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  1. purdnost

    Control Center Apple TV Remote No Longer Controls My Bose Soundbar Volume

    Since updating to iOS 16, the Apple TV remote in Control Center no longer controls the volume for my Bose soundbar, which is plugged into the ARC HDMI port. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any suggestions on how I might be able to resolve this?
  2. fragrantsound

    MacBook Air unable to connect to bluetooth device

    Hi. I commented on another discussion, but I'm posting a new thread because this was an issue before updating to Big Sur. I obviously need to adjust something on my MacBook (version 11.0.1), but I don't know what that is. I figured out how to pair my Bose soundsport with my iPhone, but I've...
  3. honglong1976

    Airpods - vs Earpods and Bose

    Hi everyone, I read so many comments about the AirPods sounding superior to the earpads. More bass! What utter nonsense. I finally have a 2nd Gen pair and they sound virtually the same. I also had (but traded in) a pair of Bose SoundSport Free and they sounded much better. I do love: 1. no...
  4. zipur

    Bose 700, my first impression vs Sony XM3s.

    Well I received my Bose 700s yesterday. I compared them to my XM3s an I’m pretty jazzed with the B700 First the ear cups are smaller than the XM3. But they fit my ear very well. So here’s the weird thing although the XM3 have a larger cup I was more comfortable with the Bose. The leather is...
  5. G

    Bose soundlink micro problems

    I just got a brand new iPhone XS max. I’ve used my Bose micro sound link with my galaxy S9 for seven months with no problems. It works with my XS max but I find that many times I have to press the button two or even three times to resume an audiobook or YouTube video. Sometimes I have to pull...
  6. daveishere

    Bose Soundlink Revolve+ Auto Connect

    Hi All, Had a quick search around but couldn't find anything... Basically, since other iOS 11 or iPhone 8 (not sure which cause the issue as they were days inbetween), whenever I turn on my Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus bluetooth speaker, it doesn't automatically connect to my iPhone? There...
  7. Unknown_X

    New Bose & Apple headphones 2017?

    Hey, I am currently considering the Bose Soundsport wireless as well as apple AirPods. However, I am concern that there might be possibility of apple launching new AirPods or Bose launching new wireless headphones later this year. Is there such possibility?
  8. NovemberWhiskey

    Raise to Wake triggers Bluetooth Audio

    Hope I am describing this problem correctly. I have a Bose QC35 headset connected to my TV and my iPhone 7 Plus simultaneously. I am getting audio from the TV (as desired), but if I raise my phone to check the time or a notification, the audio switches automatically to my iPhone (and the TV...
  9. Joseph C

    Play music through Apple TV without actual TV on?

    Hello I have an Apple TV 4. I would like to set up so that the Apple TV plays music through a Bose system (via optical audio, using an adapter of some sort) independently of the actual TV the Apple TV is connected to being on (or on the correct source) For example, being able to play the...
  10. BLKBOX

    iMac & Bose Acoustimass 3 series V

    Hey Everyone, I got a problem. I have a Late 2014 5k iMac and Bose Acoustimass 3 series V speakers. Is there anyway I can set these up without buying a very expensive receiver. I received the speakers for Christmas and don't really want to drop $$$ on a receiver. Any raw wire-to-aux adapter or...
  11. matrix07

    My honest review of Bose QC 35.

    Thanks to Apple, the age of wireless audio is here and Bose Quiet Comfort 35 is my first serious wireless headphone purchase (the one I intend to keep). The reason I purchased Bose because I live in downtown and city noise is too much for my morning walk. I could hardly heard anything with...
  12. drvend

    Bose QC35 v. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless

    Anyone have any thoughts? Bose are $350 vs. Sennheiser at $500, $400 from amazon. I'm looking for noise cancelling and bluetooth. Wondering if the Sennheiser speakers are that much better than bose for with the same features? I know audiophiles will decry bose, but honestly they a more familiar...