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  1. T

    Chrome immediately crashes on Catalina 10.15.17

    Hi, I have a problem with Chrome, and tried regular Chrome, Crhome Beta, and Chrome Canary, and all show the same behavior. When I open them, I get the below screen, and then Chrome closes immediately after opening, without a bug report. I can't even open any menus within Chrome on the...
  2. M

    Screen Time picked up by ""

    I just installed a fresh copy of Ventura on my M2 MBA and I'm not logged into iCloud nor do I have an iPhone. I just activated Screen Time and the first app I see get picked up is "". How is this possible?
  3. P

    All iPads How to autofill web forms without having to tap?

    Is there a way to automatically fill web forms (e.g., address, CC, etc.) upon page load without having to tap anything or authenticate? I.e., I want the fields to already be filled when the page loads. I'm basically looking for the functionality I get from this on my Mac with Chrome...
  4. PowerPCFan

    I can confirm that my new gaming PC is very awesome!

    So I recently built a gaming pc inside an old Mac Pro case with the Laser Hive kit. My 2015 iMac with half the amount of RAM as my new PC can open about 75 Chrome tabs before crashing, let's see about my new PC. Ok, I'm back. I opened almost 1,500 tabs with 32GB ram and still had 11GB ram left...
  5. T

    Individual website won't load on macOS Safari or Chrome

    I have a website I have to use for work and I cannot get it to load on my MB pro today. I am running Ventura 13.4 and Safari 16.5. When I go to the website on Safari it loads a blank white page and on Chrome is tells me the page couldn't be loaded. I have cleared my history and cache on Safari...
  6. PowerPCFan

    Very strange issue on an iMac

    (As a side note, if you read my post about me “possibly wrecking my Mac,” this was happening before that so this isn’t a result of the possibly corrupted update.) So my dad, the admin of the iMac 21.5” late 2015, is experiencing very slow performance. Just going to a website, such as
  7. AdamLangePL

    Microphone issue in web browsers on Ventura

    Hi, Let me start with hardware configuration: M1 Max, 16" Macbook Pro + Presonus revelator io24 external audio interface When i try to stream using web browser on ventura (Latest Chrome and latest Firefox) audio from microphone is crackling (you can hear that here ) As far as i remember, this...
  8. J

    Twitter - something went wrong?

    Has anyone has this issue trying to access Twitter in Chrome? I've tried blocking & allowing cookies etc but had no luck as of yet. Everything latest version. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. blackxacto

    Why do I have to use Chrome w Ventura Safari unable to open most business sites?

    I have attached a screenshot of some of my Ventura Settings: I cannot use Safari to sign into HULU, not my bank, various sites where I must sign in, etc. I can open Chrome and never have any issues opening sites. What have I incorrectly set causing Safari to be a useless waste? Repeating I use...
  10. S

    Chrome dead stop on Mojave and Big Sur. Mandatory IOS issue?

    Running Chrome on Mojave (desktop) Big Sur (laptop). No issues on either until Christmas Day. Started the system as always. Nothing new has been downloaded, and I know not to click on anything without review. Chrome started and locked up almost immediately. Waited a few minutes and was able to...
  11. Rychiar

    What happened to Safari?

    I've used Safari since it was first invented and never had any major problems with it. Now I have a few work sites that deny my logins on safari but work fine on Chrome and a number of other sites the page ever loads at all in Safari and is instant on Chrome. I don't get it.
  12. ricecrispies

    iPad Can't write messages with Apple Pencil 2 in Whatsapp accessed via browser on iPad

    I have been trying to use my Pencil 2 to write messages in, but the messages aren't sticking. Occasionally I have been able to get the second word I have tried to write to stick, but never the first word; and mostly nothing I write sticks in the message box. I have tried using...
  13. nes203

    Google Chrome Changing Settings On Its Own...

    Google Chrome opens at login. I hate that. ***I go to system preferences and delete Chrome from the "Open At Login" list. ***I also right-clicked the Chrome icon in the dock to make sure "Open At Login" is unchecked. WHY DOES CHROME ALWAYS REVERT BACK TO OPENING AT LOGIN?!?!?! 🤬 lol It...
  14. Tezcatlipoca

    macOS thinks a Mac App Store app was downloaded via Chrome

    This week, I set up a new "Apple Silicon" Apple MacBook Air (M2, 2022), which is running the latest macOS Monterey 12.6. I downloaded & installed the Yubico Authenticator via the Mac App Store on my new MacBook Air, rather than download it from using a web browser. The Mac App Store...
  15. M

    How to hide chrome scrollbar when watching youtube in full screen

    Hi, I'm on Intel MBP. When I am watching youtube videos in full screen in chrome, I see the scrollbar on the top portion of the screen (see screenshot below). How do I go about hiding that in full screen mode?
  16. BlueberryMac

    Gmail now has a recurring pop-up ad that asks you switch to Google Chrome—is there a setting/Safari extension I can use so that I never see it again?

    When I go to Gmail in Safari, a little pop-up ad appears in the upper right-hand corner saying something like "Switch your default browser to Chrome" and only has a Yes or No option—no "Never ask again" option. It's annoying to try and check email, but first have to click through this ad each...
  17. Gnomeo86

    Broken swiping in Chrome on M1 MBP

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 14" M1 MBP (2021) and I'm generally happy with it. There is this one strange issue though. When scrolling up or down a page with a two-finger swipe, every now and then a swipe doesn't register at all. I just made a video of scrolling down the MacRumors homepage –...
  18. V

    Youtube videos look Pixelated on Mac Mini M1

    I recently noticed that YouTube videos look pixelated on MacBook M1 on Chrome, FireFox, & Brave. I have disabled Hardware-Acceleration on these browsers but still have the same issue. Safari & Edge renders the video perfectly and there is no pixelation on any of the videos I tested...
  19. D

    Anyone else get high Chrome CPU when switching spaces?

    I currently have 6 spaces open, and 21 Chrome windows open with several tabs in each. I noticed that there was lag when switching between spaces, so I started rapidly switching between spaces using the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + left/right arrows), and noticed that iStat menus was showing a...
  20. A

    MacBook M1 and Chrome

    Hi all For anyones use MacBook M1 with 8 GB. If you had opened 35 tabs in Chrome has Memory in Activity Monitor still green ? Does it still snappy for browsing ? Thank