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  1. HappyDude20

    All iPads Are CAD (Computer Aided Design) Workflows Good on iPad?

    Hi, So my kid comes home and is excited that a CAD class is now being offered at their high school. I figure this is the best time for me to get them a Mac computer, but im wondering if an iPad could do the trick. After all they want an iPad and its a lot cheaper than even the cheapest current...
  2. R

    iPad Pro 2D and 3D CAD Experience

    I was wondering what apps others are using for 2D and 3D CAD on their iPad Pros. I've been considering getting one specifically because I'd like to use it for CAD, but I'm not convinced that is either useful for that or that there are good apps for it. Thanks!
  3. ShareGamer

    Would the MBA 2015 still suit my needs?

    Hi there! I'm struggling a bit on deciding what to buy. So, I bought a Ipad pro 12.9 second gen and it has been replacing my computer a 100% until last week. I'm an engineering student, and we will have to do some work with Wolfram Mathematica and Mathlab. And I can't run those programs on...
  4. iPadProBaby

    Advice on (free?) software to design computer desks

    Hi I need to build a couple of Music Studio desks (workstations) that will house an iMac each, multiple midi keyboards / synths and a pair of monitors (speakers). I need to make EXACT and PRECISE cutting diagrams to pass to the timber merchant who will me making the non right-angle cuts. I...
  5. T

    Basic design / layout software?

    Hi, I want to be able to add small blocks - they will be either rectangles or squares unto 220mm square - to a floorplan. I know that Word can do this but my problem comes that the blocks are an exact size (to 1mm) and I have no idea how big the ideal floorplan would be until I move the blocks...
  6. A

    CAD Software Performance on MBP Late 2016

    Could someone who owns the new MacBook Pro 15" (with AMD Radeon Pro 450, 455 or 460) and who uses CAD software like Siemens NX, Solidworks or Solid Edge share his or her experience? I am curious about the performance especially the performance of those programs on Windows via Bootcamp. Thanks...
  7. M

    iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus CAD files

    Since Element Case does not seem to be willing to make cases like they used to do, I decided to make my own Ronin... I seem to remember that Apple provides CAD data for their iPhones. Would anyone know where I can find these files ?
  8. Microspot

    MacDraft 6.2 Released and 10.12 Sierra Compatible

    Its been a while since our last post but we wanted to make all of our friends here at MacRumours aware that the latest version of MacDraft PE & MacDraft Professional (6.2) were released last month. New features include: - A freshly designed Welcome Screen to get you started - The Template...
  9. Microspot

    MacDraft PE & Pro 6.1.3 Update here!

    Hello everybody, The long awaited FREE 6.1.3 update for both MacDraft PE & Professional 6.1 is now here. Follow the link below to update your version. The latest version 6.1.3 update offers a whole host of fixes and tweeks to help improve the speed and efficiency of MacDraft. Keeping...
  10. M

    BabaCAD for Mac OS X

    I want to announce that BabaCAD is available on the Mac App Store with price of US$ 23.99. BabaCAD is one of the best freeware CAD for Windows by many reviews and with almost 70,000 downloads till now. It's now available for Mac OS X...