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  1. Sam Webb

    Crazy Macbook Pro Delivery From China

    Hi, I ordered a custom Macbook pro a couple weeks ago and according to Apple it should be coming tomorrow on Friday. I live on the UK and so far the journey this Macbook has taken seems to make no sense to me. 15/07/2020 - 13:49 Incheon, Korea, Republic of Your package is in transit. We're...
  2. Cake9437

    Great old MBP, Hesitant to upgrade OS, cheap Chinese motherboard installed, advice?

    Hey, this is my first post on the site, nice to meet you all. Please help me determine if I can upgrade my OS, to what level I should, and if doing so will fix my problem. I got an excellent macbook pro 8 years ago, but that was 8 years ago. Originally it had 10.9 Mavericks on it and it was...
  3. AvengerNX08

    iPhone 11 Pro Activation of FaceTime Audio on Chinese iPhone 11 Pro Max - Possible?

    Hello, I recently moved to China from Germany and bought the new iPhone 11 Pro Max here. Now I had to find out the hard way, that FaceTime Audio is not working on Chinese iPhones. Thankfully I don't have to use it exclusively, but I do want to have access to it, especially when I want to call...
  4. I

    Which App Store/Region When Abroad?

    I have a UK iPhone 7 with a UK SIM. If I take that phone to China, and launch the App store, will I be stuck in the UK region or will I see the app store the locals see. The reason I ask is because a couple of apps useful in China (e.g. Didi Chuxing - the Chinse Uber analogue) aren't actually...
  5. cansuds

    iPad Pro eSIM not available in China.

    I think it is with china patent problem in it. "Not all carriers support Apple SIM and eSIM. See your carrier for details. Not available in China." What do you think?
  6. JackRumors

    Chinese apps gone from Dutch iOS store

    Since a week or so there are two Chinese apps on my phone that no longer update, nor are they still available in the Dutch App Store. One of the apps is Didi (Chinese Uber). The apps are still updated in the Chinese App Store and my iPhone is telling me to switch to the US App Store, cause they...
  7. travelsheep

    Is Apple booming in China?

    From Europe I'm used to overly full Apple stores. Clients filling the venues like Apple just announced new iPhones Xs with 60 % reduced price tag. In China I see a different picture: this is how the big Apple Store on Huaihai Rd in Shanghai looks like this, most of the time. One picture taken...
  8. Z

    Other purchasing an iPhone from China

    Has anyone purchased (physically) from China a new iPhone? Is it really worth it?
  9. U

    Apple Moving iCloud Data To China

    Interesting read, and total BS move by Apple. Funny how they are the champions of privacy when it comes to US law enforcement agencies wanting them to unlock domestic terrorism suspects iPhones, but when their massive financial investments in China are concerned, they are more than happy to turn...
  10. New_Mac_Smell

    iOS 11 PB2 News app not working, was before (China)

    Asking here incase anyone else has come across this, just updated to PB2 and my News feed is now displaying "News isn't supported in your current region". I use a VPN, no problems before, still no problems accessing Google/YouTube so it's not the VPN. Have tried HK/US/CAN and still no joy, and...
  11. M

    iPhone set up

    If I buy an iPhone in China, will the set up be different? I have read in various sites about people complaining that their iPhone is in Chinese. I thought you are to choose your language of choice during setup. Another thing is that if I buy this iPhone in China and I set it up using English...
  12. W

    iOS It’s all over, I am getting fired after 5 years of developing iOS apps

    I work in a company that offers VPN access to customers. I work on the iOS app development division as the lead developer. The company have an app that provides VPN access to customers and are interested in this app being searchable. in most countries search results for VPN term seems to be...
  13. V

    GSM only iPhone 7 will not support LTE networks in China/Hong Kong.

    From looking at the iPhone 7 LTE band support, only the CDMA versions (Verizon and Sprint) of the iPhone 7 will have LTE support in China and Hong Kong. The CDMA version adds TD-SCDMA 1900 and 2000 bands. Only more reason to pick up the CDMA model over the GSM only one.
  14. SamTallon

    Universal I Ching: The Book of Changes

    I Ching, or divination by the Book of Changes - the most ancient of extant divinations. We strived to make it as realistic and fun as it could be, because it's also our favorite divination. Use the wisdom of ancient China - and let your life become better. App Store...