1. camelia

    Resolved Creating a bootable macOS Mojave USB?

    Hello, Can I follow this video with simple instructions to create a bootable macOS Mojave 10.14.4 USB install drive? (In the video they shows How to create a bootable But using macOS High Sierra) :confused: Best Regards Came
  2. H

    is this possible?

    I am wanting to make a usb stick with high sierra on, so that I can do a clean install of high sierra, I am currently on high sierra, how would I go about doing this please?
  3. sneakChamber

    Help with Custom MacOs Build

    HI, I am trying to create a custom MacOs Build for some Macbooks in our office... The only condition is that it has to be USB bootable... I've used macOS Mojave Patcher, which creates a bootable USB install of Vanilla Mojave. I've also used AutoDMG to create a custom build of Mojave, but it...
  4. R

    Create Mojave bootable dvd?

    Hello friend. I want to know is there any chance to create bootable dvd of macos mojave?
  5. M

    A1465 ssd and no os. M.2 recognised but not bootable disk

    Please can someone help. My ssd died and the macbook air has mavericks in internet recovery. Using alt, cmd r I can see my Samsung evo 960 m.2 drive. I erased, and then added mojave. This all saves. However when I reboot, it only recognises my usb and this goes to recovery. How can i get my...
  6. 1415OH

    TOWER MAC 5.1 NVMe BOOTABLE? (high sierra)

    If Tower MAC 5.1 (2010 mid) of NVMe M.2 SSD (960evo, 970evo.. etc) was installed (bootable) , Can You explain how to install?
  7. T

    Wanting to install SSD in 2011 MBP

    Hi All OK, so I want to upgrade the internal HDD of my MBP to a 500GB SSD version and I was wondering if this process would work. Several years ago I replaced the optical drive in the MAC with a 750GB drive, and I wish to keep that drive in place as it contains stuff I need, what I want to...
  8. Vairamuthu

    MBA late 2012 doesn't boot with sierra

    This morning my MBA frozen at the startup screen. I couldn't restart in safe mode. NVRAM reset doesn't fix the issue In recovery mode i didn't find any issue on the disk Tried re-install the sierra and again the system frozen at the startup screen. Planning to create bootable USB and install...
  9. BLUEDOG314

    Advice on imaging/Making Recoveries

    So I posted earlier about making never booted images and think I have found a way to accomplish what I want, but still have a few questions as they came up after the fact. First, I have created a bootable drive with a large number of partitions on it using various means such as Diskwarrior...
  10. fountaineer

    el capitain boot usb

    i want to clean install my macbook pro currently running Yosemite. It's el captain compatible. my main question is how do i download and save the el captain file from the app store? I see it in the app store and when i press "get" it prompts user password. I haven't done it yet because i...
  11. T

    Installing windows 7 on mid 2013 MacBook air

    Is it still possible ? I searched all over Google but nothing. Most tutorials are based on Windows 10 and I'm not looking to install win 10. I'm running the latest version of OS x Sierra. I also don't want to use boot camp. Besides the boot camp installer says it can only do win 10 and...
  12. Tobi218

    [Bootcamp] Reinstall Windows on Partition

    Hey, Is it possible to reinstall Windows 10 on a already existing Windows 10 partition without loosing all the Data? I'm getting the error: "no bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key" Thank you!
  13. P

    Can any M.2 NGFF adaptor make a PCIE SSD bootable in Mac Pro 2010/2012?

    I want to buy a Mac Pro 2010/2012, and want to install a PCIE SSD as the startup disk. According to the previous posts, SM951 SSD together with Lycom DT-120 M.2 Adaptor can boot the system. It’s not easy for me to buy the Lycom adaptor in my country. So I wonder if any third-party M.2 NGFF...
  14. neasuciu

    How to make a bootable USB disk with Windows for a Dell Laptop

    Hello! I have the following situation: - one piece of Dell e6410 Laptop with no Operating System installed - one iMac with OS X I want to install Windows OS on the Laptop. For this i need the Windows Kit (i have a ISO file), an usb drive and an app (probably), or instead of the App maybe use...