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  1. B

    iPad New to MacOS: Photo order syncing problem on iPad

    So, I read comic books on my iPad by syncing folders containing images from an established directory on my desktop. When I did this from my Windows machine, the pages would show up on my iPad in numerical order, meaning, the files on my desktop were named as such: image01, image02, image03, etc...
  2. OCJ

    Universal Smart Comic Reader - Automatically zoom in on panels

    Hi, I'm an independent iOS developer and I've just released my first app. It's called Smart Comic Reader and the Smart part refers to its ability to automatically detect panels in a comic, then zoom in on it and move between them. The idea grew out of my frustration with reading comics on my...
  3. Jehosophat

    iPad Comic reader for files on NAS?

    I’m thinking with iPadOS’ SMB support that multiple apps might support this need but since I just got an iPad and haven’t setup SMB yet, I’m not sure. Basically I’m looking for a comic/manga reader app. My comics are stored on a shared hard drive connected to my router. I *don’t* want to store...
  4. Z

    cartoonish/comics heroes

    Hi, is there any image bank with cartoonish, comic heroes or a place where i can have a look at characters similar to the one attached? You know... contemporary design style, human look alike, fresh and dynamic ;-)
  5. B

    No compromise for comics...almost

    Just wanted to say the 12.9 iPad IMOP is the best tablet to use for reading comics if you want a near perfect experience. The 10.9 is okay, but does down size. I placed a comic on top of my screen (I use ComiXology) and it was a perfect fit. When I say perfect it was spot on. I think...
  6. Q

    iPad App Orn·Is Comics

    Hi everybody! I'm a Catalan comic artist and I've just created a free app so people can read my comics. They're adventure & fantasy comics. I don't represent any company… I'm just an author that's a little crazy! :D I'm checking out blogs and forums of English comic readers to get my work...
  7. Three141

    Your top 3 villains of all time?

    This can be for TV shows, Movies Cartoons or comics. 1. Joker from dark knight Favourite scene 2. Magneto from the cartoon series (90's). I always felt the dialogue between him and Charles was top notch and despite always failing Magneto was one heck of a villain. 3. T-1000 from...
  8. P

    iPad device for drawing comics doable?

    I had thoughts about writing out comics. I'm looking for an apple device to do that with with. Then it dawned on me. The ipad pro 12.9" with the pencil and logitech keyboard. I can't buy one now and will probably wait until november'ish. Would the iPad pro work as a drawing / tablet device? I'm...