1. Z

    a large HD for TMachine backup

    I own this old OWC enclosure. At the moment its got 3 drives on it of 2+4+4 TB. And i wish to purchase a larger HD that will work as a TMachine backup for all my drives. The drives that will be backed up are, 1TB HD on my iMac, a 500mb external drive and the 3 drives i mentioned that are in the...
  2. M

    Multiple backups?

    Anyone know why I would have so many backup folders after running Time Machine? I was not on the computer at the time. I left it to run the backup overnight and woke up to see all these folders on my external hard drive.
  3. Z

    will the backup continue?

    When TM begins to backup for the first time and i stop it for some reason, will it continue from there it stopped or will it start over again? Im asking only about the first time it begins to backup!
  4. G

    Time Machine ignoring second external harddrive, 'exclude these items' doesnt help

    Hi all, I've used Time Machine to back up my internal and an external harddrive in one go for several years. I now want to add a new external harddrive (so one external 4TB HD is used to time-machine-backup my 1tb internal and 2 1tb externals). The two externals are called 'Samsung_T1' and...
  5. P

    Time Machine: first backup is way bigger than total backup size

    This is my first backup. When I first started it about a week ago, it initially said the total was about 94.50GB. After days of letting it do its thing, it FINALLY got there! Here's the thing though - it's still backing up! It's now at 131GB and still going, but doesn't even say out of how much...
  6. D

    Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner

    Hello all! Hope you are all doing well. Firstly, I’m fairly clued up on Macs and the differences between Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner 5. My question is about backup and security. I’d like to backup my Mac and an external drive I’m using. I have a 2 TB LaCie drive and a 1 TB WD drive. If...
  7. S

    Backing up external drives on Time Machine

    I’m aware Time Machine can back up external drives, for example one which stores my iTunes library, large video files and documents which I don’t want to keep locally on my MacBook. Time Machine is set to back up my Mac and that external drive to another larger capacity portable drive. Say...
  8. purdnost

    iCloud Drive Vs. Photos for Photo/Video Storage

    Curious if anyone has opted to use iCloud Drive instead of Apple Photos Library to store their photos and videos (especially old archives). Apple Photos is a great way to to sync recent media across all my devices. I archive my media library to an external hard drive every year, so I only have...
  9. I

    Seeking 2020 Best Value Buying Advice

    Hello everyone! My family is currently sporting a late 2009 iMac (yup). It's nearing the end of its road. It's been a brave warrior, but after many years, I need to look into a replacement machine for family use, including some typical home/office use and occasional light engineering work...
  10. W

    PC iTunes keeps issuing error 14 during software update! HELP!!

    Hello all, I’m sure I can get more help with this from you guys than from Apple support. I have an iPhone 7 Plus that was on iOS 13.3. Had no plan to update to 13.4. Here’s what’s been happening: My phone storage is usually almost full so I periodically would offload apps or delete videos in...
  11. N

    Backup iOS devices to external HDD in Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

    Hi. In a post-iTunes Mac OS 10.15 world, what is the preferred method to backup iOS devices to an external HDD? I'm looking to not take up room in my Mac's HDD's with iOS backups. Thanks for your insight! I tried doing some searching but didn't see an article here. (would be great to add one...
  12. L

    iPhone 11 Swap Iphone XR and Iphone11

    Hi, Me and my wife own an Iphone 11 and XR respectively. Would it be possible for my wife and me to swap Iphones and have the complete exact installations passed to our respective new devices? I would like to port over the exact content of the devices including apps datas, settings, pictures...
  13. JhnsSch

    iPad Pro Will Apple charge 1,5k for iPad Pro self-destruction? - Stuck at Apple Logo - AppleCare

    Hey there, I was about to send my iPad Pro back to Apple yesterday, however the backup process kept repeating to send me the following message: My iPad Pro has 153GB of storage taken. Nevertheless, I kept getting the error message telling me I do not have enough available storage to finish the...
  14. Q

    What's the Difference Between Time Machine Backups and iOS/iTunes Backups?

    I've never used iTunes to backup an iPhone/iPad (didn't need to till now) but I've always used TM to backup my computer. With TM, I know that if my MacBook is stolen, I can just buy any other Mac computer/laptop (that supports the same macOS version) and I find myself in the exact same spot I...
  15. S

    Sierra, High Sierra, Catalina, Time Machine and fixing a disaster

    People, Im stumped after 4 days and need help. While running Sierra, my system was upgraded to the Catalina disaster without my knowledge. The Time Machine backup last done that would save everything was done in Sierra. Of course, I cannot find anywhere a Sierra installer, but I do have one for...
  16. D

    Move files to iCloud, but keep local files

    Hi there, As you probably all know, iCloud has an option to store some of your folders in iCloud. However, when it does this, it will generally delete (mostly older) files from your Mac, and keep them only in iCloud. I have 2TB available in iCloud which means it would be good to back-up my Mac...
  17. blackxacto

    Whoops, it's gone?

    I formatted a 6TB spinning drive w APFS for backing up my Catalina SSD drive. Then wrongly dropped an additional folder of files onto the 6TB drive. The folder disappeared. Anyone know how to view/recover the folder? The keystrokes Command+shift+period do not work to make the folder visible.
  18. haravikk

    [Time Machine] Inherit Backup: Invalid Target

    I've got myself a new Mac Mini, and while it's now all setup from my old (dead) machine and I'm happy with it, I'm having trouble using my existing backup disk. When I've transferred a backup disk in the past all I've had to do was plug it in, macOS would ask if I want to use it for backup...
  19. pedzsan

    All Devices Sync via WiFi

    I can't find where / how to sync via WiFi. By "sync", perhaps what I really mean is "backup" as in "Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac". In iOS 12 and before, I could go to Settings => General and sync (which I took to mean the same thing as "backup" since there is only one...
  20. H

    Help with backing up iPhone

    Good morning all! I've always used iTunes to backup my iPhone to my Windows PC but looking for alternative applications to use for backups. Since my iPhone is 512GB, I want to backup on an external harddrive. I'm not sure if there is an easy way to change the backup location in iTunes to an...