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  1. S

    New Brooklyn Apple Store

    After just a few months of the opening of the first Brooklyn Apple store - they've already inked a new location (which I'm excited and grateful for. It's literally 20 mins from my apartment by subway!) I know some cities/states doesn't have an Apple store at all and NYC has a bunch but for...
  2. SamIAre

    Universal Real NYC — iMessage stickers for New Yorkers

    Hi all! My company recently released a sticker pack for iMessage called Real NYC. It captures what New York is actually like—not just the touristy parts—and we did it all with photos we took ourselves. Check out our promo site: Find us in the iMessage App Store: Real NYC We'd...
  3. N

    Apple ruined Touch ID on my iPhone 6 - Screen Replacement in Apple Retail, replaced phone for free

    - Got my phone's shattered screen fixed at the new Apple Store in Brooklyn. - Put on screen protector and case I bought in advance real quick. - Tried registering Touch ID to discover it's now saying Failed on the Touch ID setup. - Software wipe on device/DFU Restore both don't fix this...