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  1. R

    how long does it take to change AWS4 battery in London?

    My wife has an AWS4 with a battery performance of 77%, in my country there is no official store where she can change the battery, but in October she will be traveling to London for a few days and she wanted to know if anyone has already done the battery change (I know they actually give you a...
  2. AjTee

    iPhone 14 Pro Max: Battery life 92%

    Hello, I have iPhone 14 Pro Max since premiere of these lineup. Battery dropped already to 92%. Is it something to worry about ? Is it normal? It is a new phone so that's why I am asking. Regards, Jacob
  3. B

    iPhone 8(+) Repair old phone?

    My iPhone 8 plus has been a reliable companion for more than 5 years. I love the 8 Plus! The battery is now at 75% and last week I managed to drop the phone, resulting in cracks on the screen. I am contemplating sending the phone to Apple service for a screen and battery replacement. Does a...
  4. L

    safari dark mode extension ? and safari vs chrome performance & RAM management

    what dark mode extension do you guys use ? i've tried several of them and the only one that doesnt affect the performance very badly (and energy consumption to an extent) was turn off the lights...unfortunately it doesnt loook so good so , interesting discoveries, i've tested chrome and safari...
  5. R

    Are these normal power logs during sleep? Do you mind sharing your logs?

    On my M1 MBA, I get continuous 'Entering Sleep' messages in the power logs and I just want to know if this is normal or does this suggest it's not going to sleep. I used this command pmset -g log|grep -e " Sleep " -e " Wake " Would you mind sharing yours during a closed-lid sleeping...
  6. S

    Pro 2: optimized charging is broken

    I had my AirPod pro 2 case replaced because the case would endlessly drain when optimized charging was on, even though it wasn’t actually charging the AirPods. This isn’t related to a general battery drain issue as the case would stay the same percentage if it wasn’t used. Now my 2nd case is...
  7. C

    Other Will the iPhone ever support bypassing the battery power while plugged in?

    Macs have a feature where you can bypass the battery power and use the power adapter as the main source of power when plugged in. This significantly improves battery life because the battery isn't constantly being discharged and re-charged, but rather the power is being provided directly...
  8. M

    MB Air 2017 can no longer start from battery

    My 13" 2017 Air suddenly died today from power loss while running on battery with ~80% charge, and now it will not power up at all from battery. If I remove the battery it powers up fine from the power adapter. If I measure the battery's voltage when disconnected (unloaded) I get nominal 7.8...
  9. Buadhai

    Ultra - How to enable Optimized Battery Charging?

    When I first got my Ultra last year it would always charge overnight to 80% and then last all day; even when I was doing three or four scuba dives per day using the Oceanic+ app. Then I upgraded to WatchOS 9.4. That started four or five days of rapid battery drain. I guess to compensate the...
  10. T

    Battery Life Is Horrible - Macbook Pro

    I recently purchased a Macbook Pro 2018, i7 with 16gb of RAM. The Macbook is in excellent condition, but the battery life is so poor. I've sat here monitoring for hours in total and I've come to the conclusion that the battery drops about 1% every 2-3 minutes, which is beyond poor performance...
  11. emraha06

    Do M1 14" and M2 14" MacBook Pros use the same battery?

    When i compare both models on Apple website, i notice that they both have the same information as “Integrated 70-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery”. Does it mean they are using completely/exactly same batteries?
  12. emraha06

    What is your brand new MBP battery cycle count out of the box? [Merged]

    I have opened the box today and the battery cycle count was 5. Is this normal for a brand new device? What is your opening cycle count for m2pro and m2 max series? Thanks...
  13. A

    MBP 14" (2021) battery drain

    Dear all, a quick forum search did not yield any other results, so please bare with me: I just recently bought an MBP 14" 2021. When first playing around the first days I noticed quite a short battery life that I was getting. I did a little research and tweaked some settings: - Siri is...
  14. Z

    battery lasts longer?

    Is it true that when the M1 16" MBPro is constantly used while being connected to the power outlet, it will not use its battery, therefore the battery will last longer?
  15. J

    External display power consumption

    Hi, i have a new Macbook pro m2 and want to connect an external monitor to it, i have an old but good quality monitor i like , NEC PA271W, i'm connecting it through an svga to usbc adapter, sometimes it does not connect so i have to plug and unplug the cord 5-10 times until it actually is...
  16. Q

    Will apple replace my battery out of warranty if its scratched?

    my s5 44mm aluminium grey has a small but quite deep scratch, the silver aluminium is visible but everything works fine, will they replace the battery for $79 or quote me the full price $300+ for battery replacement? i need to use it for a few more years. anyone have experience bringing their...
  17. TinyMito

    Battery Fast Degradation - MacBook Pro 14 M1 (2021)

    I don't think this is normal, it's a little shy of 300 charge cycle, and it's already around 82-85% capacity. Any thoughts on this?
  18. N

    iPhone 8 Plus FaceTime not always ringing

    Hi, My elderly mum has my wife's old iPhone 8 Plus. She knows nothing about these things and so I've set it up with nothing but homescreen-shortcuts that have pictures of our faces so she can FaceTime her loved ones. She uses the phone for nothing else. There's the weather widget and the...
  19. S

    Google Drive Background Activity

    So I guess this doesn’t need much explaining… just, WOW! Doesn’t seem to affect battery life much, if at all. Background App refresh is disabled… iPhone 14 Plus 256Gb on the latest iOS. Needless to say I’m at a loss for words 😂
  20. B

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery draining faster in standby than using the iPhone 14 Pro Max

    Hi, I have a problem. I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max for about 3 days now, everything is fine except one thing. I am on version 16.3.1 and while I am using the mobile the battery drains slowly, about 1% every 10 minutes using social networks, but the moment I lock the mobile I lose between 1-3% in...