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  1. TheMacProUser

    MP All Models I have a question...

    Hi everyone Lately I read here a lot about people who accidentally bric their Mac Pro and I never seen How it look like and it made me curious so: can someone send me a picture of a broken Mac Pro? :)
  2. L

    How much is a 2018 MacBook air worth with a broken retina screen?

    Hey all! Long story short, I’ve got a great condition MacBook Air 2018 which regrettably the retina screen is completely screwed 😫 No idea how it happened, looks as if there’s a small chip in it. I’ve been quoted around £350 to repair, in which it’s not worth it as I can purchase a full...
  3. Thick1992

    2017 27” iMac Repair Question

    Hey, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this question but today my 27” 2017 iMac encountered a problem, there was a iPhone charger plugged into the USB port and the computer powered on but in sleep mode and my fiancé went to grab the cable and it flung around and the tip that plugs...
  4. B

    Bricked Macbook Pro M1

    Hi! My new M1 MBP got bricked a couple of days ago, I woke up and took the power cable out of the computer and it just wouldn't start, it just made som weird clicking noise from inside the computer. Anyways, I reached out to Apple Support and they told me to turn in my computer to my local Apple...
  5. T

    HomeKit iOS 14.2 Breaks HomeKit

    Ever since updating to 14.2 HomeKit has been broken in my smart home. I have about 60+ HomeKit accessories and for a few days I couldn't control them in the Home app. I signed out of iCloud, did some hard resets, and then somehow manual control through the Home App returned. However, another...
  6. M

    Scroll ball mighty mouse

    Does anybody know where I can get a new holder for the scrollball in my mighty mouse? The old one has a rip in the membrane, which makes the mouse think that it's being pressed constantly.
  7. lydiak

    Dropped my mac-- flickering & broken screen

    I dropped my mac and now the screen is flickering and there is a white bar going from top to bottom. Is this fixable? If so, where is the best reasonable place to get this fixed? I hope it won't be too expensive to fix this issue.
  8. johnmacward

    USB-C hubs with two USB connectors to the MBP - are they solid and strong ?

    I've already bought a USB hub with a single port to the MBP integrated (see image below).. ...and it's outrageously bad - it was a Satechi brand and the single USB port is so flimsy to support something 20 times it's size and the things you plug into it. What holds in the ports is not...
  9. R

    Broken series 1 help!

    Hi my Apple Watch has started playing up and I can’t work out why I’ve tried cleaning the crown and checked the battery for swelling nothing! Any ideas?
  10. Cassandrabbb

    Is my Apple Watch broken?

    The day before yesterday my Apple Watch ran out of battery. I put it in the charge overnight but when I woke up it hadn’t charged. And now when I try to charge it it gets hot and stucks on powersaving mode. It shows a green lightning for a few minutes then it gets overheated and shows a red...
  11. Steven Pearson

    iPhone XR screen issue help needed.

    This iPhone XR’ s screen don’t work. The screen is black then these lines apear. The screen used to work fine then the lines would apear if a static image was left on for more than a couple of seconds. Now the screen just stays black and the lines appear. Is it just a loose connection/ broken...
  12. carcarano

    iPod iPod nano 7th gen white lines all over screen

    Hi everyone. I have an iPod nano 7th gen, and I accidentally dropped it. Three days later, a white line appeared at the top of the screen. Then 30 seconds later, more white lines started spreading across the screen, then about 1 hour after the first line appeared, the screen went entirely white...
  13. I

    AirPods not connecting at!

    My AirPods are not connecting to my iPhone or MacBook Pro at all. I press the reset button on the back for 15 minutes and nothing happens. When I open my AirPods case with my AirPods inside nothing pops up on my iPhone screen. What should I do?
  14. Vivek Valmiki

    Resolved In recovery Mode with a broken screen

    Hi everyone so I have a a MacBook pro 2015 15” with a broken screen and have been using an external to display to mirror. I opened my Mac in recovery mode to do some disk utility work and I’m unable to see recovery mode as it’s on the main screen and not on the external display. I’m also unable...
  15. L

    iPad Broken Ipad Screen?

    Hello everyone im in need of dire advice... I purchased a 2019 ipad from amazon in August of last year... Tonight it accidentally fell from the bed and the entire screen shattered its basically unusable. I checked the warranty and its under warranty until August 24th 2020 My problems are: 1. i...
  16. Prophet96ix

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 3,1 broken - only booting windows

    Hello, i have some major issues with my 2008 Mac Pro 3,1. I‘m struggeling for days but i can‘t get it to boot. Issues: doesn‘t boot macOS doesn‘t play the chime doesn‘t accept startup shortcuts (selecting boot device with option key or NVRAM reset, F12 to eject cd works though) only boots...
  17. J

    Bricked my laptop. Can I replace the file I moved via Target Disk Mode?

    Hey Guys, New member here. Posted specifically for this. Today I shot myself in the foot. I replaced a file in my "/usr/lib" folder and then restarted my laptop. Now my laptop won't turn on. I'm running an older version of Mojave, 10.4 maybe? (can't check right now because my laptop is...
  18. Rychiar

    iPhone Airdrop Broken

    iOS13 is by far the buggiest release I've used in ages. Not only does the photos app crash nonstop when sharing or even sometimes selecting multiple images but airdrop appears completely broken. it sees no other devices on my network if it even gets so far as to check after I hit there...
  19. Wolf-Tau

    iPad iPad pro dead, should I...

    My ipad pro (10.5" from 2017 I think) seems to be dead. Bkack screen, no light. Nothing. Might be the battery because several chargers have been tried and nothing helped . Hard reset and hooked up to itunes also tried, nothing worked. And there are not many options to get it repaired, so...
  20. Mormislaw

    iPod Non-working iPod Classic 5G

    Hello guys! I decided to buy an unknown condition (which always means that it's broken) iPod Classic 5G 80GB. It looks good on the outside, the display has some black lines on the right, no big deal on the inside there's no HDD ribbon, has something that looks like a little bit of rust next to...