1. P

    iPhone Best app to transfer images, video from iPhone to PC?

    I don't want to use iTunes. I remember I had an app on Android that let me set a FTP server on the phone and could access it via my Windows PC and just copy things over, it worked really good. Then I could turn off the server when I was done. I've been trying to find something on iOS, but its...
  2. R

    Which iTunes Files from Old to New PC?

    I'm replacing an old Windows laptop with a new one and need to make sure that I keep a previous iPhone backup that I have saved in iTunes. Right now, that backup, shows up as it should when I click Preferences and then click the Devices tab. It lists the iPhone model and the date the backup was...
  3. S

    Questions: Storage + Backup + Dock/Hub

    Folks, Questions: Storage + Backup + Dock/Hub After having searched forums, Reddit, online posts and contacting Apple Support, I come to you for an opinion on hardware and workflow. Hardware: - I recently got a Mac mini (m1) with 8/256. - 2019 MacBook Pro 8/512 passed down to spouse. - 3TB...
  4. T

    Sharing Time Machine disk in 10.11?

    Since there's no this option in 10.11: "Share as a Time Machine...", is it not possible to share a local time machine disk to another mac? The mac that would use the shared Time Machine disk has 10.15.
  5. H

    Difference between a backup and storing things like photos or notes on iCloud

    When you set iCloud to create a manual backup, and set whatever sliders for the files or data you want included, does that mean that, for example, if you include notes and photos in said backup, they will only be accessible in the form of installing from the backup? As opposed to, for example...
  6. J

    Open Source backup apps?

    Suggestions for best free and open source backup solution for MacOS for mid-2021, Big Sur? It's fine if there is a support agreement and/or cloud storage available. But really would like open source and ability to build myself. For obvious security-related reasons. I am a software developer...
  7. purdnost

    iPad Pro Anyone Else Have This Bug with Their New iPad Pro Backup Icon?

    Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups My new 5th generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro backup icon is the generic placeholder (or default, blank) with the black circles and lines. I tried deleting the backup and backing up again, but the issue persists.
  8. J

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Recover data after factory reset

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately, my iPhone 6s stopped working yesterday and I couldn't reboot it using the Update option from iTunes, so I had to recover it using the factory reset. I didn't have a backup for my last couple of days, and I lost 1 important photo and 1 important WhatsApp message...
  9. DavidLeblond

    Any way to backup iTunes library?

    So here is my dilemma. I just bought a brand new Macbook Air, upgrading from a 2014 Mac Mini that was sort of a mess... anyway that Mac had a 1 terabyte hard drive on it. The Macbook Air, not so much. But technically I don't NEED to store my photos on my Mac, I have iCloud Photos. And I don't...
  10. konnit2021

    Whatsapp data from mac to iphone

    Hi guys, I dropped my old iPhone SE into the water a few days ago so it's not functioning anymore. When I installed whatsapp on my new iPhone 8 it asked if I wanted to restore my chat record. for sure I clicked "restored" but it just failed every time. in the app it shows there is a 4.5gb of...
  11. J

    I don’t understand whether the backup is done or not?

    I don’t understand why there is a red exclamation mark next to ‘latest backup’ , I have attached the screenshot showing what it says when I click on it .. Is this backup safe to be transferred onto a new MacBook? I don’t want to transfer a corrupted backup; oh and it’s also not allowing me to...
  12. mac_in_tosh

    Questions about Backing Up

    I have been using Superduper for years to make bootable backups. I recently updated to Big Sur and as everything looked good I decided to do a backup of my Mac Book Pro. The app didn’t seem to be working right and eventually I found out that it doesn’t work with Big Sur. In the interim I did a...
  13. J

    iPhone 11 What i need to do to backup and secure my mobile data before sending it to repair

    I have iPhone 11 and its screen was broken, so I will send it to an authorized reseller for Apple. but before doing so I will remove all the data I have these data include; photos, videos, apps (mail app, WhatsApp, and other apps). so I have these 2 questions:- Is there a way to backup all my...
  14. PunMachine

    Is there a way to retrieve files from an old Time Machine backup of another computer?

    I have a unique problem. I had 2 different model MacBooks operating simultaneously. I have a disk with time machine backup files from one of them that had completely died. Is there a way to recover this backup to an external hard drive in order to try and retrieve, for example, old project files...
  15. T

    iPhone/iPad Backing up to M1 Computer

    Does anyone know if the bug has been fixed where syncing/backing up to or recovering from an M1 Mac in any of the macOS versions (beta or stable) from an iPhone or iPad, results in 3rd party apps can not open at all? I had this issue a couple of months ago and I had to do a full restore from an...
  16. purdnost

    Photo Storage Solution

    I have years of photos and videos on an external hard drive. Unfortunately, they just sit there and I never look at them. I would like a solution where I can access them. I’ve considered putting them all into iCloud, but I don’t really want all that space being used up on my phone, even with...
  17. jent

    Are most modern wireless routers Time Machine compatible via wifi?

    I'm going to be replacing a dying Time Capsule and I have to admit that I haven't kept up to date with wireless routers. My parents have Comcast Xfinity for their ISP and I set the cable modem / wireless router device into bridge mode in order to use a Time Capsule as the router. Can I buy...
  18. H

    A few questions about Carbon Copy Cloner!

    Hello there! Hoping to get an answer about a couple questions I have with CCC. I plan to migrate to it to use as my backup solution. I have long just made a literal drag-and-drop copy of my most important external drives to a hard drive every quarter or so as "backup," but I've decided that I...
  19. M

    Looking for a reliable solution to exract iCloud backups

    Hey all, I have a unique situation here that I'm hoping to be able to get some data back and save time. In December I upgraded from, iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone 12 Pro Max. As part of this process I restored an iCloud backup of the 7 Plus to the new phone, and for the most part it was fine...
  20. M

    Migrate Google data (183 GB) to iCloud drive online?

    Hi. Is it possibile to migrate all my Google data like Google photos and YT videos to iCloud online, without downloading it first and uploading it? My internet connection is aroud 7-15 max. It takes ages to download it first. I want to get over with spy Google as I did with Facebook (and their...