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  1. A

    Other Capacitive buttons on iPhone 15 Pro models use a new micro-processor to manage button presses (and enhanced Find My support) while the phone is off.

    Hey again, I have not had much information since I last spoke with you all about the Dynamic Pill and some of its features, but I do have some (small) details about the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. The capacitive buttons which have been rumored for some time now will actually be...
  2. B S Magnet

    The Project “Gemini” clamshell iBook

    This opened iBook clamshell has turned up today [note to mods: this is not my auction], and it got me to look into at what project Gemini was. Then I found a short video clip [content note: music] demonstrating the Assistive Touch Technologies Gemini (basically, a clamshell iBook iPad), and it...
  3. DarkExistence

    What feature is everybody most excited for in the iPhone 7?

    Title says it all basically. I'm most excited really to see if the home button becomes the force touch feature like everybody is saying . Seems pretty interesting to me! :)