contacts app

  1. M


    It would be nice add a Group of contacts rather than 1 contact at a time. I have over 1000 contacts in my Work Contacts group. No one will choose all 500 rather than selecting the group.
  2. I

    Universal Most of my Contact groups have disappeared

    A few weeks ago, I noticed that most of my groups on Contacts had disappeared. The contacts were still there but not the contacts. I think, but I'm not sure, that it started when I rebooted my mac mini for the first time in three years. There used to be 40 groups, but contacts on is...
  3. MaxBurn

    vCard; How to add to address book and change group?

    1. How do I add a vCard to contacts? Fixed after reboot 2. How do I change contacts to different groups; iPhone, iCloud, Fruux etc? Adding; I have a vard.vcf file in Google Voice someone texted me, I can tap it and view it etc which is fine but I want to add it to my address book. Long...
  4. jagooch

    How do I set the default Contacts Application in macOS Catalina?

    I ran into a problem today on my Macbook where when I go to System Preferences->Users and Groups , then select my user account and then click “Contacts Card->Open” it opens a 3rd party contacts manager application called “Contacts+”. What I want it to do is open the built-in Apple Contacts...
  5. D

    After upgrading the OS, there's a glitch in the Contact app that tech support couldn't fix

    I recently upgraded from Yosemite to High Sierra (and wish that I hadn't ... but that's another story!) The Contacts app changed in a weird way: I have a very large number of Smart Groups. Before the upgrade they behaved exactly the way they should: They had "Contains cards which match the...