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  1. F

    14 inch MacBook Pro Concept

    Decided to mess around with photoshop a little and see what a refreshed 13 inch MacBook Pro would look like with a magic keyboard and thinner bezels, I also removed the “MacBook Pro” branding because I prefer the cleaner look of the retina MacBooks. Let me know what you think about my renders...
  2. C

    iPad Pro Apple Pencil 2 not working on iPad Pro 11" 2018 edges?

    Hello guys, I've been using the iPad Pro 2018 + Apple Pencil 2 and it's been going great but I notice that when I try to use an app like notes or notability if I try to write/draw near the top and down bezels (if the iPad is in the normal vertical position) the pencil is not detected. This...
  3. janeauburn

    iPhone XS Max Bring back the bezels!

    Been testing out an XS Max here for a couple of weeks. While the thing has nice points, the lack of bezels is actually annoying. I agree with this reviewer wholeheartedly. There's actually some stress involved with trying to hold the stupid phone just right in order not to accidentally trigger...
  4. M

    App Updates for iPad 11” 2018

    I haven’t see a recent thread on this topic but I am surprised that we are not beginning to see more app updates coming through to address the increased screen on the iPad-11inch. We’re now at least two weeks in since the release and still few apps have been updated. Thank heavens for Netflix...
  5. B

    Display and Bezel Color

    Not intended to be a "what color is better post" is already know black bezels have more noticeable fingerprints and scratches while the white attracts dust and is a distraction. Now I'm mainly here to ask, Does anyone feel the colors on the display look better with one bezel vs the other?
  6. EdUniverse

    Does the screen of the iPad Pro 10.5 blend in to the space grey bezels?

    I’m planning on getting an iPad Pro soon, but I can’t decide on the colour. Now, I don’t mean as much as the Apple Watch or iPhone X, but does it blend in as much as the space grey iPhone 8 or something? I don’t mean when it’s on, because I know it’s not OLED, but when it’s off. Im simply...
  7. janeauburn

    White vs Black front

    White vs Black front: How did you decide?
  8. K

    I really hope we get a redesign this fall

    Those big bezels really annoy me. This front design is from 2009. I just can't believe Apple hasn't gotten rid of them yet. macOS looks so good on a thin bezel display. :(