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  1. M

    Bluetooth does not work after waking up from sleep

    I have a problem with my 2015 MacBook Pro. Every time I wake up from sleep mode, Bluetooth does not work. AirPods and other devices (such as the speaker) do not connect. All Handoff functions also do not work: copy and paste from iPhone, HotSpot, AirDrop, Handoff. Interestingly, unlocking the...
  2. N

    Converting an old printer to Bluetooth

    I bought a Brother Bluetooth printer and returned it because it was awful (I mean it was really, Really, bad at wireless printing). But my old HP printer (over a decade old) still works wonderfully (I think it’s a 1006 —not wireless). I’m wondering if it’s possible to plug a USB Bluetooth...
  3. F

    17.4 wrecked Bluetooth streaming

    This is the 1st iOS update that has ever introduced Bluetooth streaming issues for me in…at least 10 years. Both AirPod Pro 2s and my car. Forgetting and re-adding doesn’t fix. iPhone 15 Pro. Audio will drop every few minutes and also static. Anyone else seeing this?
  4. 4nthony

    Wired -- or reliable wireless -- Remote?

    Does anyone know of a reliable solution for controlling audio on an iPhone in CarPlay? My van lacks dedicated FWD/REW buttons on the steering wheel. I picked up a bluetooth media button and it works...sometimes. It works great if the iPhone display is on, but once it turns off, it can take...
  5. Ralfi

    iPhone Google Maps Turn by Turn defaulting to Car, not AirPods Pro

    Just noticed today that when connecting the iPhone to a newly acquired, CarPlay-equipped work vehicle that Google’s turn by turn navigation (TBTN) isn’t coming through my AirPods Pro (APP), whilst Spotify plays music. Phone’s connected via USB, with Bluetooth disabled in the car (it was...
  6. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 BT 4.2 card don't work in Monterey contrary to BigSur

    After having finally succeeded in installing Monterey under OC's martin lo V0.9.7, and installing the new wifi/bluetooth card, everything works well under BigSur, the wifi displays the new standard (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and the bluetooth standard 4.2. I applied the changes requested by martin lo...
  7. L

    Is bluetooth reliable for you? What hardware are you using?

    I started using MacOS since Sierra. The entire time I've had trouble various trouble with bluetooth. I'm using a Microsoft mouse right now, and I often have to sudo pkill bluetoothd every morning to get it to connect. It's like this on Montrey, and I don't expect it to get better after all these...
  8. C

    Hidden device possibilities

    Hello Mac friends, I am not an expert by ANY means, so I apologize in advance for how uneducated this will sound. I'm just a person with suspicions of being hacked looking for help...(by someone who I lived with and had access and personal details enough to do so). I am not looking for...
  9. dcbl

    iPhone Bluetooth to car iPod USB interface?

    I have a 2011 Chevy Volt that has a USB connection for iPods and Bluetooth for phone calls but not for audio. I’ve seen some wireless CarPlay adapters out there which got me thinking: is there a device I could plug into the car’s USB port which would wirelessly connect (by Bluetooth or whatever)...
  10. Omek

    M2 Mac Mini Bluetooth Issues

    My mom recently upgraded to the M2 mac mini in December 2023. I'd been setting it up with my wired razer mouse and a bluetooth Apple keyboard, and everything was running smoothly until I decided to use my bluetooth Apple mouse instead of my razer mouse. Then weird stuff started happening. After...
  11. D

    Speaker phone

    Has anyone else noticed that one of the recent updates killed the ability to tell Siri to make a call on speaker phone? I don’t use the feature daily so I’m not sure if it was one of the last 16 point updates or 17. Also, anybody else think a long press on the audio button during a call should...
  12. C

    Logitech MX on Two Macs Without Logitech Software

    Hello! I've got an Apple Studio Display along with a work MacBook Pro and a personal MacBook Air. I'd like to be able to easily switch between using the two laptops and have my keyboard and mouse switch as well. I'm happy to just move the ASD's cable from one to the other when I want to do this...
  13. Alvin777

    Why Does Magic Keyboard (Tethered Even) Not Work at Login After Using Boot Camp?

    Hello Apple friends. This is on a Late 2015 5K iMac: I dual boot to Windows for diagnostics and to rest with games as leisure on sundays (after mass and charity work). I have a mechanical keyboard for Windows (Boot Camp) gaming (has numpad for games like GTA 5 and RPGs- the next upgrade would...
  14. C

    Can the Flipper device crash phones running IOS 17.0.3? [Article Link]

    Are the phones THAT susceptible to unauthorized Bluetooth access? I read some “fixes” in various threads and the overwhelming recommendation is to turn off Bluetooth—goodbye watch and AirPods...
  15. A

    Sonoma and a mid 2012 Mac pro

    Hello again everyone. I'm back to the place where people are nice, and actually helpful. Now I know this may not be the best place to put this thread, so please tell me if it needs to be moved, and where the best place for this query is :) I updated two of my macs yesterday to sonoma since...
  16. M

    Multiple bugs/issues with iOS 17.02 and iPhone 15 Pro Max

    Several issues I've seen so far: Bluetooth not consistently connecting to other devices. Most notably, when I try to connect my phone to my 2019 MacBook Pro I get an error on the phone that it's "not supported." The iOS 17 feature (which was working as intended on earlier betas) where the...
  17. P

    Do Sync Contact Setting shows when not connected to the bluetooth device?

    Hi, I recently went on a road trip on a rented car, I connected my Iphone running IOS 16 using bluetooth (not apple car play), i dont remember if i synced the contacts with the car stereo or not. The car is already returned , but I wanted to check if my contacts were synced or not to it? I...
  18. nettmanek

    MP 1,1-5,1 Bluetooth stops working when RX580 GPU is plugged in

    Hi Guys I have MacPro Mid 2010 with Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB (and original Nvidia GT120). I have a problem with bluetooth when RX580 is plugged in - it works fine when GT120 is plugged in. It shows all the time OFF and unable to turn it on. Any ideas? OS Monterey 12.6.7
  19. ricecrispies

    Tethering to Android only works sometimes

    When I tether my iPad to my Android phone (Galaxy S21 Ultra), internet sharing works sometimes, but not others. Each time I try to tether, I make sure to connect to the phone in the iPad Bluetooth settings, and I make sure to press “allow” on the phone when it asks me if I want to allow the...
  20. antoniokratos

    Bluetooth randomly disconnects and connects everything

    My Mac randomly disconnects and connects everything. This is the log at the time it happens, any clue about it? 2023-05-31 15:00:12.054586 (system/ [522]) <Notice>: exited due to exit(0) 2023-05-31 15:00:12.054595...