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  1. T

    Macbook Pro Mid 2015 Shutting Down on Low Battery Instead of Going in Hibernate

    Is it normal for my Macbook Pro to shut down instead of hibernating when the battery reaches 0%? I've actually noticed this issue on the previous MB Pro I had as well (running latest version of Moneterey), same model Mid 2015. I reset the SMC right after the battery died and the Mac shut down...
  2. sqeeezy

    TiBook battery spoof possible?

    My TiBook is running at 667MHz instead of 1GHz because it has no battery installed. I'm capable of building a battery from individual cells but don't have the dead battery anymore, so don't know the pinout and don't have the pcb. An iBook battery pack that I have is 3s2p, the TiBook needs to be...
  3. T

    Macbook Pro 2015 Battery Health

    Hey everyone thank you for reading my post. I recently purchased a used Macbook Pro 2015 - 15.4 inch laptop with a brand new battery installed. Being a novice in caring for this unit I'd like to ask the experts their opinion on how I may get the best use and lifespan from the battery. I mainly...
  4. P

    "battery not charging" with Anker 735

    The battery on my MacBook Air M2 charges fine with the original apple magsafe charger. With a brand new Anker 735 nano ii 65W charger and an Anker USB-C charging cable rated to 100W - the MacBook detects the power source but says "Battery not charging". Anyone know why?
  5. M

    MB 1,1-7,1 A1181 Battery Problem

    The LID Switch FET functions OK, and the laptop DOES WORK with the external power, though Extremely Slow. At MagSafe, "Adapter Sense" line pulses when NO battery in place, the 16.5v line also pulses a few nanoseconds later (on 2 channel o-scope). Pulse width about 5ms every 1/2 second. Stays...
  6. G

    iPad Pro iPad Pro M4 Battery Life

    How is the battery life on your new 11" and 13" iPad Pro M4s? I have heard mixed reviews: - Dave2D has them as equal or slightly lower than the M1s and older generations, at 9 hours and 11 minutes - Toms Guide has the 13" at 13-15 hours (equal to their M3 15" MacBook Air battery life test)...
  7. J

    iPhone 14 Pro Battery Life After One Year

    Had my 14 for just over a year now. Love it, but the battery really takes a hit when I take photos. Almost 1% for every photo, including a quick bit of post-editing (all using native apps). Yesterday, I went out at 11 a.m. at 94%, used Maps a little bit - not for navigating - took 50 photos...
  8. Buadhai

    Does Raise to Wake Have a Big Effect on Battery Life?

    My original Ultra is 18 months old. Recently I noticed that when I put it on the charger at bedtime the battery was down to 25% or less. OK for normal use, but not OK if I'm gonna do a long cycling workout. I decided to change one thing to see if it had much effect. I disabled Raise to Wake...
  9. Z

    How to Best Maintain MacBook Battery Health?

    Currently, I charge my laptop about twice a day and try to keep the battery level between 20% and 80%. Since I bought it on April 2nd, I've accumulated 12 charge cycles. Is it better to maintain the battery this way, or should I keep it plugged in most of the time and only use it on battery when...
  10. L

    iPhone 15 Pro iphone 16 pro battery concerns

    I had to return the 15 pro due to the battery not lasting enough . my samsung s23 was blowing it out of the water least it's enough to last a day (camera,notes, browsing, maps, pdf ) I thought with the bigger size, the 16 pro would get a larger battery, but it seems that it's only within...
  11. W

    Frustrating apple repair experience with MBP - is this typical?

    I'm not sure where to post this, so I'm posting here. I brought my wife's 2019 Macbook Pro in for a battery replacement and mentioned that the trackpad doesn't "click" anymore, but still works otherwise. It's as if the "force touch" setting is turned off in system preferences but otherwise...
  12. gbynum

    Charging level changed last night, only 80%

    MBAir , M1. 2020, 8G, Sonoma 14.4.1 First, this is not a complaint; I'm glad that long term battery life will be improved. I typically charge my system overnight every 2 or 3 days, when the charge falls below 35% or so. I've always found it at 100% the following morning. This morning, my...
  13. Alvin777

    iPhone 6(S)/Plus Any Known Sellers of iPhone Batteries That Are Known to Be From Apple's Factories?

    Hi Apple friends, aside from iFixit which I know sells batteries that are most likely from the Apple factories but without the Apple logo, are there other known brand new iPhone battery, reputable easy to deal with sellers from eBay or other online shops whom you know source the iPhone batteries...
  14. desslr

    iPhone 15 Pro What’s your Battery Health like?

    My battery health is still 100% after getting the iPhone 15 Pro on launch day, September 2023. 210 cycle count, so I’m a heavy user. What’s yours? On the whole I have kept it on the 80% limit option only going to 100% when I knew I’d need it, eg trips away.
  15. zabijemsnv

    Ip 13 battery issue

    Hello, After long story of factory resetting, tweaking i have still not fixed my iphone 13 battery life issue. I also run hardware diagnostic through apple support which has found nothing wrong. I still only get about 3-4 sot on 50% data 50% wifi, sometimes worse (88% heatlh) 2 day it was...
  16. qap

    iPhone 15 Pro Is it normal for my iPhone 15 Pro to continue charging beyond 80% even though I've set the limit to 80%?

    Until now, the charge limit has always worked fine (set to 80%). Perhaps, periodically fully charging the battery is necessary for its health. Thanks
  17. Z

    iPhone 15 Pro 15 Pro Battery Life

    Been using the iPhone 15 pro for a few months, after upgrading from the 13 pro. I'm not at all impressed by the battery life; it's noticeably worse than it was on my 13 pro. Has anyone else experienced this after doing a similar upgrade?
  18. zabijemsnv

    Weird battery glitch?

    Hello, I currently switched from 12 Pro to 13. I thought battery was an issue on my 12 Pro because i was only getting about 3-5 SOT but when i switched to 13 with 88% battery it stayed the same. But now i have given my phone to my sister which happens to get 7 hours of SOT on the that 12 Pro...
  19. B

    AirPods Max Battery Service/Replacement

    My APM are starting to show their age with quite abysmal battery life, granted they are about 3 years old. Since they are out of warranty, I know that I can request an out of warranty battery replacement. Does anyone have experience with the process? I was curious if it is an actual repair...
  20. R

    Newbie with Macbook, please help me

    Hello guys. I am 75 years old and i writing to you because I bought a very expensive new device -Macbook pro m3 pro- and I never used it because i have doubts about whether the use I am making is correct and if I could be damaging it. I would like to know how to take care of the battery. I saw...