1. S

    iPhone Chrome crashes and erases all tabs

    I know this is an old issue but has anyone heard ANYTHING from google about fixing or helping with this? Chrome seems to be crashing more than ever. And for years I’ve had the problem of it closing all my open tabs. Sometimes it offers to restore the session, but when it doesn’t I lose every...
  2. PhillyGuy72

    Google Chrome update 5/20 - Garbled text everywhere on iMac desktop browser

    Running iMac with Google Chrome browser (why...who knows. I'm just used to it I guess.) Anyway, the Chrome browser updated this morning to version "83.0.4103.61," after that, it all I see on Google related site LIKE Google search, Gmail, YouTube, etc is this garbled mess. Only...
  3. C

    Problem with Chrome Fullscreen

    Hey, My Macbook Air is having problems with going into fullscreen when watching videos ie youtube, vimeo, netflix, news clips. It doesnt seem to matter which site, when i try to watch in full screen, after about 10 seconds, the screen slpits on a weird angle. I cant find the solution anywhere! I...
  4. yarcheek

    Hardware impact on Safari (browsers) performance

    Hi. I'm considering upgrading my notebook (MacBook 2017 for Macbook Pro 13 or Macbook Air). I spend the majority of my time in a variety of web apps. I was wondering what hardware choices will boost website page rendering performance (speed) the most. Is it RAM? Is it CPU? Is it faster SSD? Is...
  5. brinary001

    Microsoft's new Edge browser is a great alternative to Chrome for those seldom occasions when Safari won't do

    Safari is my main browser across all my Apple devices. While it's a good browser, that isn't necessarily by choice, as Apple prevents their users from choosing a different default browser. However, in macOS you have a bit more freedom than Apple's other platforms, and while I still use Safari...
  6. S

    HELP! Mojave install has screwed up my Mac!

    Just installed Mojave on an older system that had been running El Capitan. So many problems now: 1) Every time I restart the computer it goes through the Mojave "Setting Up Your Mac" screens that normally only appear right after an install and therefore a lot of changes I've made get reset. 2)...
  7. Bluevioletsky

    All Devices Strange download pop-up (index.html). Bug or Malware?

    Hello everyone, Since updating to 13.3.1 (a few days ago), on some websites (including this one) I get a download pop-up that asks me if I want to download “index.html”. I switched from Safari to Chrome and noticed the same thing happens. The pop-up occurs so frequently, on both my IPhone XR...
  8. R

    Safari/Chrome Unable to Open Website - Firefox does

    Hello, I have a problem that's been getting progressively worst. Safari and Chrome will not open websites anymore. Firefox does, although slowly. Other internet services work fine (email, FTP). I can trace route websites. It does not appear to be website specific - NO sites will open in...
  9. Z

    Chrome again, lost all my Tabs!

    This is the third time that Chrome looses the ability to Reopen the tabs i had open... and i had a lot :mad: ! I shutdown my iMac and when i started it, Chrome wouldn't display them back. What the hell is going on, im sick n tired of this. I dont understand why this happened, not do i know how...
  10. H

    Handoff Tabs - Make your MacBook's battery last longer

    Hey there, I'm looking for some feedback on a little utility app\Safari Extension I made - Handoff Tabs It will run in the background and will ask you if you want to move your open tabs from Chrome to Safari when you unplug from the charger: This was built out of a necessity as I was...
  11. HappyDude20

    My MacBook Pro Fans Turned On For The First Time Today After 3 Years of Ownership.

    Hello, So I've owned my MacBook Pro for a few years now. It is the non-touchbar version 13 inch of the MacBook Pro's released in 2017 and I'm very surprised because today for the first time in years of owning this wonderful MBP, the fans turned on loudly. And by loudly I mean they spun really...
  12. M

    Chrome notifications not working in Catalina

    Hey all, if this has already been asked, or brought up, I apologize . I'm just trying to get answers as quick and easy as possible. I've had a really good and smooth upgrade to Catalina, however, one problem i can't seem to solve on my own is: none of my notifications seem to be showing up from...
  13. T

    Problems with Time Machine and Chrome update disaster

    I recently had a problem with my iMac not turning on because of the Chrome update. I first tried to reinstall Mojave without restoring it from a Time Machine back up. That didn't work....then I tried to restore the Mac from a Time Machine and it didn't would say 'An error occurred...
  14. bogdanw

    Google: Chrome Update Impacts Some macOS Systems

    Google Chrome Help:
  15. H

    Google Chrome - ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED

    Hi folks, we are using Google Chrome on 2 MacBooks and 2 iMacs, they are all showing the same problem: Several times a day the following error occurs in Google Chrome: Your connection was interrupted A network change was detected. ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED I went through several websites for...
  16. R

    Chrome Keep on Crashing

    Does anyone have encountered this issue? the browser was working properly an hour ago and suddenly crashed and now everytime I open it crashes and closes. Does anyone have any idea what's going on or how to fix it?
  17. W

    Intrusive browser window coming into focus.

    I often have multiple Chrome browser windows open, with multiple tabs open in each. I'm repeatedly having an issue where a back (dormant) window will force itself to the front (focus). I can live with it but it's annoying because it sometimes happens at a very inconvenient moment, eg. just as I...
  18. S

    Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Edge?

    I noticed over the years Safari is not as fast as it used to be and does not render pages as smoothly as it once did. I prefer not to use Chrome for a myriad of reasons (I use it at work, that's about it). I love Firefox but I can't make it my preferred browser on iOS. Edge, not sure yet. What...
  19. ajcfreak

    2018 MBP or 2019 MBA - for freelancing + IT Coordinator?

    Hi, The TL;DR version: I work as a part-time IT Coordinator in a school, and I do some freelance work otherwise (all in web development in WordPress and related things). I need to get a new notebook computer and am unable to decide between the newer processor + 3rd gen butterfly keyboard in the...
  20. U

    Sound issues

    Hey! I have a problem with sound through headphones on Chrome and Opera (possibly other programs too). You can reproduce the problem like this: 1. Open/restart Chrome 2. Go on Youtube (or Soundcloud, Twitch) 3. Start a video and plug in your headphones 4. Pull out the headphones and...