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  1. Eyeware Beam

    We made an SDK for indie game developers to create immersive head and eye tracking-enabled PC games without wearables

    We are Eyeware Tech, a Swiss company powering the future of human-machine interaction. We put the tech into a free beta app that turns a Face ID-supported iPhone or iPad, with a built-in TrueDepth camera, into a precise, multi-purpose, six degrees of freedom (6DoF) head and eye tracking device...
  2. G

    Mac IDE to use for C++ on M1 Mac

    I am a new owner of M1 Mac Mini. I am just learning some C++ programming and sometimes leetcoding. I noticed that one can't use code::blocks on m1 natively and I think eclipse/vs community are just a bit too heavy for what I am working on. xcode is really complicated. For C++ pros on this...
  3. A

    Mac MD5 Self sum

    Hello everyone, Sometimes you need to get the md5 amount of the mini soft when running the software when you attach this mini soft as a plugin. For the windows solution, I have this code: LPTSTR strDLLPath1 = new TCHAR[_MAX_PATH]; ::GetModuleFileName((HINSTANCE)&__ImageBase, strDLLPath1...
  4. Flaming Gerbil

    Mac Is Swift getting slower?

    I learned Swift a few years back and created a few simple iOS, MacOS apps, and also did some hybrid C++/Obj C/Swift coding using Djinni. Coding is more of a sideline / hobby for me, and I tend to be project-focused rather than wedded to a single language / platform. At the time I was coding in...
  5. A

    Mac C/C++ Code to get folder path to currently running app in Mac OS X

    Hi How can I get the path to currently running executable in C/C++? I Googled about it but could find code only for Linux/Windows. Thanks, Arvind.
  6. T

    Mac C++ Programming

    Using the attached pigLatinString.cpp as a starting point, create a Pig Latin Converter program that will read in a file called "" of English sentences, convert them into Pig Latin, and will output them back to a file called "pigLatinFile.out". Rules: 1) While I may not use the...
  7. yanksrock100

    Mac Valgrind on High Sierra?

    I recently upgraded to High Sierra and realized that Valgrind doesn't work anymore. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it won't work either. Is there any workaround to get Valgrind working on High Sierra? I've been searching everywhere but I can't seem to find it. Are there any...
  8. I

    Mac Problem with C++ on XCode

    Hey guys, I am very new to programming and am taking a beginners class in college right now. I have to solve for the mean, linear regression line, and variance. I am given a txt file that has two columns. The first (x-column) is height and the second (y-column) is wingspan. Long story short, I...
  9. musique

    Mac Xcode newbie

    OK. I'm taking a C++ course and everyone is on Windows. I have been successful in learning how to use Terminal to compile (g++) and run my very basic programs. I have Xcode on my Mac and I've been told that it's a complete IDE. But if I copy the source code into an Xcode window I just have the...
  10. I

    Mac Linking libcurl statically on Xcode 8.2

    Hello. Did someone succeed in using libcurl statically in Xcode? I have installed libcurl using: $ ./configure --prefix=/home/igorland/Libs/curl --disable-shared –enable-static $ make $make install Then in the Header Search Paths, I include the path to the headers...
  11. Aquamite

    Mac Help Installing C++ Library in El Capitan (boost)

    I have no experience with using other libraries in C++ other than the STL. I have been using clang++ for compiling small C++ codes and projects using Terminal commands with makefiles and rarely I've had to use XCode. However it had to come the day I had to move beyond that soft code beach and...
  12. X

    Mac Understanding of global hotkeys and events in general

    Hi! I am writing a C++ program and I want to integrate global hotkeys capabilities. There are ways to implement global hotkeys in objective-c, like by using DDHotkey or CGEventTap. Setting aside the problems of invoking objective-c code from c++ code, my question is quite simple. (Using one of...
  13. A

    Mac Problem (or not) with Xcode and C++?

    Hi folks! I'm new at programming territory but think that can explain my situation.. 1) Created simple "Hello World!" with XCode (C++) 2) Trying to add multi line comments 3) And I see this: Instead this: 4) Syntax became normal when: i Cmd+A all text or changing syntax type for another...
  14. M

    Mac Wrapping Objective-C code in C++ library

    My objective is simple: I wish to write a library that exposes a C++ class, but calls Obj-C code behind the scenes. I wish to write the code such that, as far as a C++ programmer and his or her favorite compiler care, it's all C++. I see people putting C++ & Objective-C code in the same .h...