1. Apple$

    iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 mini battery life on LTE?

    Hi there, First post on this forum. I'm super interested in buying the 12 mini as the price drops when the iPhone 13 comes out. What is the likelihood of Apple selling the 12 mini alongside the 13 series? I'm wondering what the battery life is when 5G is disabled on the 12 Mini? Has anyone...
  2. T

    iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 mini Battery 8 Months In

    It sucks. Even on the latest iOS, I can't even get half a day out of it. Sure, I could disable all of the things that make iOS and iPhone so great and ink out an extra 1-2 hours. That sure is Apple's solution! Is anyone else having this issue? What are your plans come fall? Will you get the...
  3. Sebo95

    Strange looking paste on battery connection

    Hi all, I’m new to the community and hope this question has not been postet yet. I’m on my first dive into my MacBook Pro 2012 retina (changing termal paste, nothing to exciting) and came across one strange looking paste on the battery connection. It’s hard and looks like someone put a white...
  4. barnaby117

    All iPads Leave iPad Air plugged in?

    I’ve never really known if I’m supposed to leave my iPad plugged in all the time, or if it’s better to let it drain to a certain point and then plug it in. What’s best for the battery? I’m using the latest iPad Air (late 2020). Thanks!
  5. Resident007

    A battery-related question regarding Aluminum 1.5GHz PBG4 15''

    Hi! I bought a 15'' PowerBook G4 model A1095 (1GB RAM, 1.5GHz G4, backlit keyboard, 80GB HDD) and it has the following problem: it doesn't charge the battery (as shown on the screenshot, it says "Charging: No") and also it doesn't take power from it (if I unplug the power adaptor, it shuts off...
  6. jordanbaron

    Mac Mini PRAM Battery Not Being Detected?

    A Mac Mini (A1176) I have wasn’t saving the date and time/wifi so I ordered a new PRAM battery. I put it in but the date and time/wifi still isn’t being saved. I flipped it around but the same issue occurred. I have pushed the metal fingers as close to the battery as I can, yet it still wiggles...
  7. M

    iPad Air iPad Air 2 battery life after change.

    I've had my iPad Air 2 for several years and used it a lot. Recently I noticed that the battery life was starting to decline (750 cycles). So I decided to change to a new battery myself since the cost at Apple is 5X what a battery costs. Anyhow, after changing the battery and having done two...
  8. M

    iPad Pro With 2500 dimming zones on the iPad Pro, does this mean you can save on battery life in permanent dark mode?

    I was wondering if in the new 12.9 inch iPad pros and its 2500 dimming zones that can be lit independently of each other, do you think we can see an increase in battery life if we switch to dark mode all the time? It might make sense right that if we use less of the Mini LED to light up the...
  9. Ghost-Hardware

    MacBook Air shutting down while charging at night

    Hi everyone, So lately, I've been experiencing an issue with my MacBook Air 2020. It's an Intel i5 model with 8 gigs of RAM and I'm currently running macOS Big Sur 11.3.1. I am used to charge it all night. Since something like 2 or 3 months I guess, when I unplug it, I can hear the starting...
  10. C

    Battery 88% MacBook Air M1 2020 16GB

    This seems like a huge decrease in battery health. Cycle count is 39. Coconut battery report below: Computer has been in daily use for six months and is usually always plugged in.
  11. henrikhelmers

    iPhone battery drain while sleeping

    Repeatedly, but not consistently, my phone has been draining from almost full at bedtime to almost empty in the morning. Usually it only use a little, say ~5-10%. The maximum capacity of this XS is currently 93%. Looking at foreground or background battery use I don't see anything that would...
  12. D

    Got a $2200 Apple branded brick. What do I do with it?

    So, I made an effort and ordered a 16-inch MacBook Pro back in January 2020 to my brother-in-law in Florida. Me and my wife had tickets to come 2 months later from Europe and was planning to pick it up then. Covid came and everything was put on hold, our flights got cancelled, then a whole...
  13. gretakacs

    MacBook Air - I'm charging but it shows 'battery is not charging' (the charger is not the problem)

    Hello Everyone, What can I do if my MacBook Air 2020 battery health is normal but the cycle count is only 41? It is extremely slow and even if I'm charging it, it shows 'battery is not charging'. Thanks for any advice! :)
  14. D

    iPhone XR Battery health

    Hello, I would like to ask what could probably be problem with battery on my iPhone XR. It is a refurbished unit with 94% battery health. Overnight I got 18-20% battery drain, even with airplane mode on. Could the problem be just battery or there could be also problem with MB? I am on 14.6B2...
  15. I

    iPhone 12 iPhone battery

    I have an iPhone 12 for almost 6 months now, the battery capacity is 100%. There are times when I unplugged him from the charger after he was there for a lot of time and he is 100% and I start to use him and after less than 25 minuets the battery’ Percentages are 97% or something.. Is it normal...
  16. B S Magnet

    Has a battery charger utility/manager for Mac laptops (PPC or early Intel) ever existed?

    This question seems kind of far-fetched, but I have to ask nevertheless, especially considering the prevalence of Li-ion batteries being prone to damage (including swelling) or failure, when left plugged in to a charger at maximum charge for extended periods of time. Also, considering the...
  17. GrandeLatte

    AW6 severe battery drain

    Hi folks, After a few months, I've noticed the AW6 I got for my dad needs to be charged twice a day CONSISTENTLY. Otherwise it shuts down completely. I own an AW6 too, and I charge mine once a day. Why is this happening? His battery health reads 93%, mine is at 99%. What does this mean? We both...
  18. T

    iPod iPods with draining battery issue

    Hi, I have many many iPods in my collection and often buy, refurbish und sell them. I guess 10-20% of the used iPod 7th gen I buy have an issue I call "draining battery issue". Every iPod I open I connect a new battery to and check the voltage. After a full charge the voltage ist about 4,17 V...
  19. AjTee

    Battery Health after 50 cycles...

    Hello, I use my MacBook Pro 2020 with Intel not often. I have 50 cycles and battery life 91%. A few days ago it has 93%. Can I increase battery health in some way? Should this thing bother me? Regards, Jakub
  20. H

    M1 Air Thermal Mod vs Pro as a Streaming PC/Mobile Workstation.

    Hello, first time poster, nice to meet y'all and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right category. So, I'm a developer and also a streamer as a hobby/side gig and I've recently heard such good things about the M1 Macs from coworkers and wanted to buy a Mac for my mobile workstation and I also...