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battery bulge

  1. trip_of_hope

    Weird bulge appeared on my MBP 15” 2018

    Hi guys! Recently I noticed this weird bulge on the right side of my laptop and I’m not sure what it can be. Some inner parts could be swollen, right? Quite long time ago (about 2 years) my right speaker stopped working and I know that that’s a hardware issue. Should I be worried? Right now I...
  2. Joe_V

    Swelling Battery in MacBook Pro 15-inch

    Hoping for some advice here. I have been a mac user for 20+ years and regularly will update my computers with new MACs. I have a power book that is serving me well since 2015. BUT! I have had to have the battery replaced 3 times. First time it was under warrantee and then only a few months...
  3. V

    MBP 15'' mid-2012: batteries keep bulging

    MacBook Pro 2.7GHz 15" Mid-2012 Unibody, A1286 I have a very strange problem with batteries. My initial Apple battery lived for 2 years and then got bulged. I usually use a laptop in “room conditions” but prior that day I traveled for 1-2 days in hot conditions (about 86 Fahrenheit) — if it...
  4. M

    A really dead iPhone 3GS featuring a ballooning battery!

    Hey guys So a bit of a fun thread to round out the week. We were clearing out storage, and in one of our iPhone 3GS original boxes I saw the top lifted off. I opened the box to find the display clear off the phone and a smell of battery acid in the bigger storage container, which itself has...
  5. PhillyGuy72

    iPhone 6 Plus battery - Sign of failing again

    UGH. Not sure if the timing is perfect or lousy. I had the battery in my iPhone 6 plus replaced in July 2015, and again Aug 2016, when I decided I wasn't going with the 7 I just said to myself. 'I hope it would last until at least the end of Sept 2017' I think I jinxed myself. I went to reply...