1. C

    iMac, laptop and slide presentations (Powerpoint)

    I'm nearly at that exciting point where I can buy a new Mac to replace my mid 2009 model. I'm going to go for an iMac but I'm dithering over a Mac laptop ... and I can't afford both. The main use of the laptop would be for slide presentations (Keynote > Powerpoint). Does anyone know if it is...
  2. bad03xtreme

    Cheap laptop for using Word

    My wife is looking to get a cheap laptop meaning sub $500 that will allow her to use Microsoft Word for work purposes. We have a Mac Mini at home now but she uses a PC at work so I kind of wanted to get her a cheap laptop just to be able to use the same version of Word when she occasionally...
  3. R

    Got a Samsung Chromebook Plus

    Picked up a Samsung Chromebook Plus few days ago. Build quality is superb, screen is razor sharp and I'm really happy they're using usbc. Battery life as expected is also really good. Im replacing an older Samsung Chromebook I got two years ago. Now I know a chromebook is not for everyone but...
  4. M. Gustave

    Android and Chrome not merging
  5. M. Gustave

    Best 13"+ Chromebook, Dec 2016?

    I'm considering picking up my first Chromebook. I've been surveying what's out there, but it's frankly a confusing mess. Dozens of listings on Amazon for what look like the same computer, wildly different prices each week, models "discontinued" left and right, but still listed on the...
  6. iFitzgerald

    Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time in the US

    Greetings, So apparently, Chromebooks have managed to sell more than the entire Mac line in early 2016. What are your thoughts on this? Keep in mind that Macs and Chromebooks are very different products with very different price points. Currently, I think Chromebooks are good enough for people...
  7. Bonfyre

    Windows 10 on Chromebook -- install help?

    (This might not be the correct forum to post this in; this forum seemed to make the most sense to me for some reason.) I'm planning on buying a Chromebook, but to hell with ChromeOS, I'm gonna install Windows 10 on it (have you seen the prices of those high-end Windows 10 PCs?). So, thanks to...