1. W

    iPhone Best cloud sync service to use

    Hi I need some advice to help out a family member who is not update with technology. I only use iCloud (plus manual hard drive back ups) to sync files and photos across all my devices. I need to set up a cloud service to sync between a windows 10 pc, windows 10 laptop, iPad and iPhone. What...
  2. Nercos85

    iPhone 7(+) iCloud to iCloud drive data...?

    Hey guys! Lately, I'm struggling with migrating my info from my iPhone 4, my current phone (yes, 2010 FTW...), to my 7+, that is my new one. With all the photos and videos I haven't had trouble since I connected the old phone to the PC and downloaded them in a moment. I also have other apps in...
  3. DSnopov

    ScreenTray – A simple, minimalist app for capturing, annotating and sharing screenshots

    Hi All! I have recently released a minimalist screenshot tool. Its main features are: - a simple interface designed specifically for quick annotations; - advanced integration with Google Drive and Dropbox; - ability to copy screenshots to the clipboard and paste them directly into Slack...
  4. J

    Is there a way to use google drive or some other cloud service to stream movies to your Apple TV?

    I have a bunch of digital movies that I want to load to a google drive and then be able to stream those from any device I have like Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone. I saw that Plex had an option for this, but they will be taking down their cloud device option. I wanted to see if there was any other...
  5. A

    uploading from MyCloud(Ext HDD) to OneDrive directly

    Hello, I've MyCloud 4TB and OneDrive for Business. I need to upload around 3TB directly from MyCloud to OneDrive. My MBP is only 256 so would take me ages to do it manually. I tried to change location through OneDrive app, but it doesn't let me pick up a folder except for its own folder. Any...
  6. GuillaumeB

    HomeCloud: a vision for an Apple-branded NAS

    Between the iPhone, the Mac or the iPad, Apple has some killer products. However, there is another one that could - in my opinion - rule them all and create new opportunities for the soon-to-be Trillion-Dollar company. One that would complement all those iDevices in a personal and safe way. More...
  7. swimtech

    Mac Apple Scripting to keep Adobe from updating

    Hello folks, I work at an Adobe enterprise environment, and I have been trying to keep users from updating Adobe Applications. In a mixed environment, there are all kinds of fun issues that can occur from minor patch releases. Silly things like colors varying slightly, and interface changes...
  8. A

    Clone laptops to NAS, backup NAS to cloud?

    I'm looking into a onsite and offsite backup solution for a two-laptop household (with each a 256GB) plus 100-150GB of files on an external drive. Here are my current plans. Any suggestions to improve these will be greatly appreciated. 1. Each person has a iCloud account, syncing ~/Documents...
  9. M

    Network drive mapping and offline usage

    Hello guys! I will try to be short and sweet concerning what I have to say. I have a computer configured to run as a server, running Windows OS. An external hard drive is connected to it. From my Macbook, I have a VPN client so I can connect to my server and access my files on the hard drive...
  10. A

    Will this work with a Mac Mini???

    Our house has 2 main Macs (iMac with about 600GB used and my MacBook pro with about 900GB used). We also have 4 iPhones and 2 iPads. On the two Macs we unfortunately have 2 different Photos libraries from over the with about 50k photos/videos and another with about 40k -- many...
  11. M

    Using large files on Macbook Pro

    Hey, I support an office where designers use MacBook pro for their design work. They mainly use illustrator (cloud) for files which can sometimes go up to 5GB in size! Needless to say, they are saying its very slow.. and can quit the app unexpectedly etc. They have new Macs - 16GB Memory and...
  12. Q

    Do cloud services synchronize incremental changes within encrypted sparsebundle files?

    From just using portable HDs as backups, I'll from now on start using Google Drive as an extra security measure. However, since it's increased backup security (and not portability/accessibility) I'm looking for, I'm not interested in uploading my files as they are. Not without encrypting them...
  13. Z

    why adobe went to cloud?

    I dont get why did Adobe turned all of its application software to the cloud? What are the advantages?
  14. cyberblood

    Alternative of Photos?

    Hi everybody, Many of you would answer fast, but in the reality the answer is not so simple. I need a good alternative of Photos for macOS. What I need is: - nice preview of the pictures - App that will associate with all picture's extension .jpg .png .gif ... and will run when click on picture...
  15. Gixene


    Hello MacRumors Community, Note: I would post this thread in Mac Apps and Mac App Store, but I feel as if those members here in the Mac Basics and Help would be of more help in this topic. Since I do not have an online backup solution, I began searching. I found a provider called Arq...
  16. J

    iCloud Drive, Google Drive or One Drive?

    Hi! I would like to know your thoughts around the Cloud services. My regular email is with iCloud; but I have found the app on iPhone relatively limited. Any thoughts on the other services? Thank yoU!
  17. L

    systemlog: cloudd: this may be a leak

    Since this morning I get a lot of lines in my systemlog like this: May 28 11:19:11 iMac cloudd[515]: notify name "" has been registered 340 times - this may be a leak May 28 11:19:11 iMac cloudd[515]: notify name "" has been...
  18. RichardF

    Music App: show music on my phone (not online) only?

    I spent some time reading through older threads and posts. At the time of my posting this thread, Apple still haven't given us back the ability to only show the music I have on my phone. 1) Anyone knows how to if indeed it is possible again (used to be)? 2) Delete/ hide in bulk music that's...
  19. D

    Universal iBook:

    Hi, I use iBook for a while to store .pdf files retrieved from Safari easily. I've just migrated my old iCloud account to iCloud Drive. iBook asked me if I want to use the cloud. Bing able to access those files from any device and merging libraries sounded like a good idea. But, now I see...
  20. LeshkoApps

    Universal Flacbox - FLAC, MP3 Music Player and Downloader

    Hello everyone! today we want to announce Flacbox - FLAC Music Player and Streamer for your iPhone or iPad Flacbox - free download: Flacbox is smart and powerful FLAC music player and downloader. You can...