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cloud storage

  1. philrock

    Migrating to Verizon CLoud from iCloud

    I'm starting to migrate from iCloud to Verizon Cloud storage. I figure I can save a few bucks by using the included 600GB instead of paying for the 200GB iCloud. I feel like I will lose some capabilities in this transition as the Verizon cloud won't be as integrated. Two main goals here...
  2. W

    iPhone Best cloud sync service to use

    Hi I need some advice to help out a family member who is not update with technology. I only use iCloud (plus manual hard drive back ups) to sync files and photos across all my devices. I need to set up a cloud service to sync between a windows 10 pc, windows 10 laptop, iPad and iPhone. What...
  3. J

    Living with smaller storage

    I just ordered a 13” MBP with 512 GB storage. I’m coming from an iMac where I had 1 TB and plenty of USB ports I could keep hard drives connected to. Now that I’m moving to a more mobile setup with smaller storage, I’m curious how others get by. I could just offload a bunch of files I don’t need...
  4. cb911

    Degoo 10TB lifetime cloud storage for $99, good option, Mac friendly?

    Had to ask about Degoo cloud storage after seeing they have a $99 10TB lifetime deal going at the moment... yes! One payment of $99 for 10TB cloud storage!! Having read up about them they seem like a new player with limited desktop software, much better iOS app but that 10TB is the main draw...