1. E

    Mystery Mouse Appearing in Bluetooth Menu of Mac Mini after Wipe and Fresh Install

    Just got a used Mac Mini. When I got it, the seller had set up a dummy account. I booted into recovery, erased the physical disk (which contained two Macintosh HD-data drives), and then reinstalled Big Sir. I believe this should be sufficient for a complete wipe and reinstall. However, under...
  2. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 OC preventing use of USB Bluetooth dongle?!

    Hi there - so I have Martin Lo's OC build running happily on my cMP. Got a BT USB dongle b/c the integrated BT is terrible and can't even reliably send music to my stereo system <10 feet away. I plug it in, and the cMP refuses to hand over to the USB. I do some research, and decide to boot...
  3. M

    AirPods Max fizzle out on Mac

    Does anyone else have an issue with their AirPods Max where they "fizzle out" when connected to a Mac? By fizzle out, they'll be fine then you'll encounter some skipping (almost as if you are getting too far way). It gets worse and worse until they ultimately just stop playing. If I take them...
  4. D

    Can't get bluetooth dongle to 'stick' in Big Sur

    Hi there, I have a 2018 Mac Mini (i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD). The internal bluetooth is unusable to connect to my Apple trackpad (interference probably made worse by the large number of devices plugged in to all available ports). I've been happily using a BT dongle in one of the USB ports on my...
  5. JippaLippa

    Bluetooth Audio Chugs/Crackles when doing intensive operations

    Hello. I'm on a mac mini 2020 M1, and I love it, but I noticed some weird issues with bluetooth audio. I normally use a pair of wireless headphones (using the AAC codec), but I noticed some weird behaviour. Whenever I'm initiating a new complex operation (like opening safari while I'm working...
  6. circatee

    Honestly, maybe Mac Mini M1 is not for me

    This is my second attempt at purchasing and using a Mac Mini M1, as my main computer. Frustrating, to say the least. I feel like I am failing at my attempt. - Monitor: Samsung 49" monitor, connected via HDMI. Works, but, if I reboot the Mac (say for an update), then the Mac Mini does not see...
  7. stellashen

    HomeKit led light app controller ---Ecolor Life App

    Ecolor Life is an App to manage your LED devices as a remote controller via Bluetooth. With the Ecolor App, you can intelligently control the color, brightness, and scene modes of the LED strip lights,also the LED strip lights can be rhythmic with the beat of the music. no matter how many...
  8. circatee

    USB A connectors

    Am close to purchasing a Mac Mini. From research it only has 2 USB As. Any suggestions for a dock or adapter with more USB A connectors? I need to connect: - Logitech Camera - Blue Yeti MIC - Dongle for mouse/keyboard (thinking I might just use Bluetooth - but, heard users having connection...
  9. T

    2021 M1 iMac Bluetooth Issues

    Just got home from the local Apple Store. I'm setting up my new M1 iMac (again) and I am now having issues with Bluetooth. The keyboard is slow to respond unless it is plugged directly in via Lightning <> USB-C. Is anyone else having Bluetooth keyboard issues with their new M1 iMac?
  10. Bambina

    Resolved Bluetooth not detecting devices

    Yesterday I did a clean install of my OS. Previously, my Macbook's bluetooth had no problem detecting devices, but today none show up. I've tried all the debugging options and I'm about to reset SMC and NVRAM. In case these options do not work, what else can I do? Devices tried: Android...
  11. I

    Set up two bluetooth speakers for stereo sound

    I've hooked up two Flip 5 bluetooth speakers to my mac via audio midi / multi-output device and it works great but I'm wondering if I'm missing something when trying to set them to stereo. When I go into "configure speakers" there's really no option to assign channels to the speakers. Is it even...
  12. t3rminus

    New ATV4K, controllers

    Hey, my new Apple TV 4K (Gen 2?) was delivered today. After going through the default set-up, I decided to see how Apple Arcade was on a big screen, so I un-paired my DualShock 4 controller from my iPad, and tried to pair it with my Apple TV, and ... nothing. The "Other Devices" doesn't show...
  13. Ralfi

    So Apple have created a desire for Lossless Audio. Next move?

    Just thinking what their strategy is here, after the major let down felt by many that their AirPods won’t support lossless audio. So now that the public interest in lossless audio is piqued, are Apple planning to release their next-gen AirPods (Pro) with new chips that support a higher quality...
  14. ApeBot

    Serious question: How do AirTags differ from Tile?

    Not to be controversial, but I got a “tile” about six years ago as a gift. I attached it to my keys and it sat there for about two years. I only ever needed to use it once. My wife had accidentally taken my keys to work. So here I was at home, with an app that told me my keys were in our key...
  15. Q

    MBP16 Bluetooh Issues with Keyboard, Mouse, & Headphones Connected

    This is not new but wanted to ask the community about their experience and see if others have the same problem. I have a Macbook Pro 16' version and use it in shell mode when I am sitting at my desk with my Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse connected. No issues up to this point, everything smooth...
  16. circatee

    Mac Mini - part two

    Well, after last weeks episode with the Mac Mini, I did return it. However, I loved the speed of the unit, and, well the overall use and feel of the unit. The MAIN, issue was the MX Master and Bluetooth connection. Today, I purchased a Mac Mini again. This time, I made sure to purchase a wired...
  17. B

    Can't disable the Internal Bluetooth controller on BootCamp to use a BT dongle.

    Hello, My Macbook pro has a big problem with the Bluetooth. I finally got a BT dongle compatible with my Mac but I can't use it on Bootcamp. I tried to deativate the internal bluetooth device on the devices manager. I also tried 3 different BT devices but I don't know how to select the default...
  18. Permanent Sigh

    Anyone else having headphone and Bluetooth issues with 14.4?

    I have been using a pair of wireless Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones regularly since getting them in the summer of 2020 and only recently (the last few days) starting experiencing random disconnects for no reason. I have to turn the headphones off and back on for them to reconnect. There is no...
  19. circatee

    Reboot and No Bluetooth connections

    Today, I purchased an M1 Mac Mini, 2020 with 512GB SSD. Finished setting it up (manually), a few hours ago. And, started using it, as if I would on a day to day basis. I paused for a moment, chatting to the Missus. Look around, and the Mac Mini restarted on its own. Then, I could not log in...
  20. cloud_n1n3

    AirPods can work on an iPad 1

    It is possible to pair AirPods with an iPad Generation 1. It even outputs sound, although it cannot automatically turn off, and you cannot change any of the AirPod’s settings (without using a newer device that should support AirPods). Cool. :cool: