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  1. H

    Battery usage missing for certain hours in the day on battery graph

    Noticed this yesterday when I checked my battery usage for the day. Had an app showing 50% of my usage in the past 24 hours, despite only 1 minute of screen time and no drain on the graph. In contrast, other apps with 20+ minutes were showing no battery usage, just the horizontal line when there...
  2. S

    MBP 13" Mid 2014 - Cursed Screen

    Hi All! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have a mid 2014 13" MBP that I'm considering replacing the battery of, and wondered over the course of planning this, whether or not I would be able to fix a screen issue that I've lived with for the past ~5 years, shown below ! Lol so...
  3. L

    iPhone 13 Pro Subpar iPhone 13 Pro battery?

    Does my battery life compare with what any other 13 Pro users are getting? As you can see on one of the days I used a full charge I only got 7:25 hours of on screen time with instagram using 36% of my battery with 1:46 hours of on screen time. That seems a bit much. I'm pretty sure I was...
  4. S

    MagSafe Battery Pack and iPhone Battery Health

    Becoming the owner of an iPhone 13 in the coming days. I have learned that when a MagSafe Battery Pack is attached to a compatible iPhone, it will hold the iPhone’s battery level at 90% as long as it is not drained. So is it possible to keep the iPhone’s battery level at 90% as long as possible...
  5. SSpiro

    2016 MB: Hardware is dying off..

    I've been using my MB since 2016, love this laptop and still is everything I need. I replaced the stupid butterfly keyboard and the battery back in January and it's been running well. I went to use the laptop a couple of days ago and it wouldn't boot up. Battery was fully charged. I plugged it...
  6. H

    Battery Health Plan

    Was handed down a 2019 15” MacBook Pro and am going to use it in a remote office. As it will be stationary on a desk the entire time, wanted to know the best way to treat the internal battery. Apple recommends fully discharging it once a month. Do I just keep it plugged in the rest of the time...
  7. M

    iPad Pro FaceTime battery usage on M1 iPad Pro

    I've been using my 11" M1 iPad Pro for about a year now and I'm very satisfied. I use it a lot for FaceTime Video calls. Somehow recently I noticed that battery usage for FaceTime has increased quite a bit, but I'm not sure if I'm just seeing things or if something got worse with iOS 15...
  8. honglong1976

    Location services always on when using Weather complication

    I noticed if the Weather app on the iPhone is set to the current location, and a weather complication is set on the watch, location services is constantly on the iPhone, which causes the iPhone to always be warm (obviously some battery drain as well). I had a Series 2 AW, and the fix was to add...
  9. Otha

    Is 12.4 beta4 worth updating

    I'm in 12.3.1 currently, it drains my battery very fast, while battery-life is good in 12.1/12.2.x So I want to update to 12.4 beta to see if 12.4 has fix it. I wanna know is 12.4 beta4 worth updating? Are there any known bugs? My device is MBP 13' 2019 Thanks for your reply.
  10. niranchan

    Macbook Pro Battery

    Hi, I have had my Mac Pro since 2014. However, last week, I got a message saying that battery service is recommended. I enquired at the authorized apple service center and they told it'll cost me approximately INR 59K (US $770) to fix it. Are battery replacements this expensive? Any plan B...
  11. honglong1976

    iOS15 and iPhone 7 Plus - Battery life

    Hi everyone, I have an iPhone 7 Plus. 96% battery health. Great phone and I will be sad to replace it in the future. For those with this phone, what sort of battery life do you get with iOS15? I am using 15.5 Beta 4, and I get approx 2-3 hours screen on and 1 hour screen off (Fitbit - Mobile...
  12. Johnny Steps

    iPad Pro 12.9” (2018) vs 11” iPad Pro (2018) Battery Life Issue

    I have noticed a weird difference in battery life between my 12.9” iPad Pro (2018) and 11” iPad Pro (2018). The latter was formerly my wife’s, but she decided she did not want it anymore and so I decided to use it to help me decide on which iPad size I would get in the future. Using a shortcut...
  13. J

    AirPods starts to charge at 78 in case when empty. How to fix? Reset didn’t work.

    I am trying to calibrate my AirPods to make them read battery more accurate. I drained them overnight and put them in the case but when I do that the battery reports back at 78-80 percent even though it’s been about 10 seconds. When I try to calibrate my gen 2 AirPods they start off at zero...
  14. Macrumorsss

    MacBook Pro 16 inch Not Charging

    Hi, I've had my MacBook Pro 16 inch for a few months now and today was the first day I am getting the battery not charging message even when plugged in: I have none of the Battery options setup as I suspect I got this early on and some of these options were part of the problem back then...
  15. brosenz

    16" MBP Max with small charger enough for light work, and longer battery life

    I have a 16" Max, when doing light work (browsing, chatting, etc.) with a fully charged battery, the power consumption is around 7-15W, I would say 20W max, any small charger can power the laptop. I am using a 50-60W Belkin charger with dual usb-c port. Regarding battery charge, I have noticed...
  16. haralds

    PowerMac Mini 10,1 PRAM Battery?

    I am dusting off my old Mid 2005 PowerMac mini with OS 9, Tiger, and Lion for the occasional nostalgia trip. The PRAM battery is toast. Is this the same CR2032 that is in the later 10,2? Would like to make sure I have what's needed before cracking the case to replace the drive with an ATA SSD...
  17. brosenz

    Brand new 2021 MacBook Pro 16" with 7 Charge Cycles and only 99% Maximun Capacity

    Is it ok to get a brand new laptop from the Apple Store with 99% Full Charge Capacity* (instead of 100%) and 7 charge cycles already in? According to CoconutBattery and Battery Monitor. * I am not talking about the battery charge %, that was at 80%, I am referring to the Maximum Capacity the...
  18. L

    Throttling Mid 2012 MacBook Pro 15” Unibody

    Hi there! I’ve scoured the internet for help on this issue but I haven’t turned up any actual solutions so I thought I’d ask here… I recently had to change the battery of my 2012 unibody 15” since the original one finally crapped itself, however the CPU is now locked to 1.4 GHz in macOS and 1.2...
  19. B

    Low M1 Max Battery Life

    Hey, My battery life doesn't seem to last too long (iStat screenshot) Current Specs - M1 Max, 16", 2 TB, 32 GB RAM I had a M1 Max Pro, 16" 1 TB a few months ago and the battery seemed to last a lot longer (it was returned due to burnt pixels and then I ordered 2 TB model). Any ideas?
  20. MikeMcCollister

    MacBook Air Battery Replacement Problem

    My sister gave me her MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015) a few months ago. The battery needed to be replaced so I purchased one from Amazon. The replacement was very simple and I have reset the SMC and cycled through the battery 2-3 times. The battery seems to work, but after it goes into what I...