board dead. Worst nightmare. I have been doing regular backups on my (old) Time Capsule. There's a quite recent file there 1.9TB with extension .sparbundle. Tried to restore the backup with Time Machine, but after a while it fails. I thought, maybe the hard drive of Time Capsule runs too...
  3. doobydoooby

    Polar Backup Reneging on Lifetime backup deals

    Hi, anyone else affected by Polar Backup effectively cancelling its lifetime deals? Apparently, a lifetime is only 3 years these days. Thank God I'm still around. I'm still trying to get my head around how a firm can sell a lifetime offer and then only three years later demand a new monthly...
  4. M

    iCloud Do I need Cloud backup if using iCloud (only for Photo library)

    I have a iMac, iPhone, iPad and buy 2Tb iCloud as my Photo library is around 1Tb, and so need this space with iPhone backups for family, iPad etc. I also currently have another cloud backup service on my Mac that basically backups up my Mac. I only really use it for safety for my Photo...
  5. T

    TimeMachine - Lets try to cleanup

    I noticed that Apple has not updated the exclusion list for a long time, which now appears outdated (based on the current structure of the operating system) Try to compare the latest backups, you will notice that a myriad of short or very short-lived files are saved. Perhaps only useful for...
  6. purdnost

    Missing Subtasks in Reminders: Seeking Solutions

    Upon noticing the absence of subtasks in several of my Reminders sublists recently, I observed that this issue seemed arbitrary, occurring alongside fully intact sublists. Since these are recurring reminders, I typically only review them when prompted, making it challenging to pinpoint when the...
  7. flobach

    All iPads Backing up Apple Notes outside of iCloud

    Hello all, I really like and prefer using my iPad and iPhone over my MacBook, but there is one final thing why I can't get rid of macOS: backups. It's been playing on my mind for months how to solve the issue, maybe one of you has an answer or an idea? All my data in iCloud, and use Apple...
  8. K

    Keychain Backup Not Loading

    Macbook Pro mid-2012 I'm using a Western Digital Elements 2TB external hard drive as my main drive for the time being. So far so good, surprisingly speedy for a hard drive. The only hitch is I haven't been able to get my Time Machine keychain backup added. I go to the library of my backup hard...
  9. S

    Only last backup of iphone available

    Good morning, it looks like everytime I do a backup of the iPhone on my macStudio (12.7), it overwrites previous ones. I.e. I can only recuperate from the last backup, the list is empty. Any idea how to keep older backups?
  10. dumpfbacke

    Backup from one Time Capsual to a second Time Capsula - is that possible?

    Hello, I would like to regularly back up the data from a Time Capsule to a second Time Capsule. You can save the data on a plugged-in USB disk, but there are hardly any other options, or is that hidden somewhere?
  11. macrumor2018

    Best external HD for Time Machine.

    My Seagate OneTouch SSD 2TB just stopped working (I've been using it with Time Machine for the last 2.5 years) and whenever I plug it into my mac, the whole finder app stops responding. Nothing in disk utility appears, either. Immediately as soon as I unplug it, everything goes back to normal...
  12. on the rocks

    Is SSD Samsung T7 Shield good for storing movies/series? Plus backing up data for the long run?

    Hello I have the following dilemma. At the moment I have a 4K tv always hooked up with my Macbook M1 to watch movies and series I've downloaded. I am planning of buying myself an OLED for a better movie experience. Therefore I will probably also download larger quality content as REMUX files for...
  13. Alvin777

    Any Terminal Command to Make Music iPhone Sync/Backup Default to 'Backup All iPhone Data to the Mac'?

    Hello Mac friends, any Terminal command (Sonoma changed the default to backup the iPhone not on the Mac but on the iCloud) to default to back up to Mac? Thank you.
  14. D

    Can an old rMBP talk to a brand new Macbook?

    Hello. I am still using a 2013 rMBP. It works pretty well, except its original battery is dying. Time for an upgrade. I'll get a MBA15 or MBP M3 or something. Doesn't really matter...they'll be stupidly fast and more capable than what I have now. Say the new laptop arrives. Can I create a...
  15. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 PCIe mini-SAS HBA (host bus adapter) for cMP [LTO tape drive backups]?

    What PCIe mini-SAS HBA (host bus adapter) cards are supported on a Mac Pro (mid 2010; 5,1)? I'm thinking about using an older LTO tape drive to back up the internal disks of my cMP and most of the external tape drives have mini-SAS connectors (SFF-8088). Looking for an older HBA card, since the...
  16. Substance21

    iCloud space saving tip

    Running out of iCloud backup space? If you're already on an iCloud+ plan and don't have a ton of picture/videos taking up space, this might help. A recurring phenomena is that Apps load discardable data (i.e. Game assets, post-install downloadable databases) as user data, thus inflating backup...
  17. S

    Backup macOS User drive from disk utility in OS RECOVERY MENU.

    Hey everyone. My Big Sur fault now with no reason. Anyway, i'm in OS recovery menu. I haven't backed up some of my gpg keys....... I know this is so reckless. Now I have ordered SSD drive and while i'm wait: how to save data of my drive to external disk from disk utility or recovery menu I'm...
  18. L

    iTunes iPhone backup on Windows 10 creating Snapshot folder

    I am running IOS 17.0.1 on iPhone 14 pro max 1TB. Been backing up to iTunes for the last 10 years or so with no issues. Running windows 10. Using windows store iTunes. Current back up size is around 500Gb which is about 2 weeks old. Need to back up again now which should only be 5 GB of new date...
  19. S

    How to backup macos properly?

    Best tool or method to backup current macOS to an external SSD so I could rollback easily and avoid pitfalls? I love Big Sur and can't get enough of it, but now it's required to get at least macOS 12. But I had problems before with system updates, and now I'm scared to update. I want to take a...
  20. T

    Does iCloud Keychain contain iPhone backup password?

    I recently made backup of my iPhone to my MacBook Pro. I selected option "Remember this password in my keychain". If I have enabled iCloud Keychain, will this password used to protect my iPhone backup be saved to iCloud Keychain?