1. M

    All iPads Visual issues with iPad mini 5 but only from this factory.

    I am having visual trouble with the iPad mini 5 screen. It seems that the ones coming from maybe this factory makes their screens a certain way? It’s the ones start with the serial DM, which is Foxconn China . However when I had one with DL , also in Foxconn but maybe not the same factory I...
  2. Jade7

    Why is my old iPad Air 2 maximum brightness better than my new iPad Air (2019) ???

    I’ve just bought the 2019 new iPad Air, and for some reason when comparing them, the maximum brightness of my old iPad Air 2 is much better than my new iPad Air. Why is it?? Is it a setting? I turned off true tone and compared them also, but it’s still the same. The photo below shows iPad Air 2...
  3. R

    15” MacBook Pro - Uneven Backlighting / Brightness

    I’ve noticed that the screen brightness / backlighting is uneven on my 2019 15” MacBook Pro. It’s brighter in the middle and dimmer on the left and right edges, particularly on the right. It’s most noticeable on a white background (documents, emails, etc.). I sent my MBP off to Apple and got...
  4. Sovon Halder

    Brightness Jumps - Is it Normal?

    I got this 4K 27" LG Monitor (27uk850) hooked up with macbook pro 2017 13" via USB-C. This happens on the external monitor.. When I'm playing a video or streaming a video, throughout the playback the brightness jumps up and down by very minimum amount (say 1%). It happens randomly & couldn't...
  5. haralds

    Third Party Monitor Brightness, Contrast, and Volume Control

    I have Dell U3818DW hooked to my Radeon 7970 via mDP and was missing the ability to control brightness. After mucking with ddcctl, OSDisplay and bash scripts that i wanted to feed unto Karabiner I found it had all been packaged already! This thing does multiple monitors, brightness, contract...
  6. J

    MBA2018 screen brightness (how many nits?) - the Nitgate?

    I live in Europe and i went to an Apple reseller (eu country, eu laws, major french retail chain, apple reseller, with dedicated staff to apple products and those classic apple desks and white walls) and bought in store the entry level macbook air 2018 (costs around 1450 USD here) last week and...
  7. MarckyG

    Cinema Display and Thunderbolt Display brightness control

    Hey all, I recently got a new iMac and it came with High Sierra installed. Previously I was on Sierra. I use it combined with a Thunderbolt Display from Apple (damn... the difference in display quality...). What's new to me is... the display brightness control doesn't work as it used to. I...
  8. smoking monkey

    iPhone XR Question for XR owners

    How is watching movies on the XR in terms of screen brightness (and just generally) compared to the Max or a plus phone (any of them)? I did compare my 6s+ to an XR and Max in store playing various videos via youtube and found that the XR looked better than my 6S+. But I've read that the XR...
  9. harrisondavies

    iPhone XS Max Sudden brightness changes - XS Max

    Firstly, I searched and couldn’t find a similar post. I can be reading a webpage in a steadily illuminated room and the brightness will suddenly dim slightly and then appear to creep back up to its original brightness. I understand the concept of auto brightness, but there is no significant...
  10. kaklingler

    Xs Max screen flicker

    anyone else experiencing a brightness flicker with their Xs Max? any solutions?
  11. SarcasticBunni

    Unable to adjust screen brightness in Windows

    I'm using a late-2012 MBP with Bootcamp Windows 10 Pro (installed through BC Assistant). I'm unable to adjust screen brightness at all, either through F1/F2 (the slider shows up and animates, but doesn't do anything) or the sliders in control panel. I've googled for quite a while and haven't...
  12. SMGreenfield

    How I fixed XS Max brightness issue(s)

    With my new XS Max, I found the initial screen settings to be quite DIM: even after the common solution of turning off the Auto-Brightness feature (conveniently hidden in the Display Accommodations pane of the Accessibility settings), I had an issue with my brightness slider randomly failing to...
  13. bayates826

    iPhone 8(+) Screen Brightness Changes

    Hello, I just got an iPhone8 and the screen is annoying me. It will change brightness seemingly at random and will become unreadable in a bright environment. I've searched solutions, but everything points to the three settings that control the screen automatically (Auto-brightness, True-tone...
  14. Olivia23

    iPhone X adjusting brightness on its own.

    I have an iPhone X with the latest update and for awhile I've been having issues with it adjusting the brightness on its own. Yes I have everything turned off. Auto brightness is turned off, true tone turned off and under General, Display Accommodations I have Auto Brightness turned off. I...
  15. MarckyG

    Netflix on Mac gamma flicker whenever the picture changes

    I read old posts about this but never has anyone had a solution for it. What I mean is, when watching Netflix on Mac in fullscreen the gamma of the whole screen changes whenever the video has a drastic image change. Most noticeable when subtitles are enabled. Every time the subtitle turns on and...
  16. M

    Reset screen brightness to default

    Is it possible to reset to default screen brightness after manually adjusting brightness on macOS (with auto brightness adjusting enabled)? After making a manual adjustment, It seems my mac's auto brightness is not working as it used to do. When I turn off lights in the room, screen brightness...
  17. B

    Resolved Can't adjust brightness (MacBook Pro - Bootcamp)

    I have a feeling it's a conflict with the NVIDIA driver but I was wondering if anyone has found a solution for this? It's not the adaptive brightness, I've already got that unticked. The brightness bar moves, however the brightness stays the same.
  18. D

    Night-Shift Brightness Bug?

    i have a very strange bug on my iPhone 7, very hard to explain -Activate Night-Shirt -Put brightness to max so you can better see -Put auto-lock to 30sec -Look at your Homescreen and wait until it is start to dimm with auto-lock.. at this moment tap on the screen. -On my iPhone 7 the colors on...
  19. I

    Problem with change the screen brightness

    I had the famous problem with the discreet graphics card with my Macbook pro Retina mid 2012. Unfortunately the repair period ended in 2016 and Apple no longer wants to take over. So I decided to permanently disable the nvidia gpu using the following method...
  20. M

    2016 Macbook pro 15 cannot change brightness after updating to High Sierra

    This is the first thread I have posted in here and I hope someone has the same issue can reply. After updating to High Sierra for about a week, I realized that the screen brightness did not respond to the change when I move the brightness slide on the touch bar. Neither did it respond to change...