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  1. N

    Home inventory catalog. How it should be created?

    I'd like to be able to find any possession item at home without looking for it in miscellaneous boxes I keep them in. I also would like to move separate items of my stuff from one box to another and keep being able to spot them after they've been moved. The solution that seems to me optimal is...
  2. Betamagic

    Movie Explorer Pro 2.1 for macOS released

    The standard free edition of Movie Explorer is a popular macOS app to index movie files on your hard drives and transform the result into a super attractive, fully featured movie catalog. Movie Explorer Pro 2.1 goes multiple steps further, and adds the following features: Support for digital...
  3. Apple_Glen_UK

    App for cataloguing photos?

    Here is a quick question for all you photography and Mac experts out there which, I hasten to add, I am not! I signed up to a trial version of Adobe’s Lightroom program back in 2015. As I did not wish to purchase it, the functionality reduced drastically so that I could not edit any photos but...
  4. loon3y

    iOS Catalog Apps: Rejected 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

    I guess we can't upload any catalog apps anymore to the Appstore? Anyone get approved for an appstore that got uploaded recently? Its a pain because I do have an older source code that a clients wants rather than our new one that has e-commerce capability. (our iOS apps compliment our main ERP...
  5. Betamagic

    Movie Explorer 1.8.6 - A must have app for movie lovers

    We at Betamagic have just released a new update of Movie Explorer. We would like to use this opportunity to introduce the app to the MacRumors forum user group. Movie Explorer is a native Mac app that turns your digital cinema movie collection into an attractive, informative and handy media...
  6. mpainesyd

    App to create a PDF catalog from Photos

    From time to time I have used either Pages or iPhoto to create a simple catalog of selected photos from my iPhoto library with maybe 6 photos per page. This has become more tedious now that I have converted to Photos. Is there a Mac App that will do this is a similar way to pages but with added...