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boot camp

  1. T

    MP 7,1 Has anyone had luck with windows 11 on bootcamp on a Mac Pro 7,1 yet?

    With the windows news that the Xeon chips will be supported, is there any official methods of updating to windows 11 yet? Thanks!
  2. R

    Question for creating Windows 11 bootable USB on Mac?

    I managed to get the leaked version of Windows 11 ISO and plan to install it on my new PC. However, it seems Boot Camp is no longer working for creating Windows bootable USB drive. Can someone confirm it? When I plugged in a USB flash drive and Boot Camp asks me to eject all external drives...
  3. R

    Windows 10 on Mavericks

    Hi, is possible install Windows 10 via BootCamp on MacBook Pro 2014 with OS X Mavericks? Thanks.
  4. Rico Muerte

    Problem setting up bootcamp 2012 MBP Mojave

    I have a non retina 2012 MBP with 2 x SSDs - 500Gb boot drive, 1Tb files drive: Upon beginning the process for setting up bootcamp I got the following message: It's saying there is not enough free space for the partition despite the fact there is more than 350Gb available on the 500Gb...
  5. Dahlia

    Questions about Reviving iMac 2012 — Target Display Mode, Luna Display Unit, Bootcamp

    I have a late 2012 iMac, model A1419, with a dead hard drive. Apparently, this 2012 model can be used as a Target Display in certain situations, but probably not mine! My working iMac is a 2020 iMac, model A2115. It seems that I could spend quite a bit of money just to find out that my 2020 +...
  6. C

    iMac 2009 doesn't register key combinations and always ends up on windows 'No boot device found'

    Hi there, I have acquired some iMacs from 2009 which have had windows 7 put on them for whatever reason. I'm trying to get macOS back on them but whenever I boot them up (current OS is corrupted btw) I get a blank grey screen followed by the PC style 'No boot device available press enter to...
  7. B

    Upgrade/Downgrade between Mojave and Catalina (incl Bootcamp); user folder on external SSD

    Hi, I would like to upgrade from Mojave to Catalina (or Big Sur), but am a bit reluctant to do so because of Catalina's weird new dual-volume HD-Setup. (Guess Big Sur needs the same HD structure, right?) Main reason to upgrade is because of the sidecar feature (don't want to get an Astropad...
  8. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP 4.1/5.1 Recovery mode/boot screen won't work at all

    Hi! At start I'm very sorry for my English. It's not my mother tounge. I'm quite new in this. All I wanted is cheap Mac device that is quite powerfull so I bought 2009 Mac Pro with HD 5870. All I did was to change graphics card so I bought RX 470 and Installed it. Beacuse I wanted to play some...
  9. robertcoogan

    Problems with chnages to firmware on boot

    I used to use rEFInd as a boot loader, but with the upgrade to Big Sur there have apparently been changes to the firmware that interferes with rEFInd's operation. So I am back to holding down the option key. Yay. <--(sarcasm) If I tried to boot normally, rEFInd should kick in and take me to...
  10. A

    MacBook Pro w/Retina Late 2012 SSD Issue

    Hello All, I have been searching the web for a fix for my Late 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina and can’t seem to find any answers. I am hoping someone else has had the same or similar issue and would be willing to help me. Here’s my backstory: I have a Late 2012 MacBook Pro w/Retina and a...
  11. J

    [Giveaway] UUByte ISO Editor for Creating Bootable USB Installer

    This is Joe from UUByte, a long-time MacRumors fan. Why I started this thread? I saw a lot of boot camp questions in Windows, Linux & Others sub forum, asking help for installing or creating Windows bootable installer on Mac. We have the alternative suggestion if boot camp failed to work...
  12. S

    Map Apple keyboard option key

    Hello. I am using MBP 2015 running Catalina. I am using external keyboard Logitech. I installed Windows 10 with Boot Camp. I have a problem to switch between OS's using software. The only option is to hold 'option/alt' key on MBP keyboard. Mostly all keys are correctly mapped to Logitech but I...
  13. S

    Boot Camp switch issue

    I am using MBP 2015 running OS Catalina. I installed second partition Windows 10 using Boot Camp. The issue I have on Windows: I want to reboot into Mac not by holding Alt key but by using icon. On Task Bar I select icon Boot Camp, click on item 'Restart in OS X...' It pops up a message: 'Are...
  14. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro Bootcamp Issue

    Hello, I have a MP 3,1 with an ATI Radeon RX580 8GB Graphics card, a dosDude Catalina (10.15.6) install on an internal SSD and and a Windows 10 Pro (Latest Version and updates) install on an internal HD. Both the mac OS and the windows work fine along with all parts of the mac. As I a have the...
  15. J

    MacBook Pro 16" (2019) and Windows 10: alternative drivers?

    I have a new MacBook Pro 16" (2019) with a clean Windows 10 installed, Boot Camp's default drivers. And I have critical problems with WiFi driver, Bluetooth driver and Display driver. Any suggestions on where to get new versions for these drivers? Maybe even beta versions or anything I could...
  16. PieTunes

    How up to date are Boot Camp drivers?

    Greetings, For those who Boot Camped, I'm curious about something. I might do it after I get my 2020 iMac delivered. How up to date does Apple maintain the drivers? If I receive my machine and start the process, are the included drivers recent and compatible with the new hardware in the...
  17. PilotTiny

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Compatibility

    Hi guys, I am looking to purchase the new Flight Simulator 2020 for my iMac via bootcamp, however I am unsure on wether my iMac will run it. My specs: iMac 21.5 Early 2019 Intel Core i7 8700 32GB Ram Vega 20 Graphics 1TB SSD I have been trying to find this out for ages, but nobody seems to...
  18. robertcoogan

    Boot Camp is casing kernel_task to overclock CPU

    I have a late-2016 MBP (w/ Touch Bar/Retina). Since the last update (to 10.15.5) every time I boot back into macOS from being in Windows 10, kernel_task starts overclocking the CPU. It will run up to near 500%. Regardless of what time of day it is, if I boot into Windows, then back into macOS...
  19. Ali Kaghazgaran

    Windows not starting up after resizing with Paragon Hard Disk Manager

    Hey everyone, so i wanted to shrink my boot camp drive, & I didn’t want to remove it & install it again (since winclone didn’t work for me), so i used paragon hard disk manager. I resized & it was ok. Then i boot up on windows to check if it was ok, but it didn’t startup & i got the blue screen...
  20. A

    How do I boot to Windows 7 (32 bit) with my Macbook 2017 running Catalina?

    Bootcamp will not let me install anything besides window 10 and I cannot find the instructions to create a bootable windows 7 usb using catalina anywhere online. Please help!