1. Sir1Pocket

    iPad Can’t connect to Gmail from Mail app

    I am trying to use the Mail app to setup and connect to my Gmail account, but Safari says too many levels of indirection. Don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Why is Safari even involved because my default browser is Chrome? Any help appreciated.
  2. agraden

    Which web browser consumes the least amount of CPU + energy?

    I've used Chrome, Safari and Edge. Apple told me Safari is best but I'm not seeing that since my 2020 MBP with 16gb of RAM turns it's jet engine fan on much of the time. What have you found to be the most energy efficient browser for your Mac?
  3. R

    mac question: is there a way to reopen closed browser windows in the right spaces ?

    For example: You have four separate chrome windows open placed in their own separate desktop space. My question is: If you forced closed the chrome app (so all the chrome windows closed), can you reopen chrome (with the four separate windows from before) in their original separate space ? I...
  4. S

    Chrome keeps reverting from 'arm64' to 'x86_64 translated' on M1 MacBook Pro

    Im having a weird issue with Google Chrome on a new M1 MacBook Pro, what is happening is I have downloaded and installed the ARM version of Chrome from Google website and it installs as 'arm64', after some time for some reason Chrome reverts to 'x86_64 translated' and I can tell because the...
  5. L

    YouTube: "An error occurred. Try again later."

    I'm suddenly getting this every time I attempt to watch a YouTube video. I get it in both Chrome and Safari. I've disabled all ad blocker extensions, no change. Any clues? Thanks
  6. Macintosh IIvx

    Google Chrome Phoning Home About Apple Music Stream

    Seems every time the next song comes up on Apple Music streams (played in the Music app on my Mac), Little Snitch pops up with a request for Chrome to connect to the Google servers. Anyone else notice this? Happens like clockwork.
  7. mariogt

    TabTopus - Get all your Safari, Chrome, Edge & Brave tabs data, FREE !!

    Hi to all, I just released TabTopus 4.2, now 100% free to use (DonationWare) TabTopus is a useful and lightweight macOS App (optimized for Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs), that lets you export the names and URLs of all your tabs actives, either in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge...
  8. outcoldman

    OpenIn - Version 2 - Big update is here! - Advanced Link Handler

    If you have never heard about OpenIn, the best way to describe it, it is a macOS application that helps you to get control over all installed applications on your mac. You can open all the links (URL, Mail) or files through OpenIn, which will give you a way to choose the proper application for...
  9. cirian75

    iPad Pro iPad and Chrome passwords + tool bar?

    Looking at getting a iPad Pro 12.9 2018 to replace my now ageing Lenovo 2015 Yoga Using Chrome on it as well as my gaming desktop and PC at work I like the way Chrome remembers your passwords making logging in easy cross devices, does the iPadOS version of Chrome do this? Also can you have...
  10. P

    Weird problem with web-based business service on some but not all office Macs

    I have a subtly unique and weird problem with a crucial web-based service not working correctly on three Macs, while performing fine on two other Macs and on PCs. Before I wipe and start fresh on the 3 Macs, I hope someone might have another idea. The problem: We use a big web app service to...
  11. O

    Chrome is so much faster than safari on MBP 16

    I have noticed that chrome is WAY faster than safari on my MBP 16. Safari feels lethargic TBH.
  12. Z

    sorting bookmarks by name in Chrome

    Is it possible to sort by name the bookmarks in Chrome?
  13. I

    Display issues with BIG SUR , with Zoom and Chrome

    Ever since ‘upgrading’ to Big Sur, I’m having huge issues running multiple displays, especially when trying to run any video and Zoom sessions. Prior to Big Sur I could have multiple browser open with many tabs and it all worked fine. As a Google for Work user, my main browser is CHROME & I...
  14. AphoticD

    Always Launch in Incognito Mode - Iridium, Chrome, Chromium, etc

    I wasn't able to find this information anywere for Mac users (a lot of tips for Windows). After a little research, I've found the following solution works to always launch Chromium-based browsers in Incognito Mode. This is useful in a shared environment or where the user doesn't want the browser...
  15. N

    Safari vs Chrome CPU Usage on Youtube

    After 11.2 Big Sur update, I decided to make a little comparison between Safari and Chrome's CPU usage on YouTube. My Chrome version is M1 optimized 88.0.4324.96. My device is 8 256 MP Pro. I opened same 8k 60fps video on both browsers. I did same comparison plugged and unplugged, seemed nothing...
  16. D

    M1 MacBook Pro - Slow WiFi issues?

    Hey all, I've seen mention of people having issue with slow WiFi, but haven't experienced it myself until now. The Mac itself doesn't appear sluggish, opening/closing apps and general navigating is rapid, but the internet will be super sluggish - really glitchy on video/audio calls on all...
  17. O

    iCloud passwords in third-party browsers?

    My prefered browser on iOS is Chrome and it's Firefox on macOS. As far as I remember, iOS does sync passwords used in Chrome to iCloud but is there a way to access those on macOS when using Firefox? Preferably without turning on either Chrome or Firefox Sync. Thanks!
  18. O

    HDR, Youtube in chrome I have HDR but in Safari I can't enable it.

    Hello I have a Macbook 2017 13 connected to with an egpu to an HDR compatible display. I can enable HDR on the screen and I can also play VP9 videos with HDR in Chrome. How can it be that I can activate the HDR in Google Chrome but cannot activate the HDR in Safari. I have in Bigsur with...
  19. matrix07

    I will consider Chrome a malware from now on..

    When I first got M1 MBA the battery life is spectacular, and it ran really cool. I never shut down my laptop just close the lid when call it a night. The first couple of nights the battery was down only 2-3% when lid was closed. Then I installed Chrome.. Gradually my MBA ran hotter. Battery...
  20. W

    MP 1,1-5,1 Chrome causing reboot?

    5,1 msi rx560 w3520 adata su720. when ever I wake the computer and I try to click on the menu bar I get a bbod it freezes and reboots after it reboots it says there is no hard drive so I reinstall the drive and it boots up. It happens sometimes if I up a load on it like opening a bunch of tabs...