1. AlexJ092

    All iPads Which iPad to buy?

    Hi Everyone, I am currently using an iPad Air 2 (Since the day it was released) and I think I am due an upgrade. The battery life has taken a sudden dive and also a very overheating issues etc so now is the time to say goodbye. I mostly use my iPad to play games from the App Store, a few emails...
  2. Sebastian XYZ

    MBP 16 i7 vs i9 / 16GB vs 32GB

    Hi!, I’m software developer working mainly with JavaScript (front end and backend). I have 13ich 2017 MBP with only 8gb ram and I would like to buy new 16ich MacBook. I’m wonder to witch part of MacBook is better to upgrade: i7 to i9 Or 16gb ram to 32gb ram (when I’m working I’m using ~13GB of...
  3. D

    iPhone 11 IPhone XS 650€ vs IPhone 11 750€

    Hello everyone, I'd like to have your opinion on this. I'm going from android to IOS and I cant decide between these two models: IPhone XS for 650€ or iPhone 11 for 750€. I would to hear you guys about your experience between both models, which one should I go to? Thank you so much! Edit...
  4. ?

    Can I buy a new Mac mini and install Mojave on it?

    Thinking about buying a new Mac mini, to replace my one from 2011. However, I'd need to install Mojave since some of the programs I use don't support 64-bit, plus I need to clean up my iTunes library a lot before I switch to the new media apps. Anyone know if it's possible to buy a Mac mini...
  5. L

    Advice for buying a mac mini for programming

    I need a advice about if this mac mini that I'm going to buy will run smooth for what I will use. I need a mac mini only for programming, I will use only the Xcode and the simulator. This is the mac mini configuration: Intel core i5 2.5ghz 12 GB RAM Fusion Drive 620gb Intel HD Graphics 4000...
  6. xtendec

    Same Price Imac 27" 2017 vs 2019 what to buy ?

    Hi, my name Is Juan , im from Argentina. Im going to buy a new Imac in B&H , I have only 1600 dollars to spend. My question is than I could buy The 2019 27" "base" iMac (MRQY2LL/A) or the older MNED2LL/A model. Both are 1600 dollars in B&H 2017 Imac tech spec 3,8 GHZ I5 QUAD CORE 8 GB...
  7. savvas_anthro

    Which iMac to buy?

    Hello everyone! I'm thinking of buying my first iMac but I am a little bit confused. I'm between the new 21.5'' 2019 model (Core i5 3.0GHz 8th gen/8GB/1TB Fusion/Radeon Pro 560X 4GB) and the 2017 one ((i5/8GB/1TB Fusion/Radeon Pro 560). I can buy the 2017 one brand new by my local shop 300 euros...
  8. MacUse-R

    Other iphone X or iPhone XR

    So i´m thinking of upgrading from my old 6S and 6 Plus to a newer iphone, but don´t want to pay the ridiculous prices the XS costs (1300$ - 1600$ in my European country). So what is your opinion about iPhone X vs iPhone XR? Which one would you choose and why? The X seems to be better in some...
  9. Kaikidan

    iPad Pro 11" 2018 or iPad Pro 12.9"2017?

    I was planning on buying an iPad Pro 11" but here where I live the price is prohibitive 5100BRL = 1300 USD for a 64gb Wifi 11" iPad, this put me on the fence about buying, also I found a 2017 12,9" iPad Pro for sale, new, 512gb, Wifi+4G, for 4900BRL (1250USD) in clearance, as those models are...
  10. D

    iPhone X Where can I buy a new (or refurbished) iPhone X in California?

    I'm heading to California in two weeks and I'm considering buying the X instead of the XS, as long as I can find somewhere reliable to buy it and it's cheaper. Do you have any recommendations?
  11. bonjourx

    Ways to sell MacBook Pro 2016?

    I am currently selling my MacBook Pro non touch bar 2016 8gb/ 256gb model on eBay. I set up an auction that started with $950 price, but it didn't sell. its in excellent condition, only 33 cycles and even has an AppleCare protection plan. :/ is the price I'm willing to accept it too high? are...
  12. S

    Other Which model to avoid obsolescence?

    Hello, what iPhone would you guys suggest to buy if one wants to avoid the obscolescence that Apple seems to have planned for a lot of models? I was looking at cheap iPhone SE deals but I don't know for how long the newest iOS updates will be available for that model. Buyers Guide here says...
  13. T

    Recommendation for HomeKit compatible sound bar

    I am on the hunt for an all-in-one Bluetooth and HomeKit compatible speaker or soundbar. As it looks right now, the Homepod will not have aux or audio input (though if they added just an aux in line I would be estatic), so I am not convinced that I will be able to play my TV sound over it, but I...
  14. Sovon Halder

    Where to buy Windows 10 from?

    Looking for a cheap Windows 10 Pro license. Looking for a Retail copy. Not OEM Any suggestions / tricks? [ EDIT: Will use it on 2017 Macbook Pro 13" TB ]
  15. Dimitotti

    Asking for advice about buying a new MacBook pro2017

    hei I am on a visit to Doha, Qatar when I saw that the MacBook Pro is quite cheaper than back home in Norway. I currently have a 15-inch 2012 retina MacBook Pro / 2.6GHz / 16 GB RAM / 512GB Storage I use it mostly for work using Adobe CC So my question is: is the new MacBook Pro worth the...
  16. Z

    Ipad Pro 9.7 or New Ipad (2017)

    Hello, My mother really wants an Ipad and currently it's possible to buy an Ipad Pro 9.7 32 GB ( for 562$ or a new Ipad (2017) 128 GB...
  17. FranciscoFdez

    Are you going to buy any iPhone this year? [POLL]

    Hi. Yesterday Apple shows us the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. But I have got a question for you, are you going to buy a new iPhone this year?
  18. S

    Buying iMac from Apple vs regular computer shop?

    Hi, whats up? I was wondering if buying an iMac from Apple directly has any benefits? Like Apple Care maybe? The store that Id like to purchase from offers different guarantee options. 2,3,4 or 5 years of Apple guarantee. But is a guarantee or care package included when purchasing from...
  19. macovod

    Where is cheaper in Europe?

    Hello, I'll want buy 2,699 USD convert to EURO = 2,354.82 EUR Euro, where I can buy for this price in Europe who knows?
  20. doctor93

    Confused Between MacBook Pro Skylake and Kaby lake

    Hello! I am going to buy a new 256GB macbook pro 13" (non touch bar) from United States. My use is quite simple: Browsing, emailing, movies, music, occasionally photo and video editing, (no gaming) I am confused between 2016 model with skylake and 2017 model with kaby lake. The price difference...