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  1. P

    iPhone XS Sleep/wake button saggy on iPhone XS replacement

    So I just recieved a refurbished iPhone XS (warranty issue) and I noticed right away that the sleep/wake button has very little travel and almost no real "click" feeling. Like if the button is almost always halfway pressed. The volume rockers feels better though. Am I being picky? It's really...
  2. M

    Stuck with a broken home button? Jailbreak right now!

    I am one of these people who have been desperately holding onto my iPhone 6s. With a new battery, I still believe this is one of the best, most utilitarian phones available. (Headphone jack, 3D Touch, works with AirPods, etc.) To my dismay, my physical home button finally stopped responding...
  3. AjTee

    MacBook Pro 13" 2017 - ForceTouch clicking when button pressed

    Hi Guys, I found something strange on my MBP 2017 with 13 inch screen. When I press any button on keyboard then a cannot deep click on left and right ends of touchpad (I marked this areas on photo), when I do not click or relase finger from button on keyboard then I can click on the marked...
  4. Populus

    Red button preferred behaviour

    I'm observing that each time a new app comes to the Mac platform, the behaviour of the red button is more like the Windows one: killing the app. This thread is on Mohave sub-forum for a reason: the last incorporated apps from Apple, like the Voice Memos app or the Home app, which come directly...
  5. Sovon Halder

    Finder back button with last position.

    In icon view or list view if I go back(button or CMD+[), it lands on the previously viewed folder. I remember in Windows there is this option that took me directly to the enclosing folder with the item selected (just like CMD+ up arrow). Brief research shows that this was like that until El...
  6. T

    Where can I get an old iPhone leather case for free? I just need the plastic buttons.

    Just wanna transfer the buttons to my existing case.
  7. G

    iPhone Emergency SOS not working

    Whenever I click on Emergency SOS on the Settings menu, my iPhone crashes. I've reset all settings and currently have iOS 11.0.3. This is happening since I installed iOS 11.0.0. Does this happen to anyone else? What should I do?
  8. P

    Clicking buttons iPad Pro 10,5

    Hi guys, just noticed that my new iPad 10,5 got kind of rocking/rattling on/off button and volume buttons are not clicking the same way, one is high pitch and the other almost no noise/smooth feel when pushing it... The same out there?
  9. Joseph Gray

    Mac Help please applescript

    Hey, I know nothing about code and found this online -- -- Toggle Airport Power On and Off -- if (offset of "On" in (do shell script "networksetup -getairportpower en0")) > 0 then do shell script "networksetup -setairportpower en0 off" else do shell script "networksetup...
  10. Littles360

    MacBook problem

    Hey guys, so my MacBook Air doesn't seem to be working right, the 'i' button doesn't work, and it's a pain as there is an 'i' in my password to get on my profile, but for some reason, guest won't show up it just goes straight to my profiles password, I turn it off and on and it keeps going...
  11. M

    iPod iPod Nano 6.gen volume problem

    Hi to all, I have a problem with my iPod Nano 6th generation with sound volume "up" button. When I plug original Apple Earpods, all is working fine as normally. I can turn volume down and up via remote on headset and also when I press volume buttons on my iPod. When I unplug headphones, only...
  12. HelloMikee

    7 Plus home button gets hot, advice?

    So I've had every iPhone since launch and have always used them at 100% brightness. However with the 7 Plus, at full brightness, my iPhone starts to get really hot and oddly, it starts at the home button and the bottom bezel area becomes really hot (the screen itself doesn't get hot which I'd...
  13. T

    Not getting usel to Taptic engine.

    Can't edit title but it says "used to" Hey I've had my new regular iPhone 7 for about 10 days now and I'm still not getting used to the Taptic Engine home button. I'm using setting 3 and I just can't get rid of that obnoxious feeling pressing my thumb/fingers against a solid state "button"...
  14. S

    iPhone sound wont come BACK on.

    I've seen many threads with ppl having trouble with a worn out or not funktioning sound button on their iphones with the sound being stuck in either on or off. My problem seems to be a bit different - see, the button works fine. The sound on/off logo appears everytime I use it. Except as a...
  15. G

    iPhone 6 sleep/wake button acting weird

    Hey guys! This weekend my iPhone 6's sleep/wake button turned weird. To start out with my iPhone acted as if the button was been pressed and hold down constantly. It would randomly and often show the "slide to power off" screen and would most likely take a screenshot every time i woke it up...
  16. Dankgrl

    Home button stickers with tempered glass screen protector iPhone 5c

    Wondering if someone can help me with a specific question. When I bought my iPhone early 2015 they put on a glass screen protector that came with a jellylike raised home button sticker . It's been a year since I bought my 5C and the home button sticker fell off. I bought a replacement from...
  17. B

    Sleep/Wake button lost clicky response, will apple replace the handset?

    Hey! This week I realized that after using my friend's iPhone my handset's sleep wake button was malfunctioning. When I press the phone's sleep wake button the button presses down and goes in a little and functions as should. It does however seem as though it's spring mechanism is failing...
  18. ppenn

    iPhone 6 recessed home button

    I just recently got an iPhone 6 and the home button seems incredibly recessed when compared to other generations. It's physically uncomfortable to run my finger over it. Thoughts?