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  2. H

    Apple Music - Transferring iPhone to iPhone

    Have the backup files on a hard drive (don't use iCloud because Apple sucks at syncing) from an old iPhone that has all my music on it. Can access the files through iExplorer. Is the only way to put the music on the new iPhone so that it is in the Music app (difficult when Apple uses generic...
  3. K

    Backup Strategy: Optimized iCloud Photo Library on Mac and full one on external ssd

    Hey guys, I am considering to switch to iCloud Photo Library, but want to make sure I have a solid backup strategy. I would like to keep an optimized library on my MBA's internal SSD that uses minimal space and a full library with all originals on an external SSD, but Apple seems to be making...
  4. H

    iCloud Easiest workflow to backup iCloud drive

    Hi all, I want to back up everything on my iCloud Drive to an external hard drive. Mainly files and photos. I don’t have the space to download it all locally to my MBP so ideally looking for the easiest workflow to back everything up to the external drive that doesn’t involve this. A huge...
  5. T

    Copying Time Machine Disk - one more permission problem

    I might have some corrupted backups in my TM drive. And my TM does not always succeed to make a backup maybe because of this. Anyway the drive is full, so I bought a double sized disk (8TB->16TB). For my past experience, when I notice something is missing, it is usually acidentally deleted...
  6. S

    iCloud Keep files on icloud but not on mac

    Hi. I've had a search in the forum but I can't find anything recent on this - apologies if I've missed a previous post. So, I've got my music on an external HD attached to my Mac. I'd like to back the music files up to iCloud, but not have them on my internal HD because they're already stored...
  7. D

    Other (Important) iPhone and iCloud

    I had an iphone 6 and I lost it. later on i bought another iphone 6 and put the iCloud backup from the old iphone to the new one. It's been a year. Can I recover the original iCloud backup from the first iphone or has it been overwritten by the new iphone?
  8. L

    Other iCloud backups (easy Question)

    If i stop using my iphone icloud will delete my backup after 180 without use. I have an iPad which is making copies in icloud regularly. Will the iPhone backup in icloud be deleted if I don't use it, or if I don't log in my Apple ID ever? because if i have an ipad, it will still use icloud, so i...
  9. Thor774

    iPhone Daughter lost all of her TikTok videos. Help

    My daughter got a new iPhone and I helped her with the data transfer from her old one. I backed up the phone to a Mac encrypting the backup with a password and backed it up to iCloud too, then wirelessly transferred all the info from the old iPhone into the new one using the iOS migration...
  10. M

    iPhone WhatsApp not Backing Up to iCloud

    So, I recently upgraded my iCloud plan to 200 GB ‘iCloud+’. The only purpose was to store my nearly 100 GB data from WhatsApp and secure it. My iPhone 12 Pro is 256 GB and almost full due to WhatsApp. In order to secure the data I tried backing up my chats and media to iCloud from WhatsApp...
  11. N

    How can I backup Reeder?

    I've been using Reeder lately and I want to see if there was a way to backup my files, including the items in my feeds (not the OPML of subscriptions, the items in the feeds themselves), my starred items, etc in case something goes wrong. I've been searching "Reeder" in Finder and clicking...
  12. M

    Help with restoring new Macbook Pro

    Hello! Last month my MBP was stolen, and I couldn't recover it. I finally received my replacement last night. Just got some questions about restoring my new laptop from my backups. So I backed up my previous MBP using both time machine and backblaze. I will preface by saying I'm an idiot cause...
  13. Apple Knowledge Navigator

    Short story of (kernel) panics, Safe Boot and relief

    Nothing heavy here, just a little reflection of a recent incident with my 2018 MacBook Pro + Monterey. It was one of those situations that we all dread; waking your Mac of a morning and find that nothing is quite the same. The cursor is pin-wheeling. Where it isn't pin-wheeling, I click on...
  14. L

    Email Backup App/Software?

    Hi! I'm looking for software or an app to backup my Gmail and perhaps some other email accounts (including soon to be iCloud email) on MacOS. I'm wondering if there are any that could be recommended? Are there options that you've tried and liked or even disliked? Any info would be amazing...
  15. aaron321

    *EMERGENCY* Dying, but not dead hard drive!.. What is the best recovery software?

    I desperately need help with an attempt to get all files copied over from a 8Tb dying hard drive. I do not know how long I have. I do know it's important to describe the drive's current status, so I will do so here: 1) Drive was starting to slow down during a copying process, now copying a...
  16. D

    Bigsur dmg downgrade gone wrong

    Hi all, new here, could really use some help… I’m currently using a 2017 256G 13inch MacBook Pro, and I upgraded to Monterey right after its release (a very dumb decision in hindsight). Aftering playing around with the new features, I decided to downgrade back to Bigsur because of app...
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    Other solved

  18. mudflap

    Time Machine no longer working for me: replace with Carbon Copy Cloner or Chronosync or ?

    TLDR: I can no longer trust Time Machine and need a recommendation for a replacement that does the exact same thing; scheduled incremental backups of multiple volumes that keep as many older daily, weekly and monthly versions as the volume can hold, with automatic pruning, simple browsing of...
  19. purdnost

    How Are Edited Photos Saved?

    If I transfer photos taken and edited with my iPhone to a folder on an external hard drive, are the edits baked into the images, or do I need the Photos app to view the edits? Thinking about backing my photos up outside of the Photos app, but I want to back up the original, non-edited versions.
  20. W

    Backup options

    TimeCapsule is playing up. What do people use for backup now that TimeCapsules are no longer sold. I need something that is network attached, rather than physically attached to my iMac. Cheers Chris.