1. Giuanniello

    Weekly photo contest - Jan 14th to Jan 21st

    Good morning to all photographers and photographers wannabe like me! So, being the winner of last week's contest it's up to me to pick a theme for this week's one what should I put you through? Thinking of sending you to grab a landscape from the top of a mountain not less than 20 miles away...
  2. Apple fanboy

    Weekly Photo contest Sep 10th-17th Fight or Flight.

    Okay one and all. Lets see your best fight or flight pictures. I was going to just do flight, but thought it might make it more interesting to add the extra fight angle! Could be anything that flies (birds, insects, planes) or something fighting! Bonus point if its doing both at the same time...
  3. H

    iPhone [New] Weekly Photo Contest App - Free & open to all

    It is a new app and really easy to win the contest since there are just small number of people joining the contest! The next contest starts from 6/10/17 5pm PDT
  4. A

    Weekly Photo Contest: May 3rd to May 10th - Industry & Art

    This week's theme is Industry & Art. Not everything on an industrial scale is ugly - engineering can result in great art work that is also functional. Similarly not all art work is small with larger pieces involving significant engineering design and construction. Show us the big stuff that...
  5. M

    iOS 11 contest: 99 features

    I've been reading the iOS 11 wishlist thread, and thought this might be a fun game. I combined many people's wishlists, including my own, and came to below list of 99 features that have been mentioned in these forums. So, I'd like to propose a little contest with the following rules: Predict...
  6. malofx

    Weekly Photo Contest Nov 16 - Nov 23: Landscapes

    For this contest I have picked Landscapes. I want to let you guys know I am not a professional, and I'll do my best with my first time judging. Good luck everyone! Rules: The photographs must be your own work. Be creative and have fun. You may only submit one photo per contest. Please do not...
  7. Alexander.Of.Oz

    Weekly Photo Contest: May 14 - 21 2016: A Riot of Colour

    For the theme of this weeks contest, I have decided upon A Riot of Colour as the theme. I want bright, loud, cheery, colourful imagery this week, to help soothe away the grey cloudy days down under as we slip into Winter... Enjoy the theme and have fun with it! Rules: Be creative and have...