1. AjTee

    MacBook Pro 13" 2017 - ForceTouch clicking when button pressed

    Hi Guys, I found something strange on my MBP 2017 with 13 inch screen. When I press any button on keyboard then a cannot deep click on left and right ends of touchpad (I marked this areas on photo), when I do not click or relase finger from button on keyboard then I can click on the marked...
  2. H

    Noise from processor when scrolling

    2013 mbpr So I was scrolling through iCloud photos today on safari using my rMBP when I noticed a relatively quiet, albeit noticeable clicking like sound coming from what I believe is the area where the processor is located (near the esc key). I searched online but found no real answer. I did...
  3. FabTBC

    2016 MacBook Pro (13') TB Creaking Noise

    Just realised this during the past couple of days. Recently when having my MacBook Pro placed on a desk and resting my palms somewhat firmly, upon raising my palm I hear a creaking noise. It's hard to describe. Similar to the sound of metal expanding due to different temperatures. Is this a...
  4. Z

    Calendar App - Clicking two areas creates a New Event

    Is this normal that I select an existing event then an empty area that it'll make a New Event for that timeframe? How do I disable this "feature?" Please see the linked screencast to demonstrate what I mean. I'm currently running Sierra on a MBP 15" 2016 with touch bar.
  5. F

    Cinema display shuts off and makes 'clicking' noise

    Hi For the last year or so, I have had a truly weird issue with my 27" Apple Cinema Display (non-thunderbolt, about 5-6 years old). When the display has been connected to power and my Macbook pro for an hour or so, it shuts off, and starts making a 'clicking' noise every 5 seconds. Power from...
  6. blairian89

    2016 MacBook Pro Problem

    Well, tomorrow I have the distinct honor and pleasure of going to the Genius Bar for my Late 2016 MacBook Pro; 2.9/1TB/16GB/460 in Silver. It has developed a very loud and distinct "CLICK" noise that occurs on cold boot and intermittently throughout use. I spoke to Apple Support on chat and the...
  7. helimom93

    iMac makes Clicking noise in sleep mode

    My iMac desk top running IOS Mavericks keeps making clicking sound when in sleep mode. I have changed the energy settings to different combinations, but clicking sound still persisted. Doesn't make the noise when I am working on it, only in sleep mode. It also give an error message that says...
  8. Mark.Shea87

    iPhone 7/7+ issue reporting

    I've already noticed a potential issue with my iPhone 7 plus. There is an audible clicking sound when I press on the screen with force (not the 3d touch vibration) even when I turn the phone off. Its especially noticeable on the left side of the phone. Almost sounds like the screen isn't fully...